A Message to All Texans-enough is enough! LTC NOW! “Constitutional Carry” before we die?

A Message for All Texans-enough is enough!  Active Shooters Must be Stopped! 

        Fellow Texans, I am about to talk to you about one of the most disturbing things going on in our Country and now, in Texas.  And that something is Uncontrolled Active Shooters taking us down like all of us were nothing more than Clay Pigeons on a Skeet Range.  Folks, our fellow Texans are not only being gunned down helplessly, they are being massacred. 

      And before I continue, there’s one item that maybe the best Overall Solution to counter these Active Shooters. You see, here in Texas, there’s about 28 million of us, yet only about One Million have the License to Carry.  So, my question to you is this. 

      If a Citizen of Texas can Legally buy and own and keep a handgun, why is she or he refrained from legally carrying it in Texas because the United States Constitution does guarantee our right to bear arms?  In other words, hasn’t the situation of these Active Shooters now caused all of us to revaluate our not being able to carry a handgun anytime to protect ourselves no matter what and without a LTC? 

     So, I now believe Texas must join with all the other States that have already passed “Constitutional Carry” Laws for all good and responsible Citizens. I don’t think there’s enough time left to get everyone onboard with getting an LTC now. These Active Shooters sure aren’t going to wait. Criminals sure aren’t going to wait either. The time to do this has now come to become pastime thinking. But for what all of can now do is this-

        And are these massacres of all of us right here in Texas going to stop?  STOP?  No, and NO it will not stop.  I think in a manner of speaking, the Ugly Genie is out of the Bottle now and no one can ever get him back in.  But now, all of us now must be awakened to a NEW MINDSET and that is this-

        YOU MUST NOW CONSIDER YOURSELF THE VICTIM!  Actually see yourself as THE VICTIM.  That’s right and I will now explain those words.  About 30 some odd years ago, I took Dale Carnegie to help improve myself in dealing with others.  And it had many good qualities to offer all the ones taking the Course.  And one of the one things that stuck with me the most was something like this-Live in Day-Tight Compartments and you must consider the absolute worse thing that can happen to you and after you accept those consequences, you can start to relax.

         But now, what are the worst of these consequences?  YOU ARE A VICTIM.  You must accept being the victim.  And once you have accepted the worse thing for you and the consequences of being the VICTIM, you can do what you know you must do to be Safe in Texas from this day forward.  Well, being the victim includes hospitalization and Victimization may even mean DEATH.  That’s right, your death by an Active Shooter.  Death by an Active Shooter ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE OF ANY KIND.  And as a VICTIM, you must readdress your Mindset.

         Okay, fellow Texans, it does not bring any joy to me to now be writing any of this, but I feel that I must say what is on my mind and maybe it will give you the Mindset that will keep you alive.  I am no Licensed LTC Instructor and I wanted you to know that right now as I am only writing you as a fellow Texan about a real atrocity-An Active Shooter and what I now see as our only true and real Solution to STOP these killers who have no remorse for killing any of us. But it will take all of us. 

         I openly pray that you and yours have a long, prosperous, and blessed life without ever being a Victim of an Active Shooter at any point in your life.  BUT NOW, you must believe YOU HAVE ALREADY BECOME THE VICTIM.  But friends, those odds of not ever being at a place where Open Carnage Unleashes itself upon you and all of those around you are no longer looking good in our favor.  Now, the odds that three out of maybe 70 reading this will be in a situation involving a handgun in the next five years.  And no, I no longer remember the exact percentage, but that really doesn’t matter as much as what I am going to tell you now.

       PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN, READ, READ, AND READ.  Know the TEXAS LAWS!  The LAWS that will protect you by your now doing the following-

       IF YOU NOW LIVE IN TEXAS, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO GET A LICENSE TO CARRY a CONCEALED HANDGUN.  DO IT!  Do not delay for one more day.  But you must know the qualifications and be fully able to qualify. IF YOU ARE FULLY QUALIFIED TO OBTAIN An LTC LICENSE TO CARRY A CONCEALED HANDGUN IN TEXAS, then do this and I will tell you why soon enough-

