Dammit! Bring us Peace in the Middle East!  Gosh Darn Ignorant Christians and Muslims!  Yes, bring all of us Peace!

If God appears suddenly, will GOD side with you or your cause?  Yes, will God be on your side?  Religious Fanaticism and Political Zealots using fear-mongering words of Hatred toward other People of Different Beliefs just to Control their own Followers can easily start Wars when their fear-causing bolsterous words lead to Civil Disobedience and Open Violence and Acts of War that they originally instigated. These individuals will be punished by GOD.

Nations continue to break Weapons Treaties at such an alarming rate that maybe there’s truth in the song about We’re on the Eve of destruction. Has the World gone totally bonkers in an unrelenting Arms Race? This has to be either the build-up to WWIII or We must reel the Scary War Rhetoric back in. But who and when will it begin?  Must we wait till God destroys mankind? Or will God allow man to annihilate all of mankind on his own?


And exactly how would or could you determine that one?

Tell me.  Please tell all of us.

Please, tell us.  And then


Remember the line-the proof is in the pudding.

As more and more individuals from all over the World have turned their backs on their own Religious Beliefs and Practices, it’s surely amazing how many know so very little about either Jesus or Muhammad o the Koran or the Bible.

Yes, millions and even billions profess to know them both ABSOLUTELY!  And then out comes the ole Cell Phone when asked a question which requires an answer.  And will the Cell Phone come racing out the correct answer.

Or will it say-1,848,944,999 answers are available.  Hmm…what a shame.

Yet, once provoked, a Muslim or Christian will defy their assailant with remembered words from the Koran or from the Bible.  And I am only talking about a verbal dispute and nothing more. But so many have no idea of much of anything about God either.

GOD IS REAL! Yet, so many have tossed God aside like a bad idea.

Well, I think it is far past time for everyone to be reawakened to the fact that God is very much alive and doing very well.

God is the Only One True Punisher to all who will defile his Name.

And Not Man.

All Who Defile Him.  All who blasphemy His name.  All who use profanity, profaneness, sacrilege,

irreligiousnessirreverence, taking the Lord’s name in

vain, swearingcurse, cursing, impiety,

impiousness, ungodliness, unholiness, desecrationdisrespect.

And yet, there is a growing number from all over the World who kill or attack and do terrible things to others in the Name of Someone whom they DO NOT KNOW at all.  Something or someone that they have no belief in at all.

And it always surprises me when I see a person kill someone or destroy something and then he or she or they begin yelling-


But listen-up.

God may have allowed a person to Kill this or that person, but GOD did not direct anyone to do this to anyone else.

God allows man to do his own thing.

GOD does His own Dirty Work and if killing billions of humans here on earth is in God’s Plan, it will come to pass.

Man deals out Death like a Rotten Orchid Vendor on his own.  All by himself.

And that is just one of the gosh-dawg problems with this Whole World.

Many men believe that they are now ABOVE GOD!

And the other zillion are now feeling so awkward cause what everyone was taught while in their youth is not coming to be the actual truth of things.

More and more People are finding themselves more out of touch with reality today than ever before.

Millions upon millions are seeking happiness in drugs.  In words from men and women who say that they know or bring THE WORD to either Christians or Muslims and THEY ARE ALL LYING!

Thousands and thousands have completely Given-Up and committed SUICIDE!

And the reasons for tossing life aside and taking one’s life can be found on the TV every single day or night.

But people have been brain-twisted.  Told lies so much that they are used to it.

People are kept like a bunch of ants in a circle with one meaningless layering of crap-fisty-cuffed items more today that it’s not even funny.   And People are so gosh darn stupid to ask for more-PLEASE!  Yes, please feed my brain with more.

So, listen-up.

Christians and Muslims are just plain Ignorant!

They both have turned on GOD and they say that GOD can’t be.  Oh hell yeah, that can very well be the case.


Both Christian and Muslim have turned their backs on each other.

Neither can talk to the other with words of PEACE!

But okay, here’s some brain food for ignorant folks like yourselves-

Muhammad was a GREAT General.

An actual WARRIOR!

In just one decade Muhammad fought eight Major Battles.

The man led raids and he is known to have led as many as eighteen.

And Sweetness, please wake-up everyone. for you ignorant Christians and Muslims, Muhammad was wounded twice.

Muhammad also got his butt beat twice and had his position overran, yes, get this one right-on two separate occasions.  BUT DID HE LOSE?  Yes, did he lose the battle?  No, instead, he turned the tide on both of those butt beatings and he rallied his men to Victory.

The man endured!

A living Legend!

And War Planning was nothing new to him.

Muhammad planned over thirty five Military Operations.

The man was an absolutely magnificent Field General, but he was a marvelous tactician also.

