Disabled Texas Teachers on Disability Retirement Income are being truly hurt and now being treated like Outcasts and appears that NO ONE CARES about these men and women that already made tremendous personal sacrifices teaching kids-WEP and GPO has GOT TO GO!


(The above picture has nothing to do with this write.  It is just a picture I took of one of the most beautiful Courthouses in Texas in Waxahachie, Texas.  This is one of the best, if not the very best of all Texas Courthouses)

         During the Ronald Reagan Administration, Laws were passed allowing for the THEFT of Your Social Security Monthly Payments.  Did you know that?  Yes, they did.  And hopefully, you are not one of the ones who are presently being screwed-out of your Entitled Social Security Monthly Payments.  But you damn well may be in the future and here’s how it works.  And if you are  not, how can you just sit there and allow Uncle Sam to put it to the ones that are being Crippled by these Laws?  Aren’t we all Americans?

         To get Social Security Monthly Payments on What you have earned and are Entitled to,  You must be so Old of Age and you must have paid into Social Security for so many months of wage earning payments-Employers do this for you while you work for them.  Okay, you did that.  But here comes Da SHIT!

      If you worked as a Teacher in Texas or Teacher of the other States which are listed in this Article, you will be penalized because the Government is a Magnificent Stealing Old Man and Uncle Sam is gonna be taxing that Ass an Extra TAX without any representation by you or anyone else cause it is DA LAW. And how could anyone ever have allowed this to take place?  But they did and it is a mean thing for sure.

     Uncle Sam is going to hit you 1st-Off with this sickening Law, at least it is to me, known as WEP!  And it doesn’t matter if you are fully invested by having worked so many years in a job WHERE you fully paid into Social Security the required number of payments and you are so Old.  No, if you are a Texas Teacher and plan to Retire as one, you are going to get Crucified!  You gave all you had as a Texas Teacher and God Bless you if you did.  Or did in one of the Listed States and God Bless you too if  you did.  And in your lifetime, you had an worked another JOB not “teachering”  and in that FULL TIME job that took out for Social Security making you were fully PAIDED-INTO THE SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM.  WOW!  HOLY CRAP!  You are fully Vested in two Retirement Systems.  Right?  Correct? .

     Hell to the NO on that ONE!  Texas Teacher Retirement is a HUGE YES!  But HELL to the No on Your Social Security Monthly Payments when you become Old enough to Start Receiving them. 

      And why is that?  C, it’s how Uncle Sam views all You Teachers!  In the Media, there is always High Praise, but behind doors they DID YOU A REAL INJUSTICE.  And not ONCE, BUT TWICE!  Yes, they passed to very EVIL LAWS and the reasoning for it is so COWARDLY, It’s something out of the Wizard of Oz.  

       Sadly, you are gonna get HIT with the WEP LAW.  And make no mistake, you are going to be hit with it.  Yes, you are!  Yes, WEP is going to hit you like a ton of bricks when you apply for YOUR FULLY EARNED SOCIAL SECURITY Monthly CHECKS and WHAT YOU EARNED FAIR AND SQUARE and should get by all means IS sadly REDUCED BY A SET AMOUNT ON A WEP CHART!

     Yes, a set amount of money is going to be taken OUT OF YOUR FULLY EARNED SOCIAL SECURITY MONTHLY CHECK because Uncle Sam says you ARE MAKING TOO DAMN MUCH and He wants some mo of that bootiful money.  Your BOOTIFUL MONIES just got RIPPED out of your hands and it is such an injustice.  But Uncle Sam was not completely EVIL when it comes to taking your WEP monies.  No, he felt mighty good about this one and he did this for you-

       Yes, Uncle Sam saves you and you can avoid the MISERY of NOT HAVING ANY WEP MONIES taken out by working a FULL 30 YEARS in another FULL TIME JOB where they took out for Social Security for you.  20 and less years and YOU GONNA GET THE BOOTIFUL WEP TAX!

      AND OH YEAH, they got the WEP Charts so you can GOOGLE it and find out how much money Uncle Sam is gonna RIP-OFF bootifully FROM YOU!  Cause you just making too damn much, so He gonna take a big bite out that bootiful monies.

