Celebrating a 5-Star Artist who inspires me, carried me, and maybe, her story will inspire you too.

First-off, I want to let you know that I have three amazing children.  They are grown and I love them very much.  All of them have accomplished more than I could ever begin to tell you.  I am so gosh darn Proud of them all!  And I love them and their kiddos very much!JessicaArtwork5













Book II pic2 (4)


Book II Pic



Look closely at the pictures and imagine what they mean?  Are they simple or are they deeply emotional?  Maybe so intensely emotional that you cannot even perceive how to interpret them.  As you look into each one, you must become the Artist and from deep emotional life experiences come challenging things, ever so spooky things, that many will never endure and how to express what those feelings upon a canvas meant to that one person-Jessica Arbelaez.

From blood covered clothing and gasping for breath and just lying there on the floor and hearing what others are saying and the parts of your body are now paralyzed and you are now unable to move and you still cannot famine what has just taken place.  And in these pictures, I do see the emotional entanglements of life that are not meant for a young person.  Unfortunately, a .45 bullet did blast into this young woman’s life and through her body

And they try to save you at a local hospital, but the Doctors there know that the life clock is ticking for this woman and she must be sent by helicopter to a large City Hospital where the greatest of expertise can be hopefully found.  And can’t you now see some of the emotion that I spoke of earlier?


From this tragedy comes amazing World Class Artwork from a woman that did not give-up.  Her life journey was not over and now, I will tell you more-

I know that there are many who wish that they had one Artistic quality.  Just one.  And that quality might be singing, writing, drawing, or painting.  And these are just a few.  And everyone does to some degree have that certain specialness that makes them their own unique person.  But when I look for inspiration in writing A Panther’s Father Book Series, I never need to look afar.  No, never that for sure.  I look to those from my past, my immediate present, and those I see in my future.  Yes, Magazine Writers and TV Reporters and POD CAST Folks have all asked to get me onboard for interviews with them, but I asked them to wait until 2020, when A Panther’s Father IV is out.  But this is not about me.  No, this is all about one very special place I get a great deal of inspiration to continue the laborsome chore of writing books.  No, not the only place as I do rely on God and the Holy Spirit a great deal as well, but one I have to let you in on my little secret.


Yes, the entire World is the canvas for all writers and how we interpret things may help others in their life’s journey.  And the road of the writer is plagued with ups and downs.  And what we learn from each is something that does make us different.  

Some write about love and some about hate.  Some write about anyway to escape all that is around them.  Some write about fantasy and some about gore.  Some write about Military campaigns and others write about War.  There is no limit to the scope of what a writer’s pen or pencil will pick-up along the way.  And now, let me tell you a story about an amazing young woman.

Her name is Jessica Arbelaez and she is my daughter.  And she has done all of the Book Cover Designs for all of the Books in A Panther’s Father Book Series.


           But where did these images that you are viewing come from?  They came from paintings that Jessica did.  But her life has not been the life of a simple Artist.  No, not one where she was given schooling in the fine arts.  No, nothing like that at all.  No, in a way, she was cheated, but out of that cheating I have seen a young woman become more than a simple Artist like others. Out of great suffering comes true Artist Interpretations which at times allude the average person.

          But Jessica was given a very tough road of hardships.  And every day, she struggles to make everything work in her life. But she keeps going. But let me take a moment to cause you to understand the whole on this woman’s sufferings and how difficult this one woman’s pain and struggle has been more so than average you or I.  And maybe then, you will understand something about how pretty special she really is.  Yes, you are getting to know something about my Inspiration.  So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

 During Operation Iraqi Freedom, her past husband was a US Marine and he came back home after his time over there and in a late night gun accident, my daughter was shot through the chest with a .45 caliber handgun.  This One Bullet from Hell Blasted Out her back like there was no tomorrow,  I mean it was a Daylight hole if there ever was one.  It was a most horrible event and suffering was so intense and enough to fill everyone’s plate for ten lifetimes.  Yes, taking all of us to the lowest that we could ever dwell to go. 


           But in a way, a couple of miracles took place.  How is that?  SHE LIVED is the most important Miracle of all and I thank God for that all the time. And her shooting humbled me like no event before or since.  But what else?

           The Surgeons that did the Operation to Save her life had just gotten back from Iraq.  Yes, they were the Best of the Best having just come back from saving the lives of men and women that had been blown-up, shot, ran over, and many other most horrible things that could ever happen to a body.  And this Surgical Team of Surgeons went to work and the hours went by and finally, I was talked to by the Head Surgeon.  And he said this-

Book II Pic

           “She’s going to make it.  We almost lost her as part of an artery behind her heart had been nicked by the bullet.  We almost lost her.  But what we learned in Iraq helped us save her.  But that .45 bullet.  God, I still cannot believe she survived a .45 Bullet.  But, that Bullet blasted through her and ripped out part of her spine and she is going to have to go through a long period of Rehab and if she is strong enough and you and your family are strong enough and all of you give her the support that she needs, she should survive.  And then the second Surgeon was hell bent on Operating on her again.  But that surgery did not take place as my own daughter had a fear of Death in it.  But it was a mess of a time, but most of all for Jessica and her kiddos.

