Living Without an Amazon Rain Forest



Living without an Amazon Rain Forest-I keep reading that this one Rain Forest makes up 20% of the Earth’s Oxygen Level.

And now, I want to open your eyes up to something new and very doable.  But the loss of trees is beyond belief.  An acre has 43,560 square feet in it. And in the Rain Forest, that’s 43,560 trees living per acre. It’s super, I mean amazingly, thick with trees and why it’s called “the lungs of the earth”. Amazingly, this Rain Forest gives the earth 20% of all the oxygen all of us breath. So, every time a thousand acres is cleared for China’s beef market, that’s 43,560,000 trees taken away. Wow! Over 43 million trees. And I’ll explain this to you again. Right now, clearing the Rain Forest is being done at an astronomical rate. But hey, the Chinese need and love beef.  Maybe more than anyone needs air?  But instead of getting upset, we must fix this by our own action where we live. Yes, fix this in place where we live. And I’ll explain that shortly. 

Okay, let’s face the facts of what is undeniably coming and that is the day when there is No Amazon Rain Forest.  R U Ready?  Well, get ready because in your lifetime, it could veryin place by all of us. well be gone.

But I am not pointing any fingers because it is what people do.  It is what humans do and that is trying to make tons and tons and tons of money.  Yep, the cutting down of all the trees and the exploitation of all its natural resources in coming and it will come a blazing in your lifetime. Now, let’s once again take a peep at the beef for China Market. 

An example of what is going on is this-a young man removed 95,832,000 trees from 2200 acres in the Rain Forest and made it grass land by removing over 95 million trees. And why? Simple.  For grazing land for cows on his Cattle Ranch so he can grow beef for China’s beef loving citizens. A very lucrative, money making affair.  And a powerful methane producer too. But that man has the right to do as he so chooses and NO ONE CAN STOP HIM.  It’s what people do all over the world.  It’s called prosperity. It’s called doing business. But the one thing that is also coming with the loss of the Rain Forest is the very real change in weather patterns. Places now getting rain may wake-up to a Desert in their own backyard when that Area becomes an very dry, Arid Region.


But no, none of the taking down of what will one day become like a vast desert won’t be on your shoulders.  No, it’s what people do.  We buy products and no matter what it is or where it comes from, well, it never really matters to the buyer or consumer as long as they get what they want.  They get what they demand.  And it might be building materials for a house or a new cell phone or a new laptop or automobile or fuel to run them. Or just beef. But China is of no blame at all by loving beef to eat. More cows, more cows and more cows makes lots more manure and more beef.

But it still is not the time to point the finger of blame on anyone because it is what we do.  It is what man has been doing for as long as anyone can remember.  But why am I saying that it is basically OKAY.  Yes, it is what man does and only man knows what’s best for man. And we’re not discussing the sharpest tool in the shed. No, we won’t do that. We can’t. We shan’t.

Yes, it is unfortunate, but it is okay.  Just fine.  Sure, the loss of the Rain Forest will be a real loss, and some will call it a tragedy.  And some will cry, and others might even rally for the upcoming loss and how it personally will affect them and all of mankind.  But it’s still what we do.  We take and we take, and we take and it’s not in our brainwave pattern to give-back.  And why is that?

Most of us were never taught to give-back and to ALWAYS STAND OUR GROUND.  Stand your ground no matter what.  And why is that?  Is it something that goes back to our Viking Heritage or Indian Heritage or some other past ancestor lineage?  Yes, it must be.  It absolutely must be and it’s always in the genes.  Right?

To a point.  Sure, it does come down to what mixture of gene pool genes all of us were passed along with.  And yes, all of us today are now grappling with our history and everyone is asking these two questions-Who am I?  Where did I come from?  And the answers are going to be pretty sad when everyone finds out that they come mostly from only a few or a handful of places in the World. 

Yes, there’s not this Alien Spaceship that pounced down from Outer Space spewing out Humans like planting seeds in a Corn Field.  No, that’s not the case at all.  But so many want to think that is where it all began.  And many will still seek the Ultimate Answer-I want to know exactly which cell and for where that one cell came from so that I will know exactly where I came from. Where it all started.  