But it ain’t OVER, no Uncle Sam comes sniffing around for a 2nd Bootiful Bite from Your Dead Spouses Social Security Monthly Checks that your wonderful husband or wife worked so hard to get for them and you.  Yes, your Dead Spouse is going to get the Shaft too and they DEAD already.  And this one is even sad too.

        So, Uncle Sam passed the GPO LAW to nail you TWICE.

        Because of GPO, Uncle Sam is going to figure out 2/3 of your TRS Retirement Monthly Check and then take that amount out of YOUR DEAD SPOUSES’S SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK that should have come to you.  Your Sweet passed Spouses’s Social Security Monthly Check that you were fully ENTITLED TO receive is gonna be hit like a Bad Dream. 


     Sweet Jesus People, these two Laws are nothing more that Robbing Peter to Pay Paul and THEY MUST BE RESCINDED!   

       Do you realize this?  What I am trying to tell you?  If you and your Spouse work in two JOBS that are paying Uncle Sam his Social Security Monies he wants, you OKAY.  But if you take a JOB where YOUR EMPLOYER does not take out for Social Security and they have a Different Retirement Investment Program like Texas Teachers do, U GONNA get the SHAFT IN THE END.  And please understand this-I AM ONLY TALKING ABOUT MEN AND WOMEN WHO WORKED IN ANOTHER FULL-TIME JOB WHERE THEY DID PAY COMPLETELY INTO SOCIAL SECURITY and in the end, THESE men and women GET SCREWED-OVER! 

          To me and hopefully you now, these Latter Workers are being CHEATED OUT OF THEIR EARNED, ENTITLED MONIES from Social Security.

        But if you are getting a Disability Retirement Check, Uncle Sam is going to just plain ole STICK IT TO YOU like no other Villain ever could .  And these Crippled Folks damn well are needing all of the monies that they worked for and the monies that their Dead Spouses left to them to get and NOT BE CHEATED OUT OF THEM BY WEP AND GPO.  For Christ’s Sake, they EARNED THEM and they deserve them.

But because of WEP and GPO, the Crippled are being tossed into a River of Manure and showers of Monkey Piss and IT HAS TO STOP.  Now, maybe the rest will better explain it to you-


         Hey stranger, what’s your name?  Been here in Texas for very long?  And why did you come here?  And is there anything that I can help you with?  And then comes the respondent-(just gives you a crazy look like you are CRAZY for asking).

          You know, I still remember times when many folks would go to Town Meetings and hear the latest goods and wants from Public Figures and it was sometimes a real hoot listening to folks talk.  Especially when everyone would burst out laughing when somebody would get up when they finally got their turn to speak and what they had to say HAD ALREADY BEEN SAID.  And the crowd would roar to life with a laughter that sometimes border-lined upon cruelty.  You know, just crushing the speaker and breaking their hearts at times.  But hey, Public Speaking can bring the strongest of men to their knees.  Yes, it is not easy.

           But, listen-up.  I got something to say and it might have missed your generation entirely for now, but it’s going to be ripping your drawers off maybe later.  And that is the latest Secret Weapons that the Social Security is using and you might not have even heard of it.

          Well, now, maybe it’s time that we sat down together youngster and let me show you some new stuff.  But first, here’s a letter that I had drafted in the early morning hours intended for the Most Honorable Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  But I will now no longer be sending it.  But you darn sure need to read it and then I will explain all about this Secret Weapon that you most likely never even heard anything about-




A Real Person’s Name                                                                                              September 10, 2019

A Real Address here

A real City in Texas


Most Honorable Nancy Pelosi

A Real Address in Washington

Washington, DC 20515


Dear Most Honorable Speaker of the House,

My name is “A real Person’s Name” and I am not from your District, but I do believe my issue now with the United States Government does affect many individuals in the United States and I wanted you to be fully aware of it.

