WaT U WaNnAbEeS WaNnA KnOwS-TeXaS PrIsOn GaNgS

gangsta3 (2)

After 17 years and 3 months of being a Texas Prison Correctional Officer, I know that many a young person is almost drawn like a magnet to the Gangs in the Texas Prisons with its seemingly overwhelming drawing power to one day Man-Up and See if you got what it takes to Survive becoming a Gang Member in one of the Most Notorious Gangs in the Texas Prisons.

Is there just one thing that I might say right now to you to convince you NOT TO EVER JOIN A TEXAS PRISON GANG.  The Gang Membership is LIFETIME and it will follow you for the rest of your life.  But please, please, please, just say NO and walk away from them.  The State of Texas is there to take care of you in Prison and NOT A GANG.

But let me tell you right now, you are far better off never ever joining any gangs in any Prison, especially in a Texas Prison.  Leave them alone.  Walk away and always just SAY NO to anyone trying to Recruit you for a gang.  Yes, it’s that simple to keep out of the Gangs and just DO YOUR TIME and get back out of any Texas Prison without ever becoming a member in one of the Most Notorious Gangs in America.

HowCool (2)

Like the dope smoke drifting up and into the nostrils of this gang member, this is how you will be tossing your life to the curb by joining a gang.  It really is.

First-Off, I pray and hope that you will stay away from that road, youngsters. And if you are going into a Texas Prison, Let Them Alone.  Leave them be.

Yes, I emphatically implore upon your good sound senses to become something more than yourself and leave the gangs and joining them to the less mature, the ones with little fortitude and depraved reasons for ever wanting to become a Texas Prison Gang Member.

Is that what you truly want?  And please, explain to be your reasoning for ever wanting to become a gang member?

I promise you, you are Stronger than that, than them.  You can do your time in any Texas Prison without

EvEr JoInInG a TeXaS PrIsOn GaNg.

Yes, you can stay out of them and it is more easy than you think.  But it is all a mental game and if you are weak-minded, then yes, you might become one of their Three Stooges or Recruits that are called

gangsta3 (2)


sO, u wanna bees a Rascal?  A new Gang Recruit?  Lord, why is that?

What Glorious Story did someone LIE to you about and make you BELIEVE that the Gang Thang is the real Thang in Prison?

R U Dat Supidito?

If not, then please read on and I promise you baby, I had to deal with all of the gangs and I did My Time and am now Retired.  And after all my yeas as a Texas Prison Officer or whatever you want to call me, I did do my time and I never EVER did any gang stuff for any gangs or gang members outside of the normal Rules of each Unit I worked and the Laws of the Great State of Texas.

I never gave any Offender or any Gang Member any Special Privileges.   An Officer could not do that or it would cost them their JOB.

I even had two of the TOP PEOPLE in two different very Violent Gangs tell me to my face late at night from Administration Segregation where they were transferred from one Unit after another to keep them alive, but they told me how much they wished they had never joined the gang in the 1st place.  But they also said, I have no choice now, I am caught up in it.

Both men were living with REGRETS.  And I could see the Pain in their Faces as they spoke.  IT was totally sad for them and their victims.

Yes, they absolutely caught-up in it and these men had ordered HITS on Offenders in the Prison and on People in the Real World from behind the Walls or Bars of Prison.

How sad is that?

JobInterview (2)

And you get out and you want a CHANCE, a 2nd chance, and when you sitting in that Job Interview, your gang days are gonna bounce back into your life like a Panther just grabbed you.  See how your tattoos done showed you off and you wanted that 2nd Chance really bad.  Will that employer give it to you?

Maybe, and maybe not.

But if you want to slither on your belly like a snake inside those Prison Walls or be like the slithering on your belly like a bull frog, then yeah, you gonna get your turn at becoming one of those Rascals and then they gonna use you like you was a real piece of Sh_T.  I meant it.  Do you think that hugging another thug or dipping and dapping with your fists and arms is gonna MAKE U A MAN?

Thug Hugging and Thug Loving cause you gonna be always looking OVER your shoulder when and if you ever join a Gang cause all them other Gangs are gonna know.


Blasted all over the Recreation Yard that you some Gang’s New B_t_h ToY BoY.  And your freshly shaved Head or your freshly tattooed Gang Tattoo is gonna Mark U for the Rest of Your Entire Life.

gangsta3 (2)

Is this what you really want?  Do u see the Devil Horns coming out of the woman’s head on the left?

Lord, if I could only had you sitting on my shoulder ever time I had a Gang Offender tell me this-Boss Man, if I only had never become a Gang Member.

