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His heart rate increases from 80 to over 100 beats per minute, and his blood pressure rises from a normal 90/60 to 140/90 — he’s ready to do battle, except that he’s just sitting on the couch, not moving much more than his eyes and thumbs. The DS screen virtually locks his eyes into position and sends signal after signal: “It’s bright daylight out, nowhere near time for bed!” Levels of the feel-good chemical dopamine rise in his brain, sustaining his interest, keeping him focused on the task at hand, and elevating his mood. The intense visual stimulation and activity flood his brain, which adapts to the heightened level of stimulation by shutting off other parts it considers nonessential.



GAMING, GAMING, GAMING, AND GAMING’S HALL OF FAME!  And how much time do you spend gaming?  And that is just a token of the things that are happening all across the World in a Giant Cloud of Gaming.  All seeking the NEXT LEVEL.  All are seeking a LOAD OF NEW WEAPONS, NEW LIVES, and other Bonuses on the next level that is achieved.  And the game conjures up almost Magical, mysterious things.  And the brain is racing to grasp all of the sensory items bouncing forth on the Computer Screen, BIG SCREEN TV, or a Cell Phone Screen. 

And not to mention the LEGION of fellow players.  Players that the Game deems as your Friends coming forth almost out a Magical Realm where they too are locked in Mortal Combat.  Combat to the Death of your self envisioned in your Gaming Character.  Your heart races, your mind absorbs, and all sorts of emotional points are alerted every time the game goes from exciting to DEATH DEFYING.  And when you are almost out of breath, and the SCORE SAYS THAT YOUR SCORE IS THE HIGHEST!  You celebrate Eternally! 

But then, the beginning time and the ending time finally catches your eye.  You started eight hours ago and now, it is dark outside your window.  It is almost 02:00 am.  And your job starts at 04:00 am.  Holy Smokes, you might be able to get two hours of sleep if your mind doesn’t keep you reliving your game.  Remember, your gaming. 

Your last gaming experience.  And then you fall asleep and POOF!  Your alarm rings and you drag your butt out of bed or off the couch and then you grab a fruit or a simple snack and walk or maybe stumble out the front door.  But as you move, you are almost just as comatose as you were to all of your surroundings as you were playing the game.  The Game.  The Game that cost you almost a week’s pay because not only did you buy the game, and got all those helpers to help you along the way, but you had to spend and spend and spend and you just spent $200 LAST NIGHT buying every available Weapon to you.  Not mention the number of extra lives you purchased as well.  But hey, you were not going to be DENIED!  This is the one Level that was beating you, but you had to know, you had to know, and yes, you had to know that euphoric feeling a Gamer gets when they achieve the ULITMATE LEVEL-that level that has been the most difficult ever.

And hey, you even took the time to browse the Internet looking for Cheat Notes, Cheat Sheets, and any Secrets from ANY FELLOW GAMER in the World who had successfully got beyond the Level that you had been stuck at.

And now at work, you are a mess.  Your attitude is low as your energy level is low.  Your body is trying to send signals to your mind to let it know that you feel like shit physically. 


And even your Legion of Fellow Gamers on your Team could not Master that Level.  BUT!  You did it.  YOU DID IT!  Can you dig it? You got all the Bonus Rewards, the Extra Lives, and now, you are paying for it at work.  Your body is still hurting and then, the forklift that you are driving hits the side rail of a eight tall stack of Washing Machines and like a row of stacked Dominos, they begin cascading down and you watch it like it was all taking place in Slow Motion. And now, in a few hours, will you still have a job? 

But hey, you still did it.  You are the ONE who got to that next level and you might be fired, but NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY your GAMING ACHIEVEMENT.  And that makes you just about the Proudest You have ever felt in your life.

But more and more, Callins at Work due to this Dangerous New Internet Disease is costing Companies Millions and millions of Dollars in every facet of the workplace.  And it is costing the Gamers as well.  But hey, you made that last level and that is all that counts.  No matter what others may think of you or what your boss thinks of you, YOU MASTERED THAT LAST LEVEL and you can’t wait to blast your new news all across the Internet!  Who cares if you get fired!  Right?

Well, maybe Wrong is the best answer.  But no matter how you view all of this, the Gamers are not going to be Denied!  Companies can LURE the Top Recruits by having Gamer Tournaments at Work.  By allowing Gaming Time during breaks.  Yes, the New Modern Companies must adjust to the MOST DANGEROUS NEW INTERNET DISEASE that is racing all across the World at lightning speed.

