Some signs do make a person stop and THINK


As I have driven by this Sign many times sitting all alone in its lonely pasture, the darn thing keeps coming back to my mind.  And with it comes various mind wanderings of my own as to why someone would ever put up such a sign? 

So, today, I finally stopped and snapped a pic of it.  Maybe it is a Sign that will call out to you in your fullness of mind.  Is there a hidden meaning?  What’s the punchline?  Is there one?  Someone was angry?  Someone mad at something or someone?  Someone was making their own statement?   I guess its kind of like Food for the Day.  Mind Food for the day.  But the reasoning behind it?  The reason behind why someone put this much effort forth to putting up such a Sign?  Meaningful or Meaningless?

I don’t know. 

But, it does make a person stop and THINK.  Does it not?

Did I have anything to do with it? 

No, and it’s located on FM-1179 in Bryan, Texas.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of Handgun Safety and A Panther’s Father Book Series.

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