Dolemite is My Name “5-STAR” MOVIE REVIEW By the living breathing James Brown


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Dolemite is My Name




“the living breathing James Brown” pen name for James Brown, author


(Personal Plea to EDDIE MURPHY included)

 FIRST OFF-here’s that personal Plea to Mr. Eddie Murphy from a nobody who knows nothing for sure…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series)

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, let me say one thing to you right now before I REVIEW your latest Fine A_ _ 5-STAR Movie and hear me in the Real and not the follyland of yuk yuk let this fool never be heard.

EDDIE MURPHY!  Your FAN BASE HAS NEVER LEFT YOU!  We are all still waiting, hoping, that you get off yo ridiculous stump and get us some mo of yo fine ass COMEDY! But which one?



Baby, we want to see you LIVE and all of us ready to fork over them BIG BUCKS to see you bring us down to tears with your Rib-Slapping Comedy.

When you blessed all of us with Delirious, we went DELIVRIOUS with laughing and laughing.  Your comedy hit us where we needed to be hit and now,



All of us FANS ARE WAITING!  Still believing!

Can you dig it?

Anyone who saw Delirious and SNL caught sight of the OG of COMEDY.  And, I promise you, YOU ARE EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS COSBY, CHAPLIN, PRYOR, AND SO MANY OTHER GREATS!

Believe in yourself and we will follow you to the gates of Hell.
Lead us and we will be there to laugh by your side.

But for real, Mr. Murphy, I once again saw the Eddie that brought me to becoming one of his many fans when I watched

Dolemite is my Name on Netflix last night for the 1st time and I have now watched it six times to make sure what I want to say is the realness of thought.  And I know a person will not be disappointed by this one.  IT tells it like it is for real.


And when I watched you on the Night Show and you talked about Dolemite is My Name and the other show and I saw you on Stephen Colbert Show and I then looked-up the Eat Out More Often Album and The Cockpit Album.



Now, let’s get to the chase and let me you tell you something on how I REVIEW MOVIES.  I not only look for good script, great acting, filming, casting, wardrobe, and Directing and Producing, I look for something that not all Reviewers look for-

I look for Personification and that the Movie must speak to me.  Yes, it must light-up something in both my mind and my heart and even sometimes deeper.

Yes, somehow, I want to see the deepest part of the Movie and attempt to determine if this Movie is telling a Good, fair, or Great Story that will contribute to the education of all of us.

Well, friends and “enjoyers” of MOVIES! 

DOLEMITE IS MY NAME is a 5-STAR Movie not only because of all the qualities that a Great Movie brings to the Silver Screen, but the deep messages that the Movie is whispering to all of us.

Dolemite is My Name is Rudy Ray Moore.  It is him and his message of not only his struggles, it is so reflective of Society It’s self on how so many people try over and over and over to make it and No one will give them a chance.

I know this as I have an entire closet filled with Rejections from Book Publishers and but hey, I still write and I believe my books, A Panther’s Father Book Series will one day be up on the Silver Screen also.  And most likely after I too have passed from this life.  But right now, the right person has to come up to the plate and be that one special black person who falls in love with my book character, JeanPaul Roosevelt who is black and plays the Panther is all of the books.  My books are about a black and white family thrust for survival together from a single Jungle Fire Fight during the Vietnam War and one black Lynching before the War ever began.  But enough on my frustrations of NO, No, no for all who can make it happen except the ones who are reading these books and they love them.

But now-

When I watched and studied Eddie Murphy’s Acting in this Movie, I saw the Old Eddie Murphy.  The one all of his FANS come to know and love and it was not only a Tribute Movie to Rudy Ray Moore, it was a Tribute to the fine acting of a great Male Actor  himself-Eddie Murphy.

And then, lo and behold, Wesley Snipes brought an entirely new dimension to his acting and he helped greatly as a Supporting Actor.

And then Snoop Dogg and how professional he played his part as a Real Time Real Radio DJ.  And Chris Rock can blasting along in aiding a fine, very fine cast performance as a Radio DJ also.  All of it worked together to make one extra fine movie that will light-up a person with a good and funny feeling about someone that took on the bull by the horns and DID IT HIS WAY!

And the fine, very fine, ultra-fine acting by the one and only always amazing female Actress-Da’Vine Joy Randolph.  Lady, I been there, did that and all of us know that horrible feeling of Public Speaking and your Character that you portrayed was magnificent.  I felt you, I saw you and your acting will make anyone a believer. 

Da'Vine Joy Randolph

Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s acting was so damn good, actually excellent job of acting, and her performance was every bit SPOT ON.  Excellent, excellent for sure.

Everyone’s acting was super.  All of you together pulled it off and brought a great Movie to the Silver Screen.  Excellent Tribute to Rudy Ray Moore.

