5-Star Fight for Survival! Have you had yours?

5-Star Fight for Survival! Have you had yours?

…the authorities eventually arrested over 2,000 people for cannibalism.

Harsh words to read.  Very harsh, indeed.  And before I continue, I want to ask you this-Would staying alive mean enough to you that you would resort of cannibalism?  Eating Dead People?  And I am not talking about The Walking Dead or anything like that.  I am talking about real life where men and women and children resorted to eating the Dead?

A time where most of us cannot even begin to say we understand such an action.  And then, that is the very mess of it all.  Most people are so caught-up in their own lives that we never take the time to see the tragedies of mankind and this is one I want to say truly shows the Nature of Mankind and His Will to Survive.

The setting of my story begins on June the 22nd.  Yes, it was June 22nd if I ever knew such a date.  A time when no American thought the impossible would ever take place.

But on that date, three million Chinese Soldiers crossed the Western Border even after a non-aggression Treaty had been signed with President Trump.  It was the most prolific attack that America had ever seen.  And the fighting was vicious and most horrible.

In the first three days, over six hundred thousand untrained American Volunteers met the fully equipped Chinese Army’s Top Brigades and they were literally destroyed by the Chinese Army.  The Chinese used New Weapons that caused vomiting and nausea upon all where they pointed this weapon.  And high above, Laser Weapons were striking at will from Outer Space from Chinese Satellites.

And from through Alaska, a second wave of attackers were pouring into the State of Washington from North Korea.  And in this Army, it was over six million men and women.

It was the worst of the worse and it was horrible.  And although the impossible was taking place in America, Americans kept a bit of life in them as-

“We sang, cried, laughed; but it was sad all the same—the losses were just too large.”

Then came the worst Winter and it was just terrible.  And in the 1st weeks of these attacks, all the Electrical Grids had been knocked out and in three months, all fuel was only provided to Military and Emergency Vehicles.  No fuel was available to homes.  The Coal Mines had been shutdown and so had the railroad systems.

During the bitterly cold winter …was rocked by a starvation epidemic that claimed as many as 100,000 lives per month.

None were immune from starvation as all used carts of any kind to take their Dead Relatives to mass graves that were made by Military Grade Explosives that the Military provided for use for Mass Burial Plots.  No one had the energy to dig individual graves as the ground was frozen and without fuel, no digging machines were available.

Horse and Mule and even Cow pulled wooden wagons were used as they came down the roads to pick-up your Dead Family Members.

And all fought as all knew that Operation Genocide was the main Objective by the Chinese and North Korean Armies for all Americans.

And all Americans were given Ration Cards and

In … desperation, people ate everything from petroleum jelly and wallpaper glue to rats, pigeons and household pets. For warmth, they burned furniture, wardrobes and even the books from their personal libraries. Theft and murder for ration cards became a constant threat…

Our Hope was so tarnished and all were about to give-up when it was decided to fight and to keep fighting to the last person.  But we survived the most bitter Winter ever and for those who remained alive, we planted gardens and we buried our dead as the ground thawed.  Then in August, all of us decided to show our enemies that We Would Never Give-Up and anyone anywhere took their transistor radios outside wherever they were and as loud as it would play, all played the following to the Enemy-


This Symphony was Our Proof of Our Resolve that we would never give-up and the Occupation went on for around 900 days until we got the Chinese and North Koreans out by pure Will Power and want to stay alive.

We were Americans and we would not be defeated and the losses are so profound that I cannot even begin to explain it as the Use of Super Powerful Weapons were used both here and in China and North Korea.  But then-


This is not the way it truly went down and you must read the truth of this matter-

World War II’s most infamous siege began a little over two months after the launch of “Operation Barbarossa,” Adolf Hitler’s surprise invasion of the Soviet Union. On June 22, 1941, in defiance of a nonaggression pact signed two years earlier, some 3 million German soldiers streamed across the Soviet frontier and commenced a three-pronged attack. While the center and southern elements struck at Moscow and Ukraine, the Wehrmacht’s Army Group North sped through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and moved on Leningrad, a city of over 3 million situated on the Neva River near the Baltic Sea. Hitler had long considered Leningrad a key objective in the invasion. It served as the home base of Russia’s Baltic Fleet, and its more than 600 factories made it second only to Moscow in industrial output.

And now do you see what I have done?  I took the past and brought it to the present and changed who was fighting who and I did it to show you the most horrible of horrible things about a past War.  And I did it to make you aware of the Bravery and Sacrifices that the Soviets made to beat back the Germans and its Allies.  And these highlighted or Bold lettering words are all about the Siege of Leningrad during World War II.  And they are exerts from the following site-


And videos of this Historic Feat by the Soviets can be seen through Videos-




Now I did not say the 1st to upset you.  But I did want to bring you to another place where men and women and children died wholesale.  It was just miserable.  And at one Point, Hitler told his Staff to surround the City and


Genocide?  Yes, yes it was what Hitler actually wanted.  To annihilate the entire Soviet Population.  You know, I still find it very difficult to understand how any Nation wants to kill the entire population of another Country.

But that hatred does come to play in the minds of the one’s in charge.  To go on to kill all of them or to stop and allow Peace or an End of Hostilities.

In my Review of POINT MAN on this blog site, I pointed out how U.S. Soldiers had just come out of the Tet-Offensive and many they had trusted turned out to be the Enemy and then they began viewing many as the Enemy.   And the want for Revenge was running amuck.

But in the Siege of Leningrad, this was one of the best examples of man’s want to live and a main theme I use in all of my A Panther’s Father Book Series that all the animals are explaining to the reader-We Want To Live.  All Want to Live. Don’t you want to live?

5-Star Fight for Survival by the Soviet People.

I sincerely Hope that you will take a moment out of your busy life to review what others before us had to endure which are so much harsher than most will ever have to endure in their lives.

Many Countries around the World play with words of War as if they are just toys.  Toy Words that are simply tossed around until they become Real Words and then a real War breaks out.

Iran, India, Pakistan, North Korea, and many other Countries around the World are taunting each other with words of War and it is not a good thing, but a Cheap Thing used by those who have no wish to look beyond their own-selves.  And to look beyond a person’s own self, one will see the truths that Wars have brought to many People in many countries.

War is not pretty and they are the most ugly things for all who must fight in them.

Peace is always achievable, but alas, many have no wish for peace because they are more interested in looking at themselves in their own mirrors. If all the Peoples will talk of Peace, want Peace, eventually their Leaders will hear them.


World Leaders must do a better job of securing Peace by Peaceful Means and not bolstering “nose-snubbing” stature or similar gesturing or by shaking the Sabers and not by crippling another Nation by Sanctions.

Man must not Use God as their Excuse for not being able to Find Peace.  God is all about Peace and Love and not Holding Onto the Past Hatreds as if Time had not changed.  Time is not a STOP.  Thinking does not STOP. Time is a Continue with Life.  Improving Oneself at all times by all means is good.

For many, their own follies will be explained to them in the Next World and then, they will know.

Peace is one mans truth and another mans folly.

War is the easy choice and yet, it has the worst outcomes for all.

Nuclear Weapons are not the Answer-they are the scourge of the World.

America learned not to Use them again after WWII when two were used on Japan. No?  If not, the United States would have used one or two or three on Hanoi to End the Vietnam War.

Yes, America could have won that War, but not at a Nuclear Cost.

See?  Just because you have them, it takes greater Willpower Not to Use Them at all Costs.

Pray for Peace every day.  I do, can you?

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, Author of Handgun Safety and A Panther’s Father and A Panther’s Father II and A Panther’s Father III.

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