  1. Find an LTC Instructor and a GOOD ONE!  And I will now tell you that I highly recommend using Champions Firearms if you live in the Bryan and College Station Area.  But find a good one and get connected with them.  Do it and do not delay.  Your procrastination, your hesitation  may very well mean your life or the life of someone that you love.  (I know, you may be more afraid of all the stupid tales of handguns going insane on you, but they are LIES!  You are an ADULT AND ADULTS always DO ADULT THINGS.  And getting your LTC is the most ADULT THING you can do right now for your own personal safety and the safety of your family).
  2. If you are new to shooting a handgun and have an immense fear of them, the only way that you will conquer your fears is by going and shooting Handguns at a Gun Range. And do this without any reservation.  And if you need any kind of training, let the TLC Instructor know and they will, or they will know who can help teach you how to become very familiar and safe with your handgun. But you must become confident with your handgun.
  3. And if you are not familiar with Mr. or Mrs. Handgun(and no, they are not human at all, but people do seem to associate male or female with lots of things and handguns are no different), please take the time to study the pros and cons of each handgun and caliber and concealed carry holster for your preferred carry handgun. Take the time to learn to shoot the various handguns and find one that best fits you and your needs.  It is up to ONLY YOU what you carry.  YOU MUST DECIDE.
  4. Once you finally decide you are fully qualified to get your handgun license to carry, LTC, you must register with your LTC Instructor and join him or her in a Classroom for your classroom instruction and you must take and pass a LTC TEST at the end of the classroom course.  And you will have no problem if you will READ, READ, AND READ in order to know what the LAWS INVOLVING HANDGUNS are in TEXAS.
  5. You must also prove that you are Proficient, able to be Safe, and use a Handgun on a Range where you will fire 50 rounds at various distances and with different instructions as to how many rounds you will fire in each exercise. It is easy if you PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE AND TRAIN AND TRAIN AND TRAIN. And listen and follow the instructions given to you and observe all Shooting Range Safety Rules.
  6. Now, you must REGISTER WITH THE DPS ONLINE and fill out a LTC Application and that is pretty darn easy. It took me about ten minutes, and I am sure it will take you about the same amount of time.  Now, I registered before I took the Shooting Range Proficiency Test and PASSED the Shooting test.
  7. And after the Shooting and Classroom are both done and completely by you, you will need to send a PDF copy of any supporting documentation to the DPS and yes, they will let you know when you complete your ONLINE LTC Application as to what you need. Just read the LIST and you will know which ones might apply to you. 
  8. NOW, you must have your fingerprints done and that is very simple. You will set up an APPOINTMENT TIME for your fingerprints to be done.  And no, it is not at a POLICE DEPARTMENT if that worries you.  It is at a place where it is called INDENTOGO.COM. This is explained if you only READ, READ, AND READ. 
  9. Don’t worry about any of this. REALLY!  When you apply, you will READ WHAT STEPS ARE REMAINING FOR YOU TO COMPLETE. And they are very simple if you don’t make it hard on yourself.

      And on my Application Paperwork, it included three steps-Electronic Fingerprints, Retrieving Supporting Documentation like a DD-214 for me being a Veteran and my LTC-101, Handgun Proficiency Certificate of Training, proving I had completed both the Shooting Range and Classroom part of the LTC needed to obtain the Concealed License and finally-Upload or mail your documents and they tell you both places to do that..

          Okay, I broke it all down as simple as I can.  But Breaking the Mindset Barrier is where too many are taking a backseat instead of being in the front seat on this most important issue. None good us can wait any longer and not do something Pro-Active. And arming yourself for your own safe defense has now become a must. Not a maybe I should. 

         You know, you know, and I know, and all of us know that the Active Shooter Game is now becoming one of the worst scourges to ever come across the Great State of Texas and it is only going to get RE-CORKED by all those that are qualified to get a LTC, just DO IT.  Yes, by putting all these extra handguns into play, Active Shooters will have to consider the consequences of their actions in a Public Arena.  But will they not kill people? You must not moralize about this.  Living and wanting to live and protecting your loved ones and yourself should be your most important objectives. And living without fear of an Active Shooter must be re-accomplished.              With you doing all that I merely suggest, you can become a confident Shooter when you encounter an Active Shooter. Or do you want to roll over and die? I hope not and sure, a direct confrontation with an Active Shooter will test you like never before.  But if you PRACTICE, PRACTUCE, PRACTICE AND TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN AND READ, READ, A D READ, you will be better prepared and you can STOP the DEADLY FORCE these Active Shooters are unleashing upon all of us. Yes, you can do this. 

     Before becoming a Veteran, I took an Oath to Protect All Americans against all Foes and serve in the United States Army here and Overseas. But part of the Oath is to protect you and your family and it’s what all Veterans will do until the day that we die. If there’s any life left in me or any of us, we will gladly trade our lives to keep another Texan alive, another American alive in any gun battle with an Active Shooter.  It’s how the US Army trained us. 

        And I believe you would too if you saw an Active Shooter killing your kids.  Wouldn’t you?  But will an Active Shooter stop killing?

           No, they won’t.  Anyone who walks into any place anywhere with fully loaded magazines in a firearm that people consider A SAFE PLACE and begin “blasting away” is in my book-A LUNATIC!  A CRAZED ANIMAL!  AN ANIMAL THAT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!  MUST BE STOPPED! And you may very well be the only one that can or does stop that person. But if you do as I know you can, you will be a miracle worker with your handgun when you stop that Active Shooter.