I was a Texas Teacher until 2018.  In my career, I taught for 38 years.  And at one point, I met a financial hardship and had to remove my Teacher Retirement Funds.  But I came back to teaching and had taught for another 12 years when I was struck down with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure).  I was hospitalized and they removed a great deal of fluid from my body.  And at the end of that, I was given the very real diagnosis of CHF and was placed on Disability Retirement of $1400 a month minus $200 for Insurance from TRS (Teacher Retirement System of Texas).  Approximately $1200 dollars of “take home” monies.

This new amount of money was a drastic difference from my over $50,000 a year Salary I was receiving as a Texas Teacher.  CHF forced me out of teaching, and I was forced to apply for an early Social Security Monthly payment.  My quality of life was gone.

Social Security agreed that I had indeed worked the amount of quarters necessary for Social Security.  And on not one, but two separate occasions, I was called and talked to two different Social Security Workers who stated that I was indeed fully qualified to receive a Social Security Monthly payment of approximately $826 a month.

So, I was happy.  Not super happy, but happy that I was to receive enough money to get by on.

Then on September 9, 2019, I received the enclosed Social Security Letter stating that due to the “Windfall Elimination Provision” or WEP, I was now to receive with cost of living increase, $468.10 a month and not the $826 I was getting and had been receiving for approximately a year already.

Social Security said I now OWE them back Four Thousand One Hundred and Ten Dollars and have 35 days to pay this money amount back.  S4110.00 actual U.S. Dollars OWED!

Originally, I had returned to teaching and fully intended to work once again as a full-time Texas Teacher until I met the TRS requirements for a full Texas Teacher Retirement Monthly Payment.  But, my heart decided otherwise for me and I was forced into Retirement but only Disability Retirement-an amount half what a fully retired Texas Teacher would make and I did not have $90,000 to “buy back” the years that I had earlier taken monies out.  I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I fully understand WEP and I believe the full intentions of this Law was to not allow Texas Teachers a full Social Security Monthly Payment without penalizing them for not having paid into Social Security for at least 30 full years of their lives.

On the enclosed document, it will show you the amount of years that I did indeed pay my full share of required Social Security Payments as required by my employer and Social Security and some of that were years while working as a full-time teacher at a Texas Private Catholic School.

But now why am I writing you?  Simple.  In my case, I do not believe I meet the fully intended requirements of WEP.  I do not believe that WEP was meant to penalize individuals who do not receive a full Texas Teacher Requirement such as I.  No, not for individuals fully DISABLED such as I am and ONLY receiving a Disability Retirement monthly benefit check from TRS.

I can work no longer.  I cannot walk, but a very short distance with the use of a WALKER.  I truly have this CHF and it is a curse of a disease.  My life is now limited and I feel forsaken and forgotten.  38 years of teaching and now this.  But I still am perplexed and disappointed.

Social Security had my FULL WORK HISTORY picture in front of them and even contacted me twice acknowledging that I was entitled to the original amount of monthly payments. Suddenly, Social Security up and changed their minds?  I mean, who does that?  And now to suddenly write and demand repayment and to now give me such a new lower monthly payment?
And yes, I wished to Heaven I was entitled to get Disability Payments from Social Security, but no, I did not pay into Social Security up until my forced Retirement and was denied that from Social Security when I applied. I now feel I have been twice struck down by Social Security.

Yes, an actual DISABLED PERSON not allowed to receive DISABILITY from Social Security because I did not meet Social Security Requirements of Recent Social Security Payments for DISABILITY.  I get one but am penalized by WEP Law and I am penalized secondly by not meeting the new Requirements of Disability by Social Security Law.

So, can you pay a car payment, electricity bill, water bill, trash pickup bill, car insurance, house taxes, Credit Cards bills, food, and a new $4110 bill suddenly as a Disabled Person?  The original amount of money I was getting from Social Security and TRS was allowing me to “just get by”.  And now?  I mean, who does this to a Disabled Person?

And why am I writing you?  I believe that my present situation was NOT how the WEP Law and Social Security Disability Requirements were intentionally meant to be denied to a Disabled Person such as I with a real Disability. Can I please get an exception in my case to these Restrictive Laws now truly affecting me? Both LAWS are now the New Disabilities I am now forced to live with and me, already disabled.  Something is just not right with this picture.

Can you please help me?

Thank you.