Over and over and over again, I was told by young and old and it will shock you how many regretted ever becoming a Gang Member.

And oh yeah, they have a GRAD Program where you can denounce your Gang Affiliation.  But will it ever stick?  Won’t everyone believe you up and QUIT the Gang you a member of.  You are done MARKED and you have no idea how many Offenders know YOUR NAME AND YOUR FACE for all time.

gangsta3 (2)

If you can think of it, they will tattoo it on you and anywhere on you.  Does this make you a tough one?  Telling what you all about in Tattoos or telling your entire Life Story in Tattoos cause these are all so many have and nothing more cause they or their gang affiliation drove their own family away from them.

Is that what you want?  You’re tough.  Okay, then prove it to yourself and be even TOUGHER and never join a Gang in the Texas Prisons or at any Prison.

Leave them alone and stay NEUTRAL in the flow of things.  Yes, you can do it.

I did and I knew tons of Offenders who remained NEUTRAL on long 15, 220, 25, 30 35, and 40 year Stretches of Time Done behind the Walls,


So, no, I will never believe you if you try to tell me you had no choice.  All of us have a CHOICE and the best one is this-


And if Lord, I heard so many Cool Sounding Lyrics of Gang Rhyming Tunes laced-up in the mouths of Gang Members who taunted their Gangs to Other Gangs.

Yes, one gang pitted against another gang and why in the heck you wanna become a member of one Loser Squad after another.

Yes, if you join a gang in any Texas Prison, please DO NOT FORGET to have one more tattoo put on your forehead.

And what is that?

The Letter “L”  for Loser!

Or Two Letters.

And what are they Mr. Retired Bossman?




Yes, for Dumb Butt you if that is what you choose to do or to become for the Rest of Your Entire Life.  You can avoid ever becoming a gang member just by Saying NO.  Do it and they will quit trying to RECRUIT you and you can just Do Your Time without worrying about even worse baggage that you will be picking-up inside the Prison which will haunt you when a gang member shows up at your family’s home all strung out on drugs and worse, he wants you to do Gang, Criminal Stuff with him or for the Gang that you thought you left behind when you got out.

No, it follows you for the Rest of Your Life.

And when you tell your Next Employer that you are a Gang Member, how’s that gonna look to them?  He’s gonna know it.  Somebody always knows and it will come out.

Gang members will show-up at your workplace to get you to engage in gang stuff after you get out.

Is that what you want?

To get locked back-up and you just got out.  Gangs will follow you for all times if you join.

But the most important I want to say is this-

If you get Locked-Up, then by all means do all that you can do to Prepare Yourself for the Day that You Get Out cause you gonna get out and if you plan a FUTURE, you will have a Future.  AND NEVER JOIN ANY PRISON GANGS.

SO many go to Prison cause they didn’t take the time to get an Education in a Trade School and some these trades pay some mighty Handsome amounts of pay.  No, you engaged in criminal activity and now you locked-up.

Pay enough where you can have a family, pay your bills, have a home, build for the future, and leave all of your Criminal Past in the Past.  Become a New You when you get out.  But while you are Locked-Up, get it right and do your homework and get Certified in a Trade.  Get Your GED.  Get whatever you need to Make the Change that Only You Can Make.


But if you are convinced that the Movies done got you hooked and you see no other way to do your time as a gang member, then which one you gonna join?

I know, you was a bad little prick while you was growing up hating the World and Everyone in it and your first Tattoo was done by a buddy with your mother’s sewing needle and the ink out of a ink pen.

HowCool (2)

You know, that 1st tattoo on the inside part of your hand between your thumb and the Index Finger.

I know, I seen a ton of them and yes, they thought they were like you at one time too.

Too tough to ever listen to anyone and after however many years it takes for you to finally grow-up, then you will finally be a Real Man.

Yes, some kids take several trips into prison before a person gets it.

One of the saddest ones I ever saw was a man doing 22 years on an Original 12 Year Sentence.  And yes, it took him that long to get it right and that’s a sad statement to say in one’s life-I done 22 years on an Original 12 year sentence before I finally get out for the Last Time.

HowCool (2)

In and OUT and In and OUT like a Revolving Door.

Thinking too fast to ever slow down to see the right paths in life.

And then, you decide which one you gonna be a member in.  Well, here they are for you to pick one and by what method of thought will you pick?

Will it be their Violent Past Records?

Their Drug Networks?

Their Tattoos that you think look COOL?