Well, I doubt that last one will ever get answered as there are too many willing to disperse their own hypothesis on what it’s all about when we discuss the real Origin.  Man’s Real Origin.

And today, many are just not taking to any Religious thought as much as they did in the past.  So, I’m not going to take us there on that one.

But, let’s get back to why I have hypothesized NOT TO Un-Okay Losing the Rain Forest and here is the reason.  It is very simple, and I am going to try my best to give you a new Mind RESET.  You know, REBOOT that ole mass of tissue and neurons and nerve tissue and blood and all the other stuff that makes up that thinking mass inside our skull.

Folks, we all need to GIVE-BACK and this is more critical today than ever before and if all of us cannot learn to do this, we might as well close-up shop because the Shop will get closed on all of us.  And this is so close in line with other things all of us hear.  Things like DON’T LITTER.  When camping, fishing, or hunting, leave the area that you were in just like it was when you go there so the next person will have the same chance to see the same things you did.  And hopefully, that is something beautiful that you saw. 

So, if all of us can react in a positive PRO manner when we hear something, then all of us together can remedy the situation.  All of us can do this by doing something positive when all of us work towards the same ends.  And right now, I know, and you know that what I have already said is the truth, but is there more?

Yes, there is, and the solution and the rest are so very simple.  And right now, please think of your own life without 20% of the oxygen level in the air you breath and how it will affect you.  Okay?  Well, try moving to Denver, Colorado or somewhere else there is a town higher in elevation like living in the Alps for instance.

Yes, move to Denver and try doing all the things that you are now doing and see how quickly you will get tired and need to rest.  Yes, try and run and see how quickly you must sit down and rest.  And then you say-Hey what gives?  Why am I suddenly getting so tired here and I wasn’t at my hometown?  Why?

Simple.  You are at a higher level up and at this level in Denver, you got about 17% less air to breath.  Simple, not a trick.  But why should I even try doing something like this?

It’s what will be coming to you in your lifetime and it’s coming and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to stop it.  But can we do anything about it?

Yes, and that is what I am talking about.  The Big Give-Back and that is not to you or me.  It is to Mother Earth herself.  We know that there is a problem and it’s coming like a freight train right smack at everyone of us.  And right now. Yes, right now, all of us can make a difference.

And stop right there in your tracks Mister or Mrs. Or Miss.  I am not a freaky love the earth kind of guy, but I do love living and I do think that you do too.   And right now, all of us can do something to help prevent an upcoming tragic loss and that is the AIR THAT WE BREATH.

Yes, the oxygen level being lowered by 5%, 10%, 20% just doesn’t sit well with me and it shouldn’t with you.  And again, this is no point the finger blame game, but hey, we absolutely control what happens to our Planet.  Yes, all of us do.

And right now, all of us can make a happy and simple change.  Right now, all of us can still have our happy ending and help future generations have theirs.  And right now, I am going to point out some things for you.  So, please think along with me in the following because all of us can fix the situation and make things far better than they ever were.

First off, how much air do we breathe in a year?  Well, that’s about 9.5 tonnes.  And oxygen makes up about 23% of that mass.  And we use only 1/3 oxygen per breath.  So, for all the math readers, that makes up about 740kg of oxygen per year per person.  And right now, each of us need roughly about 7-8 trees to get our share of oxygen.  But let’s just round it out to 10 trees.

50% of the world’s oxygen is produced by phytoplankton photosynthesis.  And the other 50% is produced by photosynthesis on land by tress, shrubs, grasses, and other plants.

Like land plantsphytoplankton are the autotrophic (self-feeding) components of the plankton community and is a key part of oceans, seas and freshwater basin ecosystems.  And they have chlorophyll to capture sunlight, and they use photosynthesis to turn it into chemical energy. They consume carbon dioxide, and release oxygen.

All phytoplankton photosynthesize, but some get additional energy by consuming other organisms.