           This is NOT THE OLD WEST and you are not going to be a walking GUNSLINGER!  That is not the case.  That bravado is not what a LTC is all about in any way.  You either get your LTC for the correct reasons or you are being maybe dumb.

          Now, who am I and am I worth listening to?  Okay, I went and became a Concealed Handgun Instructor in the Sixth DPS taught CHL Instructor Certification Course ever taught in Texas.  Yes, back when Dinosaurs ruled the earth. And two years later, I re-certified. So, I taught for four years and taught the CHL Classroom Course at Bryan High School.  But I am no longer teaching the CHL or LTC or certified to do such.  I am only writing all of this because you must become part of The Solution to counter these Active Shooters.  All of us must become The Solution.  

          And right now, I am not going to mind-melt with you with the real statistics of how many Shooters and their killing sprees there are.  All of us can GOOGLE any of that stuff.  But your Mindset must now change and view getting the LTC just as if you were getting your License to Drive an Automobile.  Consider the similarities. Don’t let others who can’t get an LTC run your life.

       Both a handgun and an automobile can STOP AN ACTIVE SHOOTER.  But not in a Restaurant like Ludy’s in Killeen where 24 were gunned down that brought about all of us now being allowed to carry.  And how many more Active Shhoter Events must take place before your change your Mindset?  You are now the VICTIM!  You are,the VICTIM, and now what are you going to do to Stop your future Victimization? It is time for you to become a member of The Solution.

       And if you have never read that story, I talked the day after the Luby’s Massacre, October 16, 1991, to one person who was there, and he was a mess balled-up in his own tears. He really touched me by his painful words and one of the reasons  I wrote the book, “Handgun Safety”, in 1996. 

      And is that going to, be you?  Sure, after shooting anyone, you will not be the same, but your surviving is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO YOU.  POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN YOUR LIFE. Isn’t it?

        And you must survive the ACTIVE SHOOTER before you start worrying about any of the after your shooting’s possible residual effects.  But again, you must READ, READ, AND READ.  KNOW THE TEXAS LAWS AND KNOW WHICH STATES ACCEPT YOUR TEXAS LTC.

        Now when I did teach, I used this one example to tell my students and I still think it is a very good example to consider-WHEN YOU CONSIDER USING DEADLY FORCE, there is always a balance scale upon which you will be judged.  In other words, the Death of one person must be equal to the Life Saved.  Now, does that make sense?

         Think about it.  If you shoot a tiny person and you’re a big huge monster of a person, the balance scales of justice are not going to look right in your favor unless you did all the right things and a jury believes you.  And if you shoot and the other person was retreating or showing signs of non-aggression, the balance scales are going to be out of whack and not in your favor at all if you use Deadly Force.



           And if you do the above with all sincere honesty, you will become very “knowledgeable-actually knowing” the TEXAS GUN LAWS, the Handgun that you carry, and you will have good eye and hand coordination.  And you will feel a real level of confidence that will make you less likely of becoming a VICTIM if you will do all of what I have suggested.  BUT DO NOT STOP WITH THIS SIMPLEST OF READS like this one because it falls way too short of all that you must overcome, that you must master, and do on your own time!  You must go way beyond what I am presenting to you. 

       Hey, I am a US Army Veteran with two Medals and I just might be able to open that part of your mind where your handgun fears lie.  Think about this-why did an Old Veteran Get his LTC?  Why? Because it’s now pastime not having one. Get over it.  You must now muster the strength that I know you possess to become More Safe for your own sake. And in the Military, I saw individuals I never thought that they could ever learn to be Safe and Proficient with firearms.  But hey, they did it and so can you.  I already told you stuff to get you on the right track to possibly save yourself or someone that you love. But you must listen to someone.  You and only you can do what you need to do. And the best way I can explain this to you is this-

          Once, in my lifetime, I had to shoot someone in the face and I promise you, there was absolutely no question on my part or in my mind as I knew that I had to do what I did in order to keep someone else from being killed. YOU MUST GET IT IN YOUR HEAD-I AM THE VICTIM and Practice, and Train and Read to hopefully ensure that your VICTIMIZATION keeps you out of the Hospital or the Graveyard.

          Now, let me qualify what I just said.  It was a Pepper Spray Incident, but I still knew without a doubt that I had to shoot the Pepper Spray in the man’s face, or another man would have been killed.

          So, have I made a dent in your mind?  I hope so because you must NOW CONSIDER YOURSELF THE VICTIM in order to do the Right Thing and get your LTC.  And no, I am not going to write and write all the stuff for you to learn, you must know it just as I do.  You must do this on your own.  But you can do it. 