And it doesn’t stop there.  No, the Cell Phone is the third eye, the third hand, the third arm, the third brain, and the third mind for many individuals who come face to face with the Greatest and Most Dangerous Addictive Disease ever to face mankind.  And it is not going to ever let up.  No, baby.  This one is stuck on all of us.  It is stuck with a all of us and either you embrace it, or you will the on the outside looking in.
Is it criminal? 


Is it Anti-Social?


Is it Addictive?

Yes, worse than Heroin.

Is there a cure?

Hmm…let’s see, shall we?


or try this one on for size by

Internet addiction and problematic Internet use: A systematic review of clinical research.

And an exert is as follows from the


World Journal of Psychiatry-


CONCLUSION: A consensus regarding diagnostic criteria and measures is needed to improve reliability across studies and to develop effective and efficient treatment approaches for treatment seekers.

Keywords: Internet addiction, Problematic Internet use, Gaming addiction, Internet Gaming Disorder, Clinical studies, Treatment seekers, Treatment, Therapy

Core tip: Internet addiction has appeared as new mental health concern. To date, reviews have focused on clinical and treatment studies of Internet addiction and Internet Gaming Disorder, limiting the analysis to a specific diagnosis of a potential disorder that has not yet been officially recognised, rather than a comprehensive investigation of Internet-use related addictions (including problematic Internet use) more generally.

RESULTS: The systematic literature review identified a total of 46 relevant studies. The included studies used clinical samples, and focused on characteristics of treatment seekers and online addiction treatment. Four main types of clinical research studies were identified, namely research involving (1) treatment seeker characteristics; (2) psychopharmacotherapy; (3) psychological therapy; and (4) combined treatment.

CONCLUSION: A consensus regarding diagnostic criteria and measures is needed to improve reliability across studies and to develop effective and efficient treatment approaches for treatment seekers.

Keywords: Internet addiction, Problematic Internet use, Gaming addiction, Internet Gaming Disorder, Clinical studies, Treatment seekers, Treatment, Therapy




Are you now starting to see a picture?  The Bigger Picture?  Yes, oh yeah.  It is now coming out from afar and it is not unknown to any of us.  All of us have witnessed 1st hand the Addictive Power of Gaming and just the Game of Searching the Internet just to be Searching.

If an idea pops in your head, out comes the Cell Phone and then instantly, you ask a question and in no time, you have over 40,000 to over 1,175,000 answers thrown in your face.  And then, comes the difficult decisions like is this one the truth I am seeing or this site just making me feel good?

Or forget the this or that.  How about the Addiction of Shopping Online.  You say, HOLY COW, it’s gotten so gosh darn easy that you may never ever go into a store to try on shoes or a dress or pants again from outside the comfort of your own dwelling.

And for many, they almost get entirely angry if they do indeed have to leave their Safe House or Safe Zone of Home or Apartment and enter a business where others are all around you.

But when you do shop online, you will ask lots of things just as if you were a Gamer Addicted to your Game.  And baby, Shopping is just as Addictive as any Gamer’s Game of Fame online. But you will ask is this the best price and no, have you ever shopped from any of these people before?  And what the best games?  Well, let me ask the experts-




Or how about the Best Gaming Tournaments in the World?


Is your name going to be in the Money Boxes?

On the List of Hall of Fame Gamers?

But let’s continue-

Gaming, Shopping, Book Reading, News Searching, Any Searching, and finally all of it comes down to the most amazing thing in this new Day and Age of Internet for ALL PEOPLES-AND THAT IS-


And we can’t get enough of this new wonderful disease!  Or whatever kind of disease anyone wants to call it.  

Wonderful?  No, no, no.  It’s not that at all.  And as you go anywhere, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to write down how many people you will encounter on their cell phones in one single day.

On one day, I saw 668 people on Cell Phones.  668 PEOPLE! And I would have counted more if I had not stopped counting. 

But then, at a NFL game that was a Sell-Out, I bet that during halftime, over 10,000 people were on their Cell Phones.  And why?  To send those Selfies and quick shots of the game and so on.  It’s not new.  It’s what we do.  And all of us do it. All of us are doing it or sending pics of places or things that we liked or enjoyed and hey, I’m not knocking it as I do it too. All of us do and that is A-Okay in my book. 

