The 1st book in the Series.


The 2nd Book in the Series


A Panther’s Father III is the 3rd Book in the Series’s Book Cover is shown above.  If the Printed Copy fits all the right needs, this book will be available to the Public in about two to three weeks.  Enjoy!

I cannot, I will not push the Artist as she was shot thru her chest with a .45 caliber handgun and now uses a wheelchair.  When she says it is finished, it will be finished.

So, please be patient.

And now comes what is currently under construction-

A Panther’s Father IV 

This last one is the most difficult one to write.  I have many things that still haunt me as I do not want any of the words in this book to be wrong.  All of it has to be right the first time.

But, please hang in there with me and I promise, the ride will be worth the trip.

Thank you,

the living breathing James Brown