War Eagles Air Museum-A Tribute to WASP-Part One by the living breathing James Brown


(Will you please take a moment to look into each one of the faces of these WASP atop this WWII War Bird-see if you saw what I saw.  I hope you do)



(A Tribute to America’s Finest)

WASP-Part One


The living breathing James Brown



 Oh Brother.  Hey, Sister.  If you have never seen the WAR EAGLES AIR MUSEUM

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(Founded in 1989 by John and Betty MacGuire of El Paso, Texas)  

while you are trotting around El Paso, Texas looking for things to do, well, this one will really raise your tail feathers and I ain’t talking no Chicken Talk.  This place is one of the best keep secrets waiting for just of you and it’s just over there in New Mexico and no, I did not say MEXICO.  So, don’t sweat nothing.  It’s okay and it’s gonna be the most memorable thing you ever did and once you did, then you can Cross it Out on YOUR BUCKET LIST!


Bucket List?  Yes, I said It and I have been waiting for years to visit this place and boy howdy, it did not let me down.  NO, the War Eagles Air Museum is a very special place and it’s a place that will most  likely just up and disappear one day as the Remembrance of World War and Korea and Vietnam and other Wars just get tossed to one side.

But if you are willing to take the word of a stranger and I am that to you for sure.  Well, I went just to see great planes and it was every bit of that and then as I hadn’t gotten twenty feet from the entrance, I was in AWE at how this place had put a New Twist on the WASP!

WASP?  I know, what the heck is that?


WASP stands for Women Air Service Pilots.  

And brothers and sisters, these gals or Nightingales of the Airways are what helped American Win World War Two.  Yes Sir, there is no doubt about this one at all if you know your History Books.  And the wonderful Pilot Tour Guide pointed this out and he also pointed out that these WASP were not allowed Military Burial Rights until-


Female WWII Pilots: The Original Fly Girls

It was decades before the women were retroactively granted military status. They were acknowledged as Veterans in 1977. It took decades more — until 2002 — before WASPs were allowed to be laid to rest at Arlington  with full military honors.

Sep 7, 2016



Who does that?  America DID!  Yes, She did and that’s how lots of things take place.  Did you think for a minute that stuff like that only takes place today?  But the problem finally was fixed.


You see, these planes weren’t boxed-up and gift-wrapped and then sent Overseas to the War Theaters and then Opened and Put together.  No, these FIGHTERS AND BOMBERS and others had to be Ferried-You know-FLOWN and I’m not talking about UPSIDE DOWN, but let me tell you, these Ladies could fly with the best of them. And other Countries like Russia had Female Pilots busting down the best German Pilots sent to them.  Yes, in Vicious Dog Fights-you know that’s like in the movie, TOP GUN, where two plane go at it in the skies above us. 


And no, these fights were not SILVER SCREEN FICTION and, no, there wasn’t anyone around taking the MONEY SHOT with their Cell Phones cause those were coming a long way ahead.


No, they talked to each other with hand-signals when the planes were close enough and by Radio otherwise.  But here’s a very hardened group of women that tested the Hot Piss out of these fighters before they were sent Overseas to by used by our ACE Airmen.  And in the end, these Women and their Record was tossed to the side like a bad vinyl record that had a bad scratch in it. 


But, at the War Eagles Air Museum, these wonderful folks have put together the most Heart-warming Display of WASP History.  Folks, it’s here!  Everything is there for you to see for yourself.  Yes, what they did is there and it is not a bunch of Lies that someone, I mean who does that?, left them out of the History Books like a barrel of bad Apples.  Man, who is writing or Re-Writing these History Books and skipping things like WASP?


But these fine, Patriotic WOMEN, stood-up, PROUDLY, and took the bull by the horns and man, they did it.  They did it for REAL.


WASP flew the Holy Piss out of those Fighter Planes and Bombers to make sure that everyone had done their part and put together one magnificent War Bird after another.


Folks, America was in a fight for Her Life and sacrifices were being made by every single American Family.  And now, those memories are being tarnished by the forgetfulness of a Society that must take a Return to Her Past to Know Her Future.


No Country, No Person can ever know their Future without knowing their Past and this place is a great place to bring back time in a bottle.  Yes, Time in a Bottle.  These planes are the Real Deal and they will welcome you as they Welcomed me in all of their Glory on Display.


WASP on DISPLAY!  Hey, it doesn’t get any better if you are fond of your female sex or you want a fair shake for everyone.  And these women deserve their fair Shake for sure.  They held their own for sure.



And if you have a daughter and she doesn’t think Women ever did anything.  Then make sure you talk to her and then bring her out to the War Eagles Air Museum and show her what I saw and what you too will see-A magnificent WASP Historical Display and that’s not all. 


Above is just the slightest glimpse of the wonderful TRIBUTE to WASP that awaits you if you will only take the Plunge to see this amazing Historical Museum and if the Word MUSEUM makes you cringe-GET OVER IT!  This is the real deal and you will be glad that you did, I promise you.

You will find one plane after another and one piece of actual WWII Historical Planes and all sorts of Artifacts from Pilots and so much more and in this 1st Part of my Tribute to this absolutely amazing Museum, I SALUTE the WASP!

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