Very Respectfully Yours,


Somebody’s real name here

Somebody’s real phone number


  Interesting read and based upon an actual person and her problem with Social Security.  Will you also fall victim to this WEP?  Or the GPO?   But most of you haven’t a clue as to what WEP or GPO really is and here is a fantastic exert from the following website on WEP 1st of all-





The WEP affects members who apply for their own (not spousal) SS benefits and fail to satisfy certain exceptions. A major exception is that members, who were eligible for their public pension before January 1, 1986 (i.e., 20/more years of service under age 55, or 10/more years over 55) or have at least 30 years of substantial coverage under Social Security, are exempt from the WEP. (There is some relief for those with 20-30 years of SS coverage.)

If a member doesn’t satisfy the exceptions, then they are subject to the WEP, meaning that their SS benefits will be calculated using a different formula. Under that different formula, instead of receiving 90% of the first $606, which the member earned on the average each month (in this case, $545.40), the member would receive only 40% of their first $606 ($242.40) – more than 55% less in benefits.



The WEP was enacted as part of the 1983 Social Security Refinancing Act, designed to shore up the financing of the Social Security Trust Fund. That Act was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, after being adopted by the Democratic-controlled House where Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) chaired the House Ways and Means Committee and the Republican-controlled Senate, where Sen. Robert Dole (R-KS) chaired the Senate Finance Committee.



In addition to Massachusetts, there are 26 states that have public retirees and employees who could be hurt by either the GPO/WEP. Like the Commonwealth, the first 6 states, listed below, have almost all or a large majority of their employees not contributing to Social Security, and, therefore, potentially affected by these laws as retirees. The remaining 20 states are ranked in terms of the percent of employees who may be impacted (66-16%). They are:








New York,

















New Mexico,

and New Hampshire.


As with any issue – be it at the federal or state level, it’s vital to keep informed. And as we do with all issues of utmost interest, our Association strives to provide our members with the most up-to-date information through a variety of outlets including the Voice, our 24-hour hotline (1-800-368-8778) or the web site (www.massretirees.com). Please take advantage of these resources and remember you can call the office or your Association officers at the telephone numbers listed on your membership card.

Second, timing is critical. Over the years, we have called upon members, in specific parts of the country (i.e., Florida, Maine, Vermont, etc.), to contact their congressmen and senators on the GPO/WEP. While we do not discourage individual initiative on these issues, please act if and when we contact you – that’s when we believe you can have the greatest impact.





        Okay so you now have read it.  How about now looking at a WEP Chart and where it will bounce up and into your face one day and grab some of your once entitled Retirement Income from Social Security.  Yes, Retirement Income.  Well, isn’t that millions upon millions of Americans doing and using?  Using Social Security Monthly Payments as their Retirement Income.  But if you don’t have the 30 Full Years of Work that Paid into Social Security, get ready for that bite coming out of your check and for many like the person in the letter, it’s gonna hurt.  I mean hurt really bad.  And take a peep now at the WEP chart for all who had 20 or less years of Substantial Paying Social Security Payments to Uncle Sam.  And guess what?  Uncle Sammy gonna want a piece of that booty if you didn’t and wow, it’s a real booty slice for sure.  Just look at how much it’s gonna hit you?


But hey, one secret weapon is not enough, how about let’s tac on another kick in the britches with another Secret Weapon that most have no clue about and here’s how it’s gonna hit the very real Disabled woman in that letter you read.  And that other Social Security Secret Weapon is GPO.  GPO?  Yes, GPO and I will quickly show you a picture of how it works, just keep reading-it’s a mind picture. 


When the above Disabled Woman’s old man dies, Social Security is gonna DEDUCT 2/3’s of the amount she is receiving from the TRS Disability Monthly Payment from her Dead Husband’s SSI and it will look like this-


Her $1400 a month will be divided now by 2/3’s and that equals $924 U.S. Dollars and that amount must now be subtracted by this Social Security Secret Weapon Amount from her husband’s Social Security Benefit Check.


Okay, let’s show this in an easy picture, shall we?


So, say her man makes $1252 in Social Security and he dies.


Yep, he kicks the bucket without doing his Bucket List.