      And one thing to now realize is this- yes, you can have a handgun in your vehicle without even getting an LTC, but when you are in any store or just getting gasoline or fuel, your handgun will still be in your vehicle while you get to watch Horrible Hell unfold right before your eyes by an Active Shooter. And you will be virtually helpless. And why is that? Texans, in a traumatic event, most people will FREEZE at first like Deer in your vehicle’s headlights. And if you only had taken the small investment of time and effort on your part to get an LTC. That LTC  might make all the difference in the world and keep you alive.

      And please, don’t let your mind run wild and fantasize about what bad things are going to happen to you by your getting your LTC or your carrying a handgun. Think about what will happen if you don’t. With an LTC, expect to continue to live your life in the same responsible way that allowed you to be qualified to get one in the first place.  Be the good person that you are and continue to be. The LTC and Carrying a handgun will not undo your being a good, responsible person at all. You will still be you, but you will be a Safer Texan by doing what you must do.

          But hey, I am only an OLD man and father to three and grandfather to eight and I sure don’t know nothing for sure.  But, friends and fellow Texans, I was a Mentor for most of my life and the last person I mentored, I did not mentor the proper way.  Not by the books. I pulled out all the STOPS and taught them the UGLY TRUTH OF THE SUBJECT MATTER and they became the best person that they could ever become. 

      No, that was not on me.  That begins and ends with you. A person must have a certain level of neediness to get something done and if you are waiting until you, your family, or someone else you love becomes the next VICTIM, FORGET IT! That will be way too late and then what? How does the remainder of your life be a lifetime of blaming yourself for your own what? Laziness! Not doing what you knew you should have done. Yes, being just flat-out lazy. Or how does weakling sound? That’s Hollywood monbo-jumbo. You are No weakling, you are no longer lazy, you know the truth in my words speaking to your strong heart, and you know what you need to do. Get your LTC. 

      Which massacre of fellow Texans must come about before you finally wake-up to the only true Solution?  I am now telling you, TEXAS IS UNDER FIRE and you must become part of the Solution to counter these crazy lunatics killing our fellow Texans.  And no, I will no longer accept your plead of how much of a timid spider you are.  And I want you to do one thing-

      Over the next 14 days when you wake-up in the morning, stop and take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and say this to yourself and make sure your eyes see the words coming out of your lips and the words are-What is the Most important thing to me in my life?

       Do it for 14 days and if you cannot answer that question, then you will never get it.  But if you can and you want to live-GET YOUR LTC and become a Proficient, Safe, and Confident LTC holder and carry your handgun proudly and without fear knowing that you are a Real Texan thru and thru. 

      This is Your Texas, My Texas, Our Texas and we have the God-Given and State of Texas-Given Right and United States Constitution-Given Right to Protect Ourselves against these Gun Crazed Active Shooter Lunatics killing Our Children, Our Loved Ones, and Killing our fellow Texans.  TEXAS IS UNDER SIEGE!  TEXAS IS NOW AT WAR!  There is no longer any other way to view it. And I am doing my absolute best to enlist your aid in protecting my family and me.  And I will do my best to aid you as well.  But you cannot protect your loved ones if you do not get your LTC and carry that handgun as you can legally.  

      Which store killing is it going to take? Which massacre?  Who must be the one to take you by the hand?  Who can open your eyes? What’s it going to take to get you up off that couch? And if you do not live in Texas or you are not a Texan, does your State offer you the same privileges that Texas affords all of us Texans?  If not, why not?


AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK!!!  But you can help?

Just do it.  Just do this.  Your little inner voice is whispering to you that I am right. You can sense your own need to stay alive.  Well, can’t you?  Don’t you want to live? To save your own family? You must not let others close your mind to you joining in against the worst hideous and cowardly acts of violence being carried out by these Active Shooters here in Texas.

Get your LTC. The life you save might be your own or the life of someone you love.  And if you save my life or one of my family members, I will freely kiss your butt and all you have to do is mark the spot. Or I will buy you a nice meal? Okay?  I love life and I believe that you do too.

Enough said for sure.

Be safe. Keep your handgun safe at all times. And keep handguns away from others. Your handgun is not another’s toy.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series and Handgun Safety.

Now, here’s how birds stay cool in this HOT Summer Heat here in Texas.  Even the buzzards are under trees in the shade. Just something on a less serious note to help relax you. Smile. Relax. All of this is very simple and doable.

Too many of our beloved Texans have been gunned down in one massacre after another. And these Active Shooters must be STOPPED!  And I see only one way NOW by the LTC and “Constitutional Carry” as soon as possible to give all Texans the Protection we must have in place to Be Safe.

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