Abnormal Child Psychology Experiment-Cell Phone Abduction Withdraws in a Classroom Setting was tested on Texas High School Students

Cell Phones are the biggest achievement that has come along in a long, long time.  Many have become very wealthy behind them.  But many others have become poorer than they were before.

The frigging cost has become astronomical.  Way, way out of league for what you get.

Come one, come all.  Line-up with your pocketbook, your wallet, or cash to get the latest one.  And yes, they will keep pouring out of the factories like candy canes.  Yes, if you gonna spend a ton of money on them, they gonna kept making them and rightly so.

But to buy for for over several thousand dollars and then to pay in upwards of $600-$800 dollars a month on a Cell Phone Payment Plan and Data Package Plans are killing the fund of a lot of people and it is just too unreal.

But hey, folks want the latest and if they ain’t got it.  Then, they must be just too

POOR to not have it?  Or it seems so to some.

And yes,  isn’t that what a lot of it is all about?

A MODERN STATUS SYMBOL! Sad, but seems true enough.

Yes, it is.

And way more than it should ever have become, but we are there now for sure.

And Katie, Bar the Door cause none of this is about to change anytime soon.

Opps!  Is your cell phone buzzing?  Better answer it before you miss the latest information about something that is nothing at all.

We all see people everywhere becoming more and more addicted to these toys like never before.

But did you hear about the Cell Phone Study done?

In a Texas High School, one hundred students were given their own Cell Phones to freely use free of charge with free Data Service and in exactly one year, the real experiment was conducted.

During the year, all students were given a message to report to the school auditorium for a seemingly innocent reason each time.  This took place exactly eight times and all students reported to the auditorium.  They were congratulated on being in the experiment and all were told not to reveal any of it to any other students.  And they did a fair job of that.  And then came the day of the actual experiment.  And on the night before the experiment, each student was sent a text message to report for another time in the auditorium before school began the next morning.

The next morning-

All were there and then-

All one hundred were told to turn-in their Cell Phone by placing them in a large cardboard box as they EXITED the auditorium.  Yes, all had to turn their Cell Phone in before School Started and that’s when the real experiment began.  And each student’s name was verified as each student turned-in their assigned Cell Phone.  Then the experiment began-

To Observe each Student’s Behavior  after the students were required to turn-in their  cell phones.  Throughout the day, the Researchers visited classrooms and handed-out questionaires to the students and their teachers.  And what was this all about?

An Experiment in

Abnormal Child Psychology 101.432-

Cell Phone Abduction Withdraws in a Classroom Setting

Okay, the six College Graduates working on their Doctoral work conducted the “In the Field” Observation.  Random students from a 6-A High School in Texas was randomly selected.   Careful care was made to make sure that the entire group could not contaminate the experiment in any way.  And great care was taken to make sure that the students selected were a true representation of all students by sex, age, social factors, race, and others.  And guess what the results were?

During the 1st period classes, a test of math and simple reasoning questions was administered to all one hundred.

All one hundred failed the test.     100 Failed.

Everyone found this troubling, but then the day got worse-

By the second Class Period,

Six were Arrested for Public Disorder.                                                                                          6

Three were Arrested for making threats.                                                                                     3

By the third Class Period,

Thirty-three were taken to the Office for Unruly behavior in the Classroom.                    33

By the fourth Class Period,

Forty-five became sick and had to go and see the school nurse.                                            45

Eight got into physical fights with other students.                                                                       8

Five made it throughout the day with no major issues                                                               5

When questioned by the Researchers during and after the testing,

67% of the students revealed  a “feeling of complete disconnect” with life itself.

21% said that they felt abandoned.

6% expressed their outright anger.

38% expressed a sense of “felt loneliness”.

81% of the students felt that they were being picked-on when their Cell Phone was taken from them.

98% admitted using their Cell Phones to cheat on tests throughout the year.

94% admitted to viewing Pornographic sites.

42% admitted using their Cell Phone to go Online to Dating Sites and setting-up a false identity for themselves.

15% admitted to saying that they were Over 21 Years Old on the Dating Sites.

23% admitted to using their Cell Phone to engage in illegal or questionable behavior on their Cell Phones.

87% requested that their Cell Phones be returned.

12% demanded their Cell Phone to be returned to them.

7% of the Parents of the students in the study threatened the School with legal action if their Child’s Cell Phone was not returned to their child.

17% of the students claimed that they now owned their Cell Phone in the study.

At the conclusion of the next day, all Cell Phones were returned to each student per Request from the Principles and Counselors.

CONCLUSION:  (Data is still be analyzed at the University).

(The High School where the experiment took place has taken Legal Action to Keep their Name from being Released Publicly)

Cost: $125,477.34





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