What Makes You, you?

Today, I received my “Y” DNA Test results.  So, what I am showing you is a first for me by my ordering the test to tract back the “Y” DNA since I am a male.

So, this is who I am with all the genes put together from the past folks in my past ancestry that added to my gene pool to make up me and it looks like this-


But I know that they somehow someone done lied to me about all this because deep down, I know the truth and the real DNA is from this MONKEYMAN-


Yeah, oh yeah, this is the Real Man in all of us.  We all done come from MONKEY.

But the rest of MY DNA story is a very interesting read-

me41 (2)

And somewhere I know it.  I can still feel it.  I know my hunger for bananas is real and from U no who.  Somewhere hidden in all of those Doctoral Studies about our DNA is the TRUTH-We Come from MonkeyMan


Yes, something is just wrong and MonkeyMan is somewhere is all of Our DNA.

All of us came from MONKEY MAN living in MonkeyLand.

But then came the Maturnal DNA and I  just knew is had to be MonkeyWoman-


me39 (2)

See how pink-ta-fied she is?  And down below are those MonkeyLegs that you can’t see.

But I continued to view my results looking for MonkeyMan Genes-

me3 (2)

Yep, there it was.  PROOF!  My Woman or Female History Side was right there in the Middle of MONKEYLAND!  Right there is the living proof that my Monkey Genes done sprouted from MonkeyMan somewhere down the line, one of my ancestors mated with a MONKEYLADY.  Yes, MonkeyLady right from MonkeyLand.

Can’t you see it?

But how about all of my dear ole Dads I had in my past Gene Pool, where were they from?  Monkey Men too?

Then all of these millions of genes started mixing in me and all of them said-Hey, quit looking at that and go look at this and back and forth we went until my head was swimming with more DNA DATA than it could handle, so MONKEYMAN in me just gave up and he decided to put up all of these other pics for U to view.  And why?

Because you want to know who U R 2.  Don’t U?  And R U one of the Ones that they cannot talk about Online?  The Secret DNA Pool?  U want to no, don’t you?  We all do and if you got a few bucks, well more than a few, then grab a kit and do your DNA in the privacy of your own home and just get it done too.  I used the

LivingDNA as I knew I had rooted some roots from Europe and I wanted to try and localize them better to exactly find out from which sub-regions.  So, get one and have all the fun that comes with finding out that U R from MONKEYMAN TOO!


me1 (2)

me41 (3)

me13 (2)

me12 (2)

me36 (2)

me34 (2)

me35 (2)

me9 (3)

me14 (2)

me10 (2)

me23 (2)

me29 (2)

Well, now you got the gest of it all and I am very pleased with my results and I have spent hours looking into all of this mystery that makes me who I am. And I will research many more hours just for the fun of it.  And maybe, it’s time for you to quit the Rat Race for a minute and find out

Who U R 2?

Just “click” on the LivingDNA and I got the “3 in 1” test and the Results were fine for me.  I am happy and pleased.  But spend hours and hours reading all the Reviews on all of them like I did and then you need to MONKEY-UP and pick one too.


or maybe one of the following-




And Lord did I ever READ all the REVIEWS about every test that I could find out there.  Man, my mind was REVIEW BRUISED from reading all of them.

Yes, seems one is pro and one is con about all of them.  I read Ups and Downs about all of them.

Who to pick?  Which one to USE?

U got to decide.

My daughter had me do AncestryDNA and then I did

LivingDNA to have the “Y” DNA done and I got the

“3 in 1” test done.

Sure, it’s a strange sort of thing to me at first and then I finally took the plunge and now, folks I don’t even know have my actual DNA.  But I am fine with it as I wanted to know.

But if you are a criminal, then you might want to hold-up on that one or just turn yourself in.

Okay, enough said.

You’ve seen just some of my Test Results and I hope it makes  you decide to have YOUR DNA done too and OH, there are those that got POLAR BEAR MAN and Abdominal Snowman Genes in them too and yes,



me 2 (smile)

Have a Great and Super Life everyone!

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of Handgun Safety and A Panther’s Father Book Series.

printed book cover

PantherIII3 (3)




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