Her new benefit if he is paid up enough in his lifetime would be-


$1252 minus $924 U.S. Dollars and that equals to $328 U.S. Dollars.



Her Social Security Originally was $354.10 a month.  And now with her Dead Husband’s Social Security, she will now get a thumping-$682.10 U.S. Dollars

Wow, that Disabled woman will now receive $1400 from her TRS Disability and another $682.10 U.S Dollars for a grand total of $2082.10.  But hey, it’s her tough luck right?

Or is it Social Security Secret Weapons that most have no clue about and will this one affect you one day?  You need to gather all of the facts and find out if you will be haunted by GPO or WEP.


GPO, yep GPO  And I am sure most have never even heard of that secret weapon either and here again is another exert to explain it from-




The GPO affects members who apply for SS spousal benefits, based upon their husband or wife’s work record under the program, and fail to satisfy two exceptions. Members must either be eligible for their public pension before December 1, 1982 and meet all requirements for SS spousal benefits in effect in January 1977 (i.e., husband received one-half support from his wife), or be eligible for their pension before July 1, 1983 and receiving one-half support from his or her spouse.

Unless a member satisfies one of these two exceptions, then the amount of their SS spousal benefits will be reduced by two-thirds of their public pension. For example, if your pension is $9,000 and you’re eligible for $6,000 in SS spousal benefits, two-thirds of your pension ($6,000) would unfortunately reduce your SS benefits to zero. Note: Even if you do not receive actual benefits, you can still be covered by Medicare.


The GPO was a provision in the 1977 Social Security Amendments signed into law by President Jimmy Carter, at a time when the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate. The provision originated in the Senate Finance Committee, then chaired by Sen. Russell Long (D-LA). House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Al Ullman (D-OR) pushed through an amendment in the House to provide a five-year transition period so that the GPO was not effective until 1982. Subsequent amendments changed the effective date to 1983, and applied the $1-for-$1 offset against two-thirds of the pension, instead of the entire pension used as the offset in the original provision.


          Wow, that’s some heavy stuff to be thinking, to be reading, and I hope that by reading the above, you will come away with an understanding of WEP and GPO that you never knew existed or it was not explained in a way that made any sense to you.  I know, I never knew either until I saw it 1st hand for myself.  But Life is a learning experience and remember that old saying-YOU CAN’T FIGHT CITY HALL OR THE UNITED STATES TAX MACHINE.  Yep, it’s gonna get you one way or the other for sure and 13 States and many, many Municipalities’s Employees are going to have their employees shaking their heads when they get hit with GPO or WEP when they RETIRE!  The money that they were expecting just won’t be there.

And in the case of the Disabled woman who is a very real person in this write, she got trunked three times-Did not Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits that many think are a Just go APPLY and you got them which is NOT TRUE at all, the WEP, and when her old man dies, she gets hit once again by the GPO. 

       Now, let me ask you one question-

Do you think the full intent of the WEP and the GPO was meant with intentionally and was meant to adversely affect this one Disabled Woman?  You do?  You think so? 

          And in that case, how about all the other Disabled People who will face this same scenario that you have now read about?   And how about being told that you OWE over $4000 out of the clear blue sky?  Man, is that a kick in the pants or what?  And can’t you imagine your reaction if you were this Disable Person?  This Disable Woman?   No of you can’t emphasize with her plight, but WEP and GPO was intended to kick the pants off the ones that are making $5000 to $10,000 a month in Pension Monthly payments.  Maybe a pissing Contest took place in Washington and you can see who won on this one.  But the woman is caught like Chuck and there is no remedy for her situation other than when she kicks the Bucket too.  And how sad is that?

        So, how do you miss all of this headache and heartache in your lifetime?  JUST WORK 30 FULL YEARS OF SUBSTANTIAL SOCIAL SECURITY EARNINGS and then work where they DO NOT TAKE OUT FOR SOCIAL SECURITY for 20-30 years and you should be in pretty good shape.  Lol.  Or not.  By the time you Retire, they will find a way to put in another Social Security Secret Weapon for all of you reading this.  But I sure hope not.


God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series and Handgun Safety.