And I have another addiction that you may or may not call an addiction.  And it is this- I use a camera anytime and anywhere I see wonderful flowers to take a picture of and that is one that I posted on this blog.  It is a beautiful flower that I took in Bryan, Texas and it is must simply wonderful in all her glory.  Isn’t it?  All of her beauty just waiting to be viewed by you and me.  But my addiction is not that I took this picture.  No, it’s the fact that I will Post it on the Internet for you to see and by doing so, I am only reinforcing your own addiction of the Internet.  Okay, I know, I know, I know.  Not a great way to look at it, but hey, it’s what all of us do in one way or another.  

Every single facet of living is now being recorded all over the World.  Every thing involving Life and Death and just Everything is being recorded and it is mostly being SEND to other peoples everywhere.  And the MASTER COMPUTER BEAN COUNTER is counting how many times everyone searches this subject or that subject and I can even tell you articles that I have read all about who gets pissed-off when their News about Him is not at the Top of All the Search Engines.  But I won’t bore you with that one.

Now, back to the Most Dangerous Internet Disease.  You got it yet?  You figured it out yet?  I gave you just a glimpse and way more than you ever needed to figure it out.  Yep.  You got it.  And now, how can it be cured?

Maybe never.  I see it not getting less.  I see it getting more and growing and growing and growing and growing way beyond anything that anyone can stop.  And maybe since it has gotten to this point, should it be stopped?

I just don’t know, but amazingly, the number of Articles all across the Internet about Internet Mind Issues cause by excessive Internet or Gaming is growing all the time.  And I find some amusing and others just really retarded.

I’m not an expert on any of this but I do enjoy writing about stuff I do find interesting and I find Gaming and Internet Addiction kind of strange as I still remember the 1st Nintendo Games of Pac Man and so on.  And that ball or Tennis on the TV that was amusing at first, but then quickly became boring as it could not compete with real life.

But GAMES FOR FAMING GAMERS do compete with Life today.  They do compete for your time or the time of real Gamers.  And only the gamer can say whether the time spent gaming is their new form of Joy.  Their most important part of their lives? 

No, not me.  I can’t say if any of this is this or that.  I won’t because I am addicted to INTERNET RESEARCH!  I am a Master Storyteller and Historian.  And because of such, I do like to review what is available about a certain Topic that I wish to write about.  And do I get it right or wrong?

Sometimes right for sure.  And sometimes wrong for sure.  It’s what people do.  But I am always willing to admit my mistakes and pull something down that I POST or just pull it down as it no longer appeases me.

But for sure, all of us must strive to WRITE THE TRUTH or write about that which pleasures you and share your thoughts.  You might be happy to find out that others like your views as well.


Sure, I know how to use Microsoft Word and write books using it.  But the really nitty-gritty of the Internet and how to make a Computer Sit up and Listen or Dance or Talk is just not my cup of tea.  And that’s okay.  But I do find it interesting to see what youngsters are coming up with all the time and I see many things that will only give future generations more and more ease of life and/or pleasures.

Amazing minds are building right now the most Addictive Games ever to be built and there will be so many Player Monies Traps that it won’t even be funny.  From a Billion Dollar Industry, try the Future Trillion Dollar Gaming Industry!  And it is coming and it will be amazing.

Soon and I mean soon, there will be Gaming Betting Places and that will be where you can bet money on the outcome of an actual Gaming Game being played just like a Horse Race and it’s coming way beyond the simple stuff barely beginning to scratch the surface.  You see, it’s all about the money and making more and more amazing games.

The Addiction is there, it’s just the newest, latest game that all the gamers want now.  And have you gotten yours?

I still laugh when I think about a person I know who just spent over $18,000 on the Largest TV, Gamer’s Chair, and related stuff for the living room.  And that’s fine if you want that.  But I was and will always be shaking my head when that person told me why he bought all of that stuff.  And it wasn’t to watch TV at all.  No, it was just so he could play his GAMES in the best Gaming Atmosphere possible.  And I’m sorry that I didn’t mention that part of that cost was for the Fantastic Stereo System with such incredible Subwoofers that the floor vibrates with the explosions and such that appear on the TV screen as he goes merrily along GAMING.  And now, one last set of words- 

You go Gamers!  You go!

You go, You Shoppers!  You go!

You go, Best Traffic Route Searchers.  You go!

You go, You Internet Searchers!  You go!

And you go to everyone who POSTS beautiful pictures for all of us to view.  Thank you so very much. 

And yes, there were some who told me that I should have put Tweeting in the mix on this Write.  But hey, folks gots to have their fun and playthings and toys.  Right?  So if you are a TWEETER, then keep TWEETING YOUR BUTTS OFF!  lol  You know, one guy Tweets over 15,000 times a day.  Now go figure that one out. (smh)  LOL!

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.



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