And he even invented a new type of Warfare being insurgency warfare.   And right now, many  Countries are being set-up for Insurgent Warfare fight now including America.  And many have no clue what that one means at all-

INSURGENCY WARFARE!  Look it up and educate yourself.

And Muhammad had no military training before he Commanded an Army!

Muhammad had a brilliant Secret Service in place and he demanded total loyalty or you would be BEHEADED!

And Muhammad, yes Muhammad, and many attribute these two sayings to others, but it was Muhammad and he said two things that Political Leaders and Christians and Muslims need to remember when everyone is trying to placate Iran and America and the two were this-

All War is Cunning!

All War is Deception!

Okay, enough said about just the military side of Muhammad.

And for the Religious aspect of Muhammad and Jesus is beyond words.

But before anyone can talk to the other flip-side of this coin, both Christians and Muslims need to take the time to know exactly who is a Muslim.  Exactly who is a Christian.

And I am not talking about-Hey, that guy over there with the black hat on must be a Muslim.  Or that guy over there with a white hat on must be a Christian.

Folks, it doesn’t work that way.

Our minds are being drawn-up into a miserable belief that we ALL WANT WAR!

America must have it’s WAR.

And that Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China ALL WANT WAR!

Iran must have it’s War.

North Korea must have it’s War.

Russia must have it’s War.

China must have it’s War.

The World must have it’s WAR!



Do all of these Nations truly want War? Is that it?

War is not an option that a prudent man would ever say in relaxed thought or in peaceful conversation.  Only the fool hearty listen and allow control to those whose minds are diseased with “images of living war” in their minds.

War is not the place to go when the World can move ahead with PEACE and in actual friendship.

Today, too much of the World is being Blitzkrieged by Their Country’s Leaders either in Office or seeking Office into believing that the ENTIRE WORLD WANTS WAR!  That they have an Enemy or Enemies!  Oh my, what can we do if we do not elect the only one who says he can win a War or just barely avoid a War.


Where in the World did positive and meaningful contracts and actual constructive conversations go to?

Holding all of America to 1979 is crazy ignorance.  And reflective of those who must believe that they are ABOVE GOD HIMSELF.  GREATER THAN GOD!

How sad.  How truly sad some ignorant folks get.

And if everyone will please just take a moment to come back to the safe zone of actual thinking, all would realize that War is a terrible consequence.

And right now, if Hong Kong don’t get all that Protesting under control, then they can all Expect Mainland China to come in and do it for them.

So, all of us need to bring our minds back to thinking and loving each other and not listening to War Rhetoric by lunatics!

Let that stuff go.  Let it alone.  And don’t fret your minds about none of it.

If I can get way, way, way, way, way, way beyond all the FEAR that the teachers instilled in my fellow classmates and me while in our youth, maybe you can too.  Oh yeah,  every time all of my fellow classmates and I were sent barely breathing and scared beyond despair by those brainwashed mine fields the teachers laid on us every time all of us got under our wooden school desks waiting for those Soviet Nuclear Warheads to begin exploding all around us.  Every single Soviet Nuclear Drill was SCARY AS HELL.

It was scary beyond belief, it was fear itself grabbing all of us, and maybe all of us are owed for being so traumatized by our teachers about SOVIET NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION.  I mean it was so real for all of us that some girls even fainted below their desks and hitting their heads on the floor.  It was crazy wild and so scary and they showed one NUCLEAR EXPLOSION FILM after another to all of us when we were so fragile and so not understanding.

Forget the TERMINATOR movie



for all of us, our little and fragile hearts were being TERMINATED with all the fear that little minds can imagine.  And every day after school, we didn’t ride Buses.  We walked together home for miles and miles and we talked and we talked with each other and on those Terminating Days, we were all so very afraid from the Fear that the Adults had created in each of us!  Had put into our minds.  And at night, when many were dreaming of fairy-tales and such, no, we were covering our heads with sheets and blankets for fear of those Soviet Nuclear Bombs exploding at any moment.  Some even told me that sometimes they had slept under their beds on the floor for more protection from the Soviet Nuclear Attack.  SO, please remember this-young minds are fragile and they need positive nourishment all the time and not spoken words of death and all.  SO, get ready for the rest of the story by all the super violent video games everyone is playing too and I believe this to be one of the reasons that the young can just pick up a gun and go on a killing spree more today than just ten years ago.

So, let’s begin anew, shall we?

If I can get way beyond all of my fears now today and that’s still not 100% and won’t ever be 100%, but I am always trying to do my best, then so can you.  At least try your best and if you do, then you did your best. And if all of us will now only try and try to BEGIN SAYING-

GIVE US ALL PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!  And the World too.  Okay?

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.