Book II pic2 (4)

             It’s been over 12 years ago now I’m thinking. Maybe off by a month or so, but does it really matter? But the Rehab was long and very intensive and we spend a great time by her side.  And finally, that time passed. 

But then, what does an Artist do?  A person that truly has been touched by something so special that I cannot describe it fully to you and she will do what she was gifted to do and that is what she has done and her Artwork continues to be so revealing of human existence-reaching deeply into humanity.  Just wait,  you will see it in her paintings that follow. 



This is her in the hospital being fitted with a Turtle Shell that she would have to wear for such a very, very, very long period of time.


Then came the day when she could finally leave the Hospital and this is her in the above picture and she is doing her Elvis Wave-GOODBYE!

But her creative energy did not end with her being shot.  No, this is the creation of a real Artist with very gifted fingers and feelings for life and all that it is to be a human.  Her Artwork has only intensified. Gone way beyond simple Artwork. And the following is a picture of the framer holding her painting at a framing studio-


Carpe Diem

which is almost completed here.

But before the above painting, there has been hundreds of other pieces of Artwork that this wonderful Artist has done and below are just some other works that she did which seem simple enough at first glance.  But then, the “deepness” of her inner self can be seen as looking at you as much as you are looking into the painting looking back-

Book II pic2 (4)

Her paintings have an almost Spiritualist Existence about them as a person studies the images on the canvas.  The way the colors move with deep emotion. And here again is an engaging piece of her Artwork.  And again, there is a “deepness of being” present in this painting-

Book II Pic

Painting with such emotionally intensity and with such a Soulful Yearning.  A yearning to give your Hope where once she did not know what her own life cycle would be? To call out and ask-Why me God?  Why me?  To live just so long and be killed by a ripping bullet through the chest or given an almost ghostly new time stamp on her time clock.


And what incredible sensations and emotions came dancing into her mind and body and could she bring them out and onto a canvas for all of us to see?  To show the mystery of love and that which is unknown to all of us.

(And here’s comes another kicker that you need to know)

and doing this while taking care of Five Children. 

Can you even consider even doing such a feat?  To take on such a feat?  To cook, clean, bath, do laundry, and be a Mother to Five and then up and go get groceries and take the kids to the pool and to school and any other social events while being confined to a wheelchair. 

And I have watched her struggle while “wheelchairing” herself with such intensity across a Muddy Football Field as an entire stand of people just sat there and watched her.  And that field was about six inches in mud. It was so wet and no one would help her, but herself and her Spirit of Not Ever Giving-Up. It was wet and so muddy, but she did not give-up and she persevered. And did I go help her?




No, I did not because I was told to never help her unless she motioned to me for help.  And she did not and as she pushed and pulled-up those wheels to make such slow speed of only inches at a time across that field, my eyes did tear-up.

Her wheelchair was not going to beat her.  The mud was not going to beat her.  Over and over again, I have watched with amazement at how this woman never gives up kept her arms pulling upward and she continued to move forward.  It was a moment that made many in the bleachers actually cry and they just sat there and all had their eyes completely on her. 

And today, I know that she is going through a great deal of Spinal Issues from that night from that Bullet. But can you see this-  Can you see  yourself, find yourself in one of these intensely emotional paintings from someone who has been on the other side and came back with an endless Spirit of Good Will for all?  For you, yours, and for me?

Confined to a WHEELCHAIR?  And to Wheelchair Yourself on the Blinn College Campus doing classes. And to classes in Bryan, Texas and then to bounce to the Big Leagues and she then comes upon the Texas A&M University Campus in College Station, Texas to get her Aggie College Degree?  And yes, she “wheelchaired” herself without giving-up.  Without crying to you or me.  But could you do what she has done? Can you?  Would you be able to Conquer your Fears?  Or would you quit?

  And yes, she got her College Degree from Texas A &M University, but she crawled over many a hurdle to get it done.


Now, do you see how such a person might inspire you also?  Painting for you.  Painting for me.  Loving you and you never ever getting to meet her.  A person that never gives-up.   

When so many have so much and yet they complain with crippling thoughts and so about how much that they have been wronged and hurt about this or that and then they give-up on the very first hurdle.  But you have this very special woman who’s been shot through her Chest and she is not laying down on her life and gives to all of us her Openness.  She is living her life.  And for her, her Motto is-


Life-Just Do It! 

And she has grabbed Life by its Bull Horns and she hasn’t let go and she doesn’t ever look back at the What if’s and the easy way of stopping and feeling sorry for herself.  No, this woman is a Warrior.  A real Warrior Undefeated by Life’s Arrows.  A woman worth being inspired for her unselfish ways of living. Someone who can and should be admired for her pureness of heart and her genuineness in all of her Artwork.  A woman so emotionally energized with such human compassion for all of us.

Yes, Jessica Arbelaez is one Artist that you now know and you should consider yourself extremely fortunate if you ever obtain in your hands one of her paintings.  And maybe, you now know of someone who is worth your inspiration.  Be Inspired! Live Inspired! 

And a few of her available pictures are included above and are available to you at a significant amount of money.  But if you wish to explore how rich your ownership character truly is, then send me a comment and let me know that you want one of the above and I will let her know if it is still can become yours.  No, your email address and your comment will not be Posted.

And never give-up.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.


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