Texas High School Sports Spiraling Out of CONTROL?

TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS, the grooming grounds for Colleges,

the NFL

the NBA


and yet, these and other Major League Teams may soon find themselves suffering from

the Disappearing Officiating Act

taking place in Texas High School Sports and all across the Country.

Shockingly, there has been a 27.5% drop in Texas High School Referees-the ones Officiating these Sports-in just four years!  Ouch!  wtf?  Sooooon, this number is going to become a Crisis and not just here in TEXAS.  But all across America.


Maybe it already is a Crisis by Overworking all the remaining Officials still working in Texas High School Sports?

High school sports struggling with shortage of officials

Texas High School Sports Spiraling Out of CONTROL?  Ouch…man, oh, man does this Article’s Title Stink to High Heaven or What?  But it is what it is.

And can any of this be drawn from the eerie past that continues to come back and haunts everyone with that Bad Boy/Girl Behavior by the ones in the Stands like this NFL game played on December 16, 2001.  But hey, that was over how many years ago?  2019-2001=almost 18 years.  Opps!  Ouch!  Wow!  Shabang!  KaPOW!  Uppsy!  Oh My!



And if that is not enough, try an exert from the above site.

“Yelling, screaming and berating the officials humiliates your child, annoys those sitting around you, embarrasses your child’s school and is the primary reason (there is) an alarming shortage of high school officials.”


And you say it just isn’t so.  Well, I am here to beg to differ very strongly on this one.  Why?  I have a friend who I have known for well over ten years who has been Refereeing Texas High School Sports.  And he Referees almost in every Sport.




And I have had the pleasure in listening to him as he has often reflected on his Refereeing job and how challenging it is at times.  And I know first hand all the long hours of restudying the RULE BOOK on each Sport that he Officiates he must endure before every season and Pass Tests to prove his knowledge. (No, this is not an easy job or a job that anyone can do) But as I remember him correctly, he always would shook his head and tell me one real story after another where he has had to

Get onto a Parent.

Get onto a Coach.

Get onto a Player.

Yes, and “get onto” means to penalize folks for their bad behavior during a game.

And he told me of all of these problems he experienced and I knew of many others from family members and I always enjoyed hearing them until today I took the time to investigate this subject even further and, O. M. G. folks,

Texas High School Sports are in a MESS. 

There is a Super Messy Problem brewing in Texas and it’s getting WORSE!  And at an Alarming Rate!

To now know that there is a 27.5% drop in Officials in just four years is such an Alarming Statement.


Have we gone that far by letting all of this negative sportsmanship get to this point?

Have you?  Have I? Have we?

And are Texas High School Sports Spiraling Out of Control?


Referee shortage impacting high school, junior high sports in Texas


Referee shortage hamstrings high school sports

Referee shortage hamstrings high school sports

Opinion: Critical parents causing referee shortage in high school sports


And that later one is always-Too little, too late.

But, when you look at the Texas High School News, one place that makes players feel like they can walk on air comes by the way of the following


Has the College Recruiters coming in and now have their visiting also SHOOK THE VERY FOUNDATIONS of High School Sports visiting possible future Recruits at even earlier ages affected any of this?  Yes, I am sure it has to some degree.  But where and how much is anyone’s guess.  For me, I know nothing for sure.  How about you?

College Recruiters and Coveted Prospective Recruits invited to INVITATION ONLY EVENTS!

Visiting them and their families and O.M.G., does their coming around High School Players and High School Campuses create an atmosphere of Dog Eat Dog Competition and you know it has to have.  An atmosphere of False Fame?  False Fame until proven on the Field thru their Senior Year without a Career Ending Injury?  To win at any cost?  To play the best no matter how and make it to the next level?

But it’s all for the LOVE OF THE GAME!  Right?  Or just down right MONEY! money!  monies?



And a simple exert from that last site is-

There is also no uniformed reporting of unruly fans. Some colleges provided detailed game day summaries, while other schools provided no records at all. These are the top schools out of the 66 that provided ejection numbers. There are 128 Football Bowl Subdivision programs and 62 declined to answer or did not respond to KGW’s records request.



And is any of this now crossing over into the fact that more and more Officiating Officials are up and dropping out of the Ranks?  A sad thing to see for sure.

But let’s get it right.  This man or woman who studies and studies and yearly must take test to prove his Officiating Knowledge, then get scheduled to work a game, DRIVE to that game, Work that game, get paid after the game or the Check is in the Mail, and then DRIVE back home.  And all the way home, lots of good things are tossed into the minds of the Referee and then comes the haunting of the bad things and all of this is all about the bad things causing TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL OFFICIATING OFFICIALS to blow their Referee Whistle for that LAST TIME and man oh man, is Texas in a Mess or What?

And let’s get one thing very straight.  Texas AIN’T THE ONLY STATE facing a shortage of Referees.  And then when they all QUIT, who’ll do all the Officiating?

Select Parents from the Stands?

Draw Straws out of a Hat?

Call it out loud on the PA System and see if anyone Raises their hands and just ain’t too Drunk to Make a call?

Or when the Referee Shortage goes so far that the games are suspended.  And then what?

Go to games on dirt streets?

On Parking Lots?

Games in backyards?

Schools might be knocked out of their MONEY PITS and then the Kids are still going to play no matter what, even if they have to Leave Texas to do it.

And let all the Stadiums grow over with Weeds and fall apart?

So, who’s going to be the next Referee when they all let it go?

No, I am sure that it will be fixed to some degree so that the School Districts can make their monies and have their schools shone on the News when an athlete from there is picked by a Major College School.  Right?  And then the bragging rights for that Texas High School if that boy or girl makes it into the PRO RANKS?

But could you imagine a Committee walking thru the Stands looking for someone to be that night’s REFEREE?

