A Panther’s Father III and A Panther’s Father IV Update by the living breathing James Brown

Book Design Cover notice as shared on Linkedin is as follows-

“CARPIE DIEM” which is latin for “Sieze the Day” by Jessica Arbelaez COPYRIGHT 2019 Jessica Arbelaez. This painting is the Book Cover Design selected for A Panther’s Father III which is the 3rd book in A Panther’s Father Book Series. It has already been sent to the Publisher’s Design Team. So, in just a few days, I will review what they have created and if all is well, then in a matter of about three weeks, this book and ebook will be available for everyone to view. But be forewarned, this book ends in a shocking, incredible display of mistrust between the Soviet Union and the United States during the COLD WAR by a hard fought battle in Mexico City by the Soviet and the American. The ending will shock all readers that have kept up with the Roosevelt Family Saga. And their Saga is yours, mine, ours. Look closely at this painting, everyone is in it. But, can you find your place?

Hello fans and Panther Father Book Series Readers, 1st off-thank you so very much for taking the time to read my books, now-

Good News!

The Book Cover Design for A Panther’s Father III has now been reproduced digitally

at Specialties Photography.

This digitized Book Cover Image is now with the Publishing Company.

I do  hope everyone likes this-

This is another amazing painting by Jessica Arbelaez and is entitled-

Brown, James web

  “Carpe Diem”

Copyrighted 2019  Jessica Arbelaez

(Carpe Diem is Latin for Seize the Day)


So, in about two weeks or three, this third book in A Panther’s Father Book Series will

be available to you as a Printed Book and an Ebook.

And here is this 3rd book’s Author Proof for the Book Cover-


I think this is a very interesting way of using the Artist’s Artwork.

Today, I completed Chapter Ten for A Panther’s Father IV.  This book is still on

schedule to be Released in 2020.

This last book is a No-Holds Barred look at our society and all the stops have been

pulled for your reading pleasure and are based on my real life.

You know, the one that you are not supposed to tell anyone about.  Well, I do in this one.

And if you have not read the 1st two books, I hope you will.  I sure don’t want you to

become lost in this amazing Sage of the Roosevelt Family’s History.

Anyhow, I am and will be continuing to be pretty busy completing these two last books.

Again, thank all of you for your support, friendships, and help in making this Book Series

a reality.

Thanks and have a good one.


And if you live in one of those places where smoking Mary-Jane is legal and you tote on

her stuff, these books will be right up your fantasy/fiction alley or they will

Freak  U  Da  F_ _ K Out! 


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