Lucifer-now a 5-Star Netflix Series


If you are not applauding this amazing Series, I got to say, you haven’t a clue how wonderfully this Lucifer Series is sweeping across America and the World.

Man, oh, man, this is the best of the best and the most gifted cast and its freshness of newness is just so gosh darn unique.

A fun watch?  Oh, yeah, it’s every bit all of that.  And the things and twists and turns keeps the viewers engulfed into such a fun ride of mystery and awe.

It’s the DEVIL. 


And boy howdy, when Lucifer brings out his real Devil Face, get ready for people to wet their pants or shorts or panties.  But hey, looking good there Luci.  lol


It’s an Angel or his Bro. 


It’s another MURDER to solve.  Hey Chloe, how about some more Peanut Butter or ICE CUBES to put the COLD on Lucifer’s nutts.  And it’s running away with Fans from all over the place.

Folks, I cannot, yes, I cannot express to you the complete enjoyment that my family and I have come to now know from all the episodes we have seen thus far.
And we are still on Season 3.

But when we 1st began watching the show, we watched the Entire First Season in three days.

And yes, oh heck ya, I do understand how fans can watch a complete Season in just one sitting.  Yes, it is just that mind capturing and the sexual Oh My’s are just fun to see and hear.

And the times of sheer funniness is just lovely.  Loveliness indeed.

And of Course the Devil is an eye catchy piece of British Eye Candy and so are all of teh other members on the Show.  I mean the Casting and the Acting is far superior than any TV Series I have ever seen before.

And I’ll say right now that Netflix and the Entire Group of Directors and Writers might just want to keep nudging the Series on over to maybe a 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Season.
To end such a fun watch with one Final 5th Season is something beyond sadness.  This show is beyond the usual by all means.  It’s immersing our minds into a realm never seen before, but in a fun and, at times, a most humorous manner.

Man, oh, man, Lucifer has captured America and the World is gonna catch on too.  This blending of Bible on this and that and Reality is so fun to watch and I find myself now looking up stuff that is presented in the Show.  How very odd indeed.

But seeing Club Scenes with scantly clad women or eye candy is fun.  I find it eye catching indeed and the Murder Investigations are just so enjoyable to view.

And again I say, BABY, Netflix has gotten this one Absolutely Correct with continuing on with another Season.  And why is that so very good?

Baby, THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT at its best by far.

And I have not been hit with a single unpleasantness and at times, my family and I have laughed harder than any of have for many years. 

I mean many, many years.  And laughter like what this Series brings is such a blessing. 

And I promise you, you will find yourselves laughing harder than you have in a very long time.

Wings, no wings, Wings, no wings.  Cane on Top, Cane on Bottom, Cane No Mo.  And HELLO to Ms. Lab Technician with your fun self.  You bring it and are fun to watch too.

But HELLO!  Lucifer is LUCIFER and oh my, I am almost confusing myself for writing about my enjoying Watching the DEVIL.  But hey, call it what you might because-


I mean all the way for sure.

And hello Ms. Demon from Hell who comes into all this entertaining show with all those amazing fighting skills and so, so much more.  And how about the Ms. Head Shrink?  Anyone seen Linda hiding behind her couch lately?  And Lucifer’s Bro, an Angel whose lost his wings.  And that hard working Detective Lady and her Lt. Boss who comes and goes like old news. And hello to one Angel who got knocked-off by his Bro and then cometh the Angel of Death?

Please, mix in some more juice and twist all our minds up and spit us all out into an enjoymentful fan rage of Fan Appreciation that only comes from real fans.  And how about the Devil’s Mother turned Lawyer and then Opps!  I mean I wasn’t locked to the Kleenex box or nothing like that.  But wow oh wow.  Hey, all of it works in a blend of wittiness that I have not seen in such a long, long time.  Again, great script writing, acting, casting, and directing for sure.

Yes, all of you bring your Acting Craft to new heights and all of you do such a good job in your fine craft.

But that doesn’t mean any of them are quitters.  No, they remind me of the VERY BEST SOAP OPERA and blend it with all the Hollywood twists and turns and out comes a most fine show of wonder Script Writing and Casting and All the other things that must take place to put all of it on film.


LucifertellingDemonstoGoHome (2)

And where will Season 5 bring us all to?  And how many will be clamoring for a SEASON 6?  I know many who will for sure.

And by very goodness, all of you have pulled it off.  You have successfully created Characters that fans can identify with.  And that is so very hard and unique.

And the ride is like at times being told that there is a rattlesnake hidden in a box in a scene and the fans are trying their very best to guess which one the snake resides within.  And that is just such incredible, mind twisting fun.

And if you need a brain feed?

Lucifer will feed your brain for sure.

And a long way before you are ten feet tall.  lol if u get my drift.

And now, I will show you some Cast Members who make all of this Show happen or will or have in the past Seasons.  I highly recommend the following site for some very good information that any fan will really appreciate.



-an enchanting and mesmerizing and fulfilling prophesy (i hope u get the jest) of delightfulness for anyone and everyone on


Well, maybe not some, but hey,


And my rating?


of course!

Thank you.  I mean it.  Thanks to everyone of you no matter what part you might have played in any of these Seasons and who all of you are even down to the person that empty the trash cans.   Superb job!

Way to Go!

Keep it Up!

And continue Breaking Those Legs!

And by all means, WATCH OUT FOR THE DEVIL!



God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.



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