Did they all Break a Leg-Listen to me and Trust me now, EVERYONE LEFT ON CRUTCHES by the time they finished this movie and part of seeing a Movie is-Does this Movie bring joy to you?

Joy?  Yes, this movie will bring back so much JOY to all of us OG’s that it’s not even funny.  And if you are not an O.G.(Original Gangster), you will see how we were way back when the real gangsters came out late at night with the fine clothes, hit the bars, with the fine clothes, and the best Real Talk long before RAP was even someone’s sperm in a nutt-sack.

I’m not going to spoil the movie for you by writing a synopsis of it.  No, you need to see it and enjoy it and Eddie Murphy proved that he could easily jump right back into Stand-Up Comedy and I hope he won’t forget us little folks who write about him and with no budgets for any of our expenses.  Oh well.   Ce’la vie for sure.

This is a beastie of a movie bringing back to us lots of the Past from the late 1960’s, 1970’s- stuff that opens those doors and it wasn’t a mistake.  No, the Director, the Camera Crew, the Actors and Actresses Nailed this one.  The Producer, all of them did an Excellent JOB.

And like Joy to a Viewer, I ask myself over and over, what else does this Movie bring to the Viewers that Stands Out and it all Stood Out in this Movie.  The Black Culture is flaunted right in your face and if that message doesn’t upset you, then you might just be true to yourself.  Seeing this Movie with Open Arms and an Open Mind is very important in Reviewing any Movie and I do not give a MOVIE a 5-STAR Rating unless it damn well deserves the Rating.  But I REVIEW by a different Set of Standards than most REVIEWERS USE.  I seek and try to find the Personal of the actual Characters and it is in this Movie by all of the Characters.

The emptiness and unfamiliar images of the White Filming Crew when laced with an entire Black Cast to film situation was real and they all persevered so very well.  They Acted and they made it work.


Wesley Snipes, I loved the Character you played and you played your Character so very well.  Also, here are some others in this flick from this small exert from-

Dolemite Is My Name
Dolemite is My Name poster.jpg

Official promotional poster
Directed by Craig Brewer
Produced by
Written by
  • Scott Alexander
  • Larry Karaszewski
Music by Scott Bomar
Cinematography Eric Steelberg
Edited by Billy Fox
Distributed by Netflix
Release date
  • September 7, 2019 (TIFF)
  • October 4, 2019 (United States)
Running time
118 minutes[1]
Country United States
Language English

Chunk me a nather Donut?  No, hell to the No on that.  You better damn well Chunk me Another two Donuts and maybe three or four.  This is a six Donut Watch for sure.

Popcorn Time on this one for sure or Beer-30 like I talk about drinking a Six-Pack of Beer in my Books will help loosen you up for some rib-splitting laugh your ass off times in this movie.  Let yourself go!

Laugh your butt off.  Let it out!  Don’t let this Movie be less entertaining than it truly is.  This is a fun movie and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

It is the Hot Real Deal and don’t let someone else’s REVIEW keep you away from this one.
It is a fun watch for sure and I am so glad that I was lucky enough to watch Eddie Murphy on the Talk Shows and that is where I learned that the Movie even existed.
And put it on your TO WATCH LIST right now cause it is that unique and that reflective of so many things that our Society has let slip past all of us.

And seeing Eddie Murphy perform brought back the Old Eddie Murphy slapping right into our faces.  He’s back in a Huge Way and now, will he take the Message that I am imploring upon him and No, I don’t have the Get-Go of President Obama, I am just a nobody fan and not crazy right or left Fan either.  I am just a regular fan of good Stand-Up Comedy and of Saturday Night Live and now Rudy Ray Moore.  You made me a believer.



Rudy Ray Moore, a man who did it and now, you can see his life bounce right into your living room too.  And I can assure you, the man was the real deal and he reminds of Redd Foxx very much also.

And why?

After High School Football, we would all sit or stand around a single student with his cassette recorder rectangular box playing the most Filthy Mouthed Cuss Feast of all time coming out of the mouth of Redd Foxx and as he spoke and cussed, all of us laughed our butts off and young boys do when they hear words being used that would cost any of us a trip to the Principal Office and another bend-over for Mr. Paddle.

And all of us hated Mr. Paddle, but we learned to love Raunchy Raw Comedy and Eddie, you gave us a glimpse of that.

Yes, you re-lite the light in out young mind and now, what you gonna do?

You gonna help us or you gonna LET US DOWN?

But again, Netflix made a great choice with this Movie for sure and so did all of you that had any part in the making of this Movie.

Thank you so very much.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author

Handgun Safety, A Panther’s Father, A Panther’s Father II, and A Panther’s Father III.

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