27 Hours 3 Minutes to Change Your Life!


27 Hours and 3 Minutes is the amount of time it will take an average Reader to read the above book.  And do you have 27 hours and three minutes to read a book that is changing the Mindset of many who read it?  But can you make that formidable sacrifice?  Can you put your Cell Phone on Silence or Airplane Mode and just sit still for 27 Hours 3 Minutes? Can “Alexa” read for you on your daily commute or at home for 27 Hours and 3 Minutes?

Is changing your Mindset something that you need before you have another Drink?  Pop another Pill?  Smoke another Joint?  Put that needle in your arm?

Yes, before you commit a Crime that could put you behind Bars for the rest of your life?

Before you take your own life?

But, I am not going to lie to you-the task of reading anything for 27 Hours and 3 Minutes is a formidable task.  Nothing short of miraculous for anyone today.

But one full month?

Only one hour per night?

And then, will you become a new person?

Will your Mindset become more appealing to you?

Only one way to find out and that is to buy the book or download it

to your Computer, your laptop, or your Kindle or your Cell Phone.

And then, get ready to take a most original and fantastic voyage to a mental place that you never thought possible.

But hey, it’s completely up to you.

Here’s the Top Review about this book from over two years ago-

What Samuel T says:

July 7, 2017

James, your book, A Panther’s Father, is extraordinary. I am not a young man any more, and I realize the things I was taught as a young boy, well, they weren’t always right. Frankly, I’m ashamed at how ignorant I was… Now, I wasn’t the worst kind nor the best kind of man in my time, but I’ve since found Jesus, and He has sure changed my heart. There I go again, but what I mean to say is, your book made me re-evaluate my whole existence. The stories you told. I felt like they were coming from my own grandparents. It’s like (Granny Z) saw into my Soul. She saw the ache I carry, for family, here and the ones that are gone. Z reminded me to love, not just myself, or others like me, but especially my neighbors, like like Jesus. She also reminded me to not be ashamed of my own ancestry, to proud up, if you will. There’s not many books that an individual will read that they can say changed their lives, and your book did that for me James. That’s all I wanted to say about that.

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Where can I get the Paperback for this 1st book in this Series?




And for the 2nd book in this Series?




And for the 3rd book in this Series?







Published 2019

21 Hours and 38 Minutes to read this book.



Published 2019

21 Hours and 21 Minutes to read this book.


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