UNITED STATES-FIFA WORLD CUP WOMEN CHAMPIONS! France did a wonderful job hosting these games.




A huge SALUTE and THANK YOU VERY MUCH LADIES!  From the bottom to the top of my heart and inside and all that other stuff, THANK YOU!   Final Score  2-0

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Again, I got a chance to view HEAVEN here on Earth.  Today, I watched these young women not just PLAY this wonderful game of football or soccer, but they all were displaying amazing strength, fitness, and agility.  The game was almost hypnotic.  I watched every second and it was just as fascinating as the NFL or SEC Football. Just as exciting at the NBA FINALS and any other sport that men play in.

Running your butts off for over 90 minutes almost NONSTOP ain’t as easy as it seems and I know as I used to run 5-miles all the time Overseas in the US Army.


Today, I watched Women displaying great stature.  And I thank you, I thank you, and oh yeah, I thank you again.

But I am not just thanking you as an old man, but I am thanking for an amazing AWAKENING that all of you brought forth upon our Great Nation.  But I also very much want to thank you for AWAKENING AMERICA to the fact that WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN!

0619191307c (1)

WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN! Yep, they sure are and here’s my gift of this flower picture to all of you-especially the USA WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM!  And to the FOX NETWORK for one Outstanding presentation and one fine job of Broadcasting all of these FIFA Women Soccer games!

If you did not get to watch this amazing game on the FOX NETWORK, shame on you.  It was just so gosh darn good and the first half was a fingernail biter for sure.  IT SURE WAS!
And once again, the amount of roughness played and played throughout was an incredible show of what all these players are made-up of.  And that is THE RIGHT STUFF!

You don’t just up and say, hey, I can do that.  No, the amount of getting ready physically and the demands on the mind and body must be so intense that I cannot even begin to imagine all of it.  And the Family Sacrifices all these women must make to do this.  Yet, all of you on TEAM USA persevered and held hold of that elusive goal and that is to finally stand upon a podium and see all of your efforts rewarded as all of you watched and all of us saw you raise the FIFA WOMEN’S 2019 CHAMPIONS TROPHY.

And do you think for a minute that I don’t think that all of you should and must be paid just as much as the men?  I say this-


Now, here’s my admission and I hope that everyone is okay with it.

I snapped a few pics off the ole TV and I want all  of you to know that they were taken off my Toshiba TV as my wife and I watched-


on our Antenna.  See, us old folks still do things the old fashioned way and our TV antenna is still on top of our house and been there about 30 something years.  So, no I wasn’t at the game and I couldn’t locate any COPYRIGHT FREE PHOTOS yet, but I wanted you all to know that these pics are what came into our living room and I hope they are acceptable to you and that FOX is okay with my using them to highlight what an amazing job that they did on their Broadcasting this amazing game.  Thank you so much and I wanted to also thank the Advertisers for allowing an uninterrupted game by their sponsorship.  Way to go all of you.

A 5-STAR BROADCAST for sure!

Way to go FOX!  Thank you so very much.

And now, here’s some other pics I snapped, I hope you like them, but again, they were taken off my TV as I watched FOX TV and well, here they are-

0707191227b_compress23 (2)

0707191229_compress85 (2)

0707191229a_compress39 (2)

0707191228a_compress29 (2)

Talk about physically demanding?  This was it!  I’ve played football and rugby and we played Combat Football Overseas while I was in the US Army where I got two Medals for my service there.  But hey, I and I want you to please GIVE IT UP! to one of the most smash mouth games I ever watched.

And of course, someone had to lose today and all I can say is this-

The Netherlands Women Soccer Team was magnificent.  I congratulate all of you on your fine play and you lost but it was still a great job of sportwomanship.  SO, here’s one pic of your loss-but I believe the Netherlands Women’s Soccer Team will return magnificently for the next one.


I mean, these women playing football or soccer actually don on a suit of invisible armor and go at it as if there were no tomorrow.  These women are Gladiators in every way and I would gladly give you my Military Medals for what I watched all of you do in all these FIFA World Cup Games.  Man, oh, man, they were just a battle and in the end, all of you were glorious.  I see all of you as glorious Warriors of the Opposite but equal Gender.

TEAM USA, thanks for carrying a Grateful Nation on your backs and for lifting all women up with all of your prowess.

WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO ALL US MEN!  Do I got to say it again? Okay, I will!


And now, look at why what you did was so very important to this grandfather-you just gave my grand-daughters a PICK-ME-UP!  You lifted them up!  And today, girls and women need to know-THAT THEY ARE EQUAL TO MEN ALL THE WAY!



This is what grandfathers do, they take their grand-daughters fishing.  But more than that, I must




And if you don’t think that the United States Women’s Soccer Team doesn’t mean anything to kids, teenagers, and women, then just try telling this wonderful youngster that it didn’t mean nothing.

0707191219a_HDR_compress41 (2)

No, don’t you even try telling this young person that today’s win DID’NT MEAN SOMETHING because words can’t explain her response to you better than a picture-




AND so on.  Need I say more?  lol

So again, today’s win is something for the Record Book and so much more.  I cannot over express myself when I say this-Men must step up to the plate and accept women as their equals.  Sure, it’s an easy thing to say or hey this or that and all of that ancient teachings are just plain old excuses that all men done been taught from birth to keep a woman down.  To keep all of them down I say.

But it’s a NEW DAY here in AMERICA and today, women are our equal I say to all men.

And the next time you make a toast, make a toast to the woman who birthed you, who fed you, and who lives with you, for you, and aids you in your times of need.  See, men, women are every bit as needed and as important as all of us.  See, She’s your all time equal.  And women are our All Time Equal.  SO get to equalizing the equation men, and quit excusing everyone who exhibits bad and negative behaviors toward any women.  Tell all men to get this one right finally.

Go ahead, cause our wife, our mother, and our kids and so on will love us when all of us get this one finally correct.

EQUAL WORK EQUAL PAY!  And the next time you PROMOTE someone, make sure you give all of your women employees an EQUAL CONSIDERATION as you do all the Men!  NO MORE EXCUSES MEN!  NO MORE EXCUSES EMPLOYERS!

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

0707191219a_HDR_compress41 (2)

as these fingers reach up for this shining moment, let it’s significance radiate light and keep the fire of equality for all women alive for all times…God Bless all Women!

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