So, we know where basically all our oxygen comes from.  Plants and Trees and things that grow in water or around water sources.  And no, not from rocks like in Robinson Crusoe on Mars, a 1964 movie with Paul Mantee, Adam West, and Victor Lundin, which is an old sci-fi that I saw in a movie theater.  Hey, it was great Sci-Fi back then and movies like that perked-up lots of great minds that are still around now doing amazing things for everyone.  Lord have mercy me, 55 years ago.

But now for some real bacon on our burgers if you don’t mind.

Top Oxygen releasing plants-Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (I know you’re laughing now, but it is really a plant), Money Plant, Gerbera Daisy, and Chinese Evergreens.

Top Oxygen releasing trees-Ash, Poplar, and Willow.

And now, you see where we’ve all come to?  Well, you should, and the solution is not solution to pollution is dilution.  No, we cannot get something from nothing. And it will take all of us to do something and that is so very simple.

If you got land, plant ten trees per year.  And if no land, how about buying and growing some plants?  You see, if all of us put our minds to work and RESETTING our mindset, we can replace what all of us are now seeing that is disappearing.  And that is the Rain Forest going Bye Bye. 

And if the fire doesn’t get it, industry will.

So, can I see a show of hands of how many planted any trees after watching all the devastating fires in California?  Well, did you?  And hey, that was a tremendous amount of oxygen generating trees lost in our own backyard. See, it’s no longer time to wait for the other guy to fix this when “we’re that other guy” now.

There is absolutely nothing worse than to see a forest fire come in and devastate a region and ten years later, it still looks as barren as it did the day after the fire took place.

And that takes place because no one had the mindset to Give-Back.  Not giving back comes with a terrible price.

It’s sort of like in the Once Upon A Time TV Series which I am a fan.  In this absolutely wonderful show, which I do recommend now showing on NETFLIX, there is a saying that is repeated by Rumpelstiltskin that goes something like this- “All Magic Comes with a Price”.  


And if a fire is like magic-only as an example-and this magic does come with a terrible price which is that it kills the trees, animals, grasses, plants, vegetation, birds, fish, and insects and that is on all of us.  And how?  Simply put, it took place during our lifetime.  And when we don’t do anything to Re-Plant or Re-Fix what was broken, what was burned, what was killed, and what was taken away from us, then we are condemning ourselves because by not doing anything, we are condoning it.

And that Mindset must go. Right now, I bet you can think of at least twenty things that you have seen in the News that needs our RESET.  We see what took place and forget the OH MY factor, we need to RESET our Mindset to fix the problem and not condoning it.  Again, our inaction is a way of condoning it. 

And no, all of us are smarter today than ever before.  All of us have the best tool ever invented in our possession.  And that is a Cell Phone.  And with the amount of information that all of us are absorbing every year, some could easily pass a Doctoral Test given by some Universities in the World.  Yes, that is how smart all of us have become.

Again, it’s no longer time to use the Point the Finger Factor or blame others.  Today, all of us must RESET our MINDSET into helping others.

Yes, I am going to say it.  And I am not trying to offend anyone.  But right now, how many of the Mass Shootings or Shootings in American might have never taken place if all of us had just taken the time to teach a new MINDSET?  A mindset of helping each other and reaching out to that person who one of us knows needed some help.

Now, I know and you do too.  Not everyone who knows these Mass Killers can say-Hey, I never saw any sign of any stress on that person before they up and became a killing bug.  No, not everyone can say that and so many have only the Mindset-To Each His Own and other Mindsets that need to be kicked to the curb because brothers and sisters, all of us are NOW RIDING THE SAME BUS!

And sometimes it takes the youngest person to fix the Oldest of us all and sometimes it takes the Oldest of us to fix the youngest of us all.  Yes, all of us can teach each other new things and all of us must endeavor to do so.

Anyhow, I hope that you will truly consider buying some house plants or buy and plant some trees today and keep doing so for the generation right now and the ones yet to come.

Please-begin your Give-Back Mindset Journey. We are the only ones who can keep our planet alive so it can keep us alive.

Please share if you care.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.        

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