Destroy Your FEARS in 5-Minutes!

Destroy Your FEARS in 5-Minutes!  Conquer Your FEARS in 5-Minutes!



           FEAR is such an ugly word.  But we all have them, and now, I am going to help you destroy your FEARS in only 5 Minutes.  Yes, stay the course on what I am now going to reveal to you, and you will become a far better person.  But FEAR?  To a brave person, it borders on Cowardness, but he or she embraces it as a friend, an ally.

           But for the rest of us, FEAR is something that no one wants to admit having.  And what’s interesting is how FEAR reshapes itself along with us in our lifetimes.  Most of the time, it is a most UNWANTED adversary.  A demon some might even say.  But make no doubt, all of us own this One.  Yes, we OWN our OWN FEARS.

            And where did they come from?  A most interesting question for sure, but it is one that all of us must dwell into to fully understand it and to DEFEAT OUR FEARS!  And right now, let me ask you to do me a grand favor.  Please stop reading and pull out your Cell Phones or get a piece of Paper and pen or pencil and write down Your Top Ten Fears in Order from the Least to the Your Greatest FEAR of all. 

         Yes, please take a few minutes and just jot them down and then we’re going to have a game of sorts of who OWNS THE MOST?

              Okay, you got your List?  And now, let’s review them, shall we?

         Now, please do me another favor and address your Fears by two more means.  Okay, you have them written down from Least to Most and now, let’s Categorize them by two other ways.  On the right side of your FEARS, write down an F for a FEMINIST FEAR or a FEAR that seems to be more associated with being a woman.  And write down a M for a MALE NATURED FEAR.  Take a moment and just write M or F after each line on your List.

            Okay, are you now done?  Good, now let’s Categorize each line by one of three other Symbols at the End of each line.

               Add an A for Adolescent Days of your Youth FEARS.

               Add a T for Teenager years FEARS.

              Add an U for Adult Year FEARS.

              Add an O for Old or Retired Year FEARS.

            And each line can have multiple letters like the following-

I Fear not having anything in my belling tonight or today- F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear getting in trouble at work or at home-F,M A,T,U,O

I Fear getting Laid-Off on my Job-F, M,T,U,O.

I Fear not being able to pay my Utility Bill-F,M,T,U,O

I Fear not being able to pay my Car Note-F,M,T,U,O

I Fear not being able to pay my Rent or House Note for this month-F,M,U,O

I Fear not being LOVED-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear being Bullied-F,M,A, T, U, O

I Fear being singled-out for being LGBTQ-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear being SHOT by an ACTIVE SHOOTER-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear falling down-F,M,O

I Fear being singled-out by my being Overweight-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear being called Hurtful Names-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear getting an incurable Disease-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear dying-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear not ever getting married-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear being killed in a fire-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear drowning-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear I will poop in my pants-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear getting Divorced-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear going to War-F,M,A,T,U,O

I Fear going bankrupt-F,M,U,O

I Fear being arrested-F,M,A,U,T,O

I Fear not Passing a College Entrance Exam-F,M,T,U

I Fear the President of the United States-F,M,T,U,O

I Fear a War with Iran-F,M,T,U,O

I Fear a War with North Korea-F,M,T,U,O

I Fear I will not be able to buy the Next Generation Cell Phone-F,M,U

I Fear a Computer Virus or Ransomware-F,M,T,U,O


          And the list goes on and on and on.  But now, why did I even put any of that up for you to read?  Why?  Simple.  I just wanted to let you in on a big secret and that is-All of us Fear a whole lot of the same things and the one thing that you should be aware of is this-

            WE MUST CONQUER OUR FEARS!  Yes, all of us must be able to conquer our fears.  And now when I took the Dale Carnegie Course to better myself a very long time ago, I was told to put all of your troubles and worries into Day Tight Compartments and yes, that means to put what you can deal with today in toady’s BOX or Mental Compartment.  And don’t OVERLOAD yourself with all the other things.

            If money problems are your biggest Fears, then research for good answers.

           If being Bullied is your biggest Fear, then try to place yourself in an environment where you cannot or will not be bullied.

           And so much of our Fears are again, the same things all of us Fear.  But now, let’s mix-up the word FEAR with something far less sinister, shall we?

          Let’s try a new word on all of our FEARS!   And instead of calling them what we FEAR, try calling them this-THIS IS WHAT I AM WORRIED ABOUT. 

         FEARS just bounced on over to a simpler word and that is WORRIES!

         So, if I can now change my FEARS into my WORRIES and PUT ALL OF THEM on my Worry List and not at FEAR LIST-then wow, I feel better already.

         And soon, let’s drop the Word WORRY for the Word CONCERN.

         Wow!  Our WORRIES just became Our CONCERNS.

         Yes, I am concerned about this or that, but I do not WORRY about this or that anymore and I DO NOT FEAR THIS OR THAT ANY LONGER.

        And Viola! You and I have NO FEARS or WORRIES any more, now, and only simple concerns and now, we can all GET BACK TO LIVING A CAREFREE LIFE WITH VIGOR AND LOVE.

Life-Live it!

               Now, you have an actual Weapon to Annihilate Your FEARS in only 5-Minutes and it’s all on how each of us use the Wrong Words that have been placed into our minds.  Man, we got to get those FEARS out of there and if you will only read this as many times as you need, you will see how the 5-Minutes can about?  Simple.  Reading this took three minutes and your List took Two Minutes.  And how did I figure on Two Minutes?  Easy, I knew that you were going to CHEAP. Hey, that’s what we do.  Now, smile and enjoy your New Life and New Way of Destroying Your FEARS!

             There is no reason that any of us should want to make Life any harder on ourselves than it already is. It’s foolhardiness to do that.  Most of Life is simply Interpretation and once, you Master your Own Interpretation, you can Live!  And in my Old Age, I only wish to help you enjoy your life as I have enjoyed mine. So, just Adopt a new way to look at all of your FEARS and be happy, my friends.



God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series and Handgun Safety.