And friend, don’t think for a minute when you tell someone-another Offender or Officer-that you are a Gang Member because THEY WILL NOT BE IMPRESSED.  They won’t give you the light of day as you had hoped they would.

After so long in Prison, Gangs and Gang Members means nothing to anyone who is NOT A GANG MEMBER!

No one cares but you or your gang or the other gang that is out for YOU now!



Forever looking OVER YOUR SHOULDER for the Rest of Your Life.

Is that it?  Does that sound exciting?

It should sound like Ulcer City if you get my drift.

But, here they are.

Pick the right one cause there are NO SECOND CHANCES-



   Hispanic Gangs: (6)

                                    1.    Mexikanemi  (Mexican Mafia)  (EME)

                                    2.    Texas Syndicate  (TS)

                                    3.    Raza Unida  (RU)

                                    4.    Hermano Pistalero Latino  (HPL)

                                    5.    Texas Chicano Brotherhood  (TCB)

                                    6.    Barrio Azteca  (BA)

                         White Gangs: (3)

                                    1.   Aryan Brotherhood of Texas  (ABT)

                                    2.    Aryan Circle  (AC)

                                    3.    Texas Mafia  (TM)

                         Black Gangs: (2)

                                    1.    Bloods

                                    2.    Crips


And youngsters, your new recruit butt is gonna learn how to talk some new gang language and learn how to sign in gang finger talking and flashing Gang Signs and then when you wanna go to the Rec Yard, you gots to check with Pappa Bear Head Gang Members on your Unit is You Got Their Permission?


Yes, they got their ways of molding you into what they want, not what you want.


And a quick exert from the above link is below-

Tango Blast is considered the greatest gang threat in Texas, according to a new report, while a previous powerhouse – the Texas Syndicate – has been downgraded from the top tier because of disruptions from law enforcement and Tango affiliates.

The other most significant gangs in Texas are Latin Kings, Texas Mexican Mafia and Mara Salvatrucha, known as MS-13, according to the 2017 Texas Gang Threat Assessment from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Related: Trump spotlights brutal MS-13 gang with history of Satanic killings, machete deaths in Houston area

The report, released Tuesday, estimates that as many as 100,000 gang members operate in Texas. Officials say Tango Blast, with more than 19,000 members, is the state’s largest.

Lord, is this what you want to become for the rest of your life?


Locked Down: Inside the prison where inmates set each other on fire and gangs have more power than guards.


And you still wanna become one of the wannabees?

You absolutely do not have to ever become a gang member in any Texas Prison.

But You will have a choice to make and it will be presented to you until you san NO enough times where the Gangs LET YOU ALONE.

Yes, they will give you your space if you just SAY NO!


And how about the INFAMOUS GLADIATOR FARM which is known as the

Ferguson Unit in Texas?  And here’s an exert and the link where you can read it for yourself below-



The problems in Texas jails are endless. Everybody either has a problem, doesn’t care, is scared, gave up, or there’s not enough prisoners who care to make a difference. First off, we are still dealing with race issues. Inmates against other inmates. Units are still blacks on one side, Spanish on the other and whites get in where you can, and a lot of them be friends with the Mexican side. If a white or Spanish inmate be on the black side, he is in a black gang. Then gangs are our second problem. Every race color group are against the other race gang. There are about nine different black gangs, about five different Mexican gangs, three white gangs, and so our problems in these two areas are endless. People only listen to their own race or gang.

Yes, Prisons have violence and you can avoid alot of it if you only remain Strong and true to yourself.  And you can do it.  You can learn to do your time at any Prison.

And no, no one likes or loves Prison Life.

I am now a Retired Correctional Officer and I never liked working at any Texas Prison, but I learned to do MY JOB and do my time.

SO, if I could say anything to you to ask you, tell you, please don’t do the crime and if you do and you go to Prison in Texas, please don’t join a Gang.

I know, some already done joined a gang because of your Hoods.  I know and that is sad to ever let any child think that Gang Life is the Only Life in or out of Prison.

As a society, all of us must do a better job of closing and shutting down the Hoods where Gangs keep one generation after another imprisoned in their own Hoods where they are  not even in Prison.

Such a sad thing for sure.

Sorry, no one can snap their fingers and presto, it gets changed.  And when the right resources are keep away from areas that need it the most, it is such a sad thing to see a child wasted by Hood-Lockery.

If you can help, please do, but don’t get yourself hurt doing anything stupid ever like joining a gang in a Texas Prison.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of

Handgun Safety, A Panther’s Father, A Panther’s Father II, and A Panther’s Father III



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