Hey, let’s pick this guy or that gal, heck that guy looks like he could Referee.  See, that person over there has a Baseball Cap on with our Team Logo embroidered on it, I bet he could Referee.  Yep, he’s looking might good.  I bet he can make some good calls for sure.  And he looks like he can outrun a Beer Bottle or Whiskey Bottle tossed at him for sure if he makes a bad call.  And what about the UIL?

Forget the UIL, who are they?

Well, they are some REAL SOMEBODIES who would frown at the picking of Referees from the Stands.  But, Hey it’s coming and you might get to see it this year.

You see, when you see someone on the sidelines in regular clothes running the chains during a football game, I’ll bet he just got picked from the Stands or is a School Worker just snagged at the last minute.

But here’s some more food for thought at these sites and forget the years because what happened in one is still taking place today.


Remembering The Insane Game When Bitter Browns Fans Littered The Field With Beer Bottles

Police Continue Search For Fan Who Tossed Beer Bottle At Ryan Howard


Patriots Fan Who Threw Beer At Tyreek Hill Banned From Gillette Stadium

And all of these beer bottle throwing incidents, although they are in Professional Sports Arenas, do have an IMPACT!

And that impact may very well be carrying all the way down to the High School Level where Parents who mean well and want the best for their child do, at times, go one step beyond what is right and what will cause a High School Official to take off their Referee Officiating Uniform for the very last time.

But it is not just the parents.  It’s the fans too.  And all fans want their team to win and some just don’t like losing to the point of making hugely negative and taunts at the Officials that sometimes included Cuss Words.

And I will be the first to admit that yes, I have yelled at Officials.  But at the time, I did not even think about how my yelling which was being accompanied with yelling from other fans would or could cause a Referee to leave the game.

And now, near the end of my life, I understand how just one person can be that one individual who will make a person quit or help them keep plugging along.

So, yeah, our yelling does take a toll.  And when a fan or parent makes it personal and follows an Official to his or her vehicle or cut their tires, then yes, oh yeah, it has gone way, way too far.

And yet, I remember when some idiot cut the tires on the Opposing Team’s School Buses during a Friday Night High School Football Game in West Texas in the early 1970’s.  How totally retarded was that or what?

But that was then and now, what has become of our Respect for the Ref?

Have the fans and parents fallen to an even lower level of exhibiting NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER FOR ANY REFEREE?

Has the game fallen to a deeper and darker level?

Respect for the Ref!

WHERE ART THOU?  Where’d You GO?

And who can fix all of this?  Now, that is a gosh darn question, with no great answers for sure.  The damages have already occurred and Referees are leaving the Sport Job that they loved doing because THEY CARED ABOUT THE GAME THAT MUCH!  Yes, they cared for the game in their mind and in their heart just that much to become a Referee.

And it takes just one UN-SPORTSMAN LIKE BEHAVIOR to go Viral and be replayed over and over again.  And who is replaying all of them?

You are.  I am.  Everyone is.  But more importantly are the Student Athletes watching them and has all the Sports now become the Runner Up to a HUGE PAYCHECK and does that make tossing this ugliness or that ugliness towards a Referee okay?

Of course not.

And yes, oh yeah, there are a lot of fine young men and women who play with all the character that everyone loves to see in a player.  But then, toss in the Parents and just how far will they make sure little Johnny or little Susie get into College on a Sports Scholarship.

Some will go to any length possible.

And in some cases, it is reflective of these times where rich parents paid money to get their kids into Colleges by dishonorable means.

And another reason that I decided to bring up this very alarming trend in America today is the fact that I have family members who Coached here in Texas High School Sports.  And one Coached for over twenty years always shook his head when I asked him about unruly fans and he would tell me that some were just out of control.  OUT OF CONTROL!

Heck, the later one even told me of the most disrespecting thing that he had ever seen.  He said a DPS Officer who was drunk and parked near the End Zone threw his Empty Whiskey Bottle onto the Field of Play at a High School Football Game  on one Friday Night.  But that’s been well over 30 years gone by now.  And that took place in West Texas at a small school town.

  “The time has come for everyone involved in the game to ‘pump the brakes’ as it relates to conduct at games,” Niehoff wrote in part in statements posted on federation sites from Kentucky to California. “Make no mistake about it. Your passion is admired, and your support of the hometown team is needed. But so is your self-control.

The above exert can be found at-


SO, this year, make your actions those of a Responsible Parent or Fan and let the Officials know that they are VERY MUCH NEEDED AND WANTED.


AND if you don’t, don’t be surprised if High School Sports begin to be have the number of games drastically sliced down as fewer and fewer Officials are made available.

A loss of 27.5% Officials in four years!

At this rate, over 50% in another four years?  WTF?


And over 75% in another four years?  Now, gosh darn it, that’s a mess.
And after less than another four years, I guess they’d pick the Referees out of the Stands?

Okay, enough said, all of us get the picture, but can you help bring in that unruly fan or parent before they continue to contaminate the Game of High School Sports with their bad acting?

It’s got to start somewhere


2019 is as good a place as any other year.  Right?

Texas, it’s Time once again to

Show Respect for the Ref!  Show them the Love!

And now, there maybe needs to be a resurgence into the Texas Fellowship of Christian Athletes with athlete and parent attending.  And the below Google Search can aid you in finding this organization in your region of Texas.



And maybe Anger Management Classes might be something that some of these unruly Sports Fans might need to attend.

School Officials need to address it to parents who obviously need to take the classes.  And when they act-up at a Sporting Event, ask them and their child to go thru Anger Management Classes together.  Then, the whole Mess of Texas High School Athletics involving its Officiating Officials being Out of Control just might get nipped in the bud.

Well, enough said.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

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