EARTH-YOURS, MINE, OURS…can you spot the error?

OurEarthYoursMineOurs (2)

Yep, that’s OUR EARTH-YOURS,MINE,OURS!  And can you spot the error?  Well, yeah, oh yeah, it’s done that way on purpose.  But did you find it?  Ten thousand viewers viewed this picture and no one spotted the tiny, tiny error.  But can you?  And now, what if every single person in the entire World woke-up one morning and every single one of us said a Pledge to Our Planet Earth? And exactly would you like to see in a Pledge?

More Hot Dogs? More Fries?

No, but for real-Better Air?

For better and more food for everyone everywhere in on Our Planet Earth?

Better Oceans?

Begin reversing all the Contamination of the Oceans?

To help prevent species of fish and such from becoming extinct every year?

To prevent the extinction of any Species on Our Earth?

Begin Mercury Removal before the fish are no longer edible?

More Ozone?

Better UV protection from our Atmosphere by helping Our Atmosphere work even better?

To question decisions that will hurt Our Earth?

To take the time to understand that what we do does in fact make a difference for now and for future generations.

And now, how many things did I miss Mr. and Mrs. Fellow Persons from all Over the Our Earth?

Yes, People from OVER 72 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES come right here to this blog site to see what I have put up lately and now, I ask everyone-what would you want to add to a Pledge to Our Earth?  I’m talking the Real Talk and not the Political Talk that Governments use on each other. I am talking Real People Talk.  Can you dig it?

And no, there ain’t no SECRET TALK going on here at this blog either.  I write what’s on my mind and that is odd and strange at times for sure.  But not this one.

Everyone is seeing what you are now seeing and my question for all of us is simple-What would you put in Our Pledge to Our Planet?  Let’s Call it-

“Our Pledge to Our Planet Earth 2019” and next year it can become “Our Planet Earth Pledge 2020” and so on and on and on goes this story for you, your kids, and your grand-kids.  So, everyone has the rest of 2019 to add or take away from the following simple pledge I have started all of us out with-

OurEarthYoursMineOurs (2)

Our Pledge to Our Planet Earth 2019


“I pledge my allegiance to OUR EARTH-YOURS, MINE, OURS.  I pledge to see that no harm comes to you and all Species of Humans, Plants, Trees, Birds, and Fish that live on Earth. And when I am done here, I pledge that I will leave you in better shape for the next generation.”

Pretty simple stuff.  Huh?  Enough said for sure.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

Oh, the error is that I rotated this NASA photo upside down cause it looked prettier that way and I added more color.  lol

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