PARENTS, take a peep, this one is just for you.

Sometimes, all of us Parents need to be reminded that there are lots and lots of wonderful stuff waiting for our kids.  And I thought this one was very nice.


DUMBO was there on the list and I remember Grown-ups tearing up like babies in the movie theater.

And so many of these did bring back lots and lots of good memories and some, not so good like those  Mother/Baby Room inside a Movie Theater for Crying/Feeding Babies and that is where people went to Smoke a Cigarette or Cigar. I hated those rooms while all that crying was going on.  Yes, in the Movie Theater.

And going to the local Drug Store to get a Coke or Root Beer float with vanilla ice cream. Man, they were nice.

But checkout the List of 50 Best Movies to Watch with your kids.  And add a super special treat with it so those little minds with have wonderful and fond memories of your times with those youngsters. Take a pic or two too.

And make a scrapbook.


Man, I am getting older by the minute.  And you?

But enough said.

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