A Life Check…and what is yours?


SpecialEffectsA Life Check…and what is yours?

Hmm…boy howdy, that’s a difficult one and from what perspective to share this with you?

It’s too late to hold the punches now, so without getting on the gas let’s just get right down to it.  Shall we?

My balloon burst and like in a strange supernatural horror story, all the classes let out and all of us lingered on home with our faces covered in tears.  And sure, all of us were rosy cheeked by the time my older brother and I walked the mile and a half to our home.  A day that only a child who lived it could ever still remember the vividness of it.  The clarity of it.  And they turned in the direction of the gunfire.  And it played over and over and over for all of us to see.

kennedypic (2)

And when I watched that Presidential funeral slowly wind-down upon Washington, I think all of us saw ourselves in that young boy following his father’s casket and saluting his father.


Dang, that tenderness was stolen from all of us.  Our lives were now heading down a different path and still it is a haunting thought mixed with all sorts of emotions.  But the most important question that no parent can ever explain to a child-Why?  And a child will not stop with the answer from one adult.  They will cruise an entire room of adults and ask each one to see what each has to say.  But none can answer to a child-Why?

And then came more school and that ever ending chase of losing our virginity.  And it too will always be a lasting time in my own mind as it is in the minds of most of us.

And the jobs.  Working ranches with Vaqueros. And that 1st work was mowing yards in the 1st grade.  How odd to start so early.  And the pushing of that mower was no easy task as it was a formidable opponent for my skinny legs and arms.

Then came the War that the Nation came to view with great dread.  A War that still confounds me as to why we were really there in the 1st place? Was it because it was correlated with the COLD WAR? 

Vietnam pic

You know, I still don’t know.  And everyone has their own reasons and justifications as to it’s need and to it shouldn’t ever have been fought. 

And it was a costly thing upon families everywhere.  An Angel carrying the spread of deep hurt and weeping for lost boys and girls and husbands.  And Lord knows, the enemy had their own Angel of Death walking among them and it was bad for everyone.  And the damn thing only helped point to the indignities that was formed on the Skin Lines for all to see.  It brought Skin Lines up from everywhere and there was no place to hide it.  And the Nation was deep in that.  Riots and so much hatred to go around for a hundred years.  And answers were nowhere to be found.  Some said that they had them, but that turned out to be only momentary folly.  And solutions and promises came and were carried away on the wind as quickly as they were spoken.

And words from songs still ring out-Don’t You need someone to love?  Eve of Destruction?  Go ask Alice?  Feed Your Head? And everything from happy tunes to tunes calling the very Heavens to cry for all of us.  It still seems to me that the Armed Forces Radio Overseas played music to promote drug use by the G. I.  A strange thing for sure.  Our music propelled all of us fast into the Orbit of the Times and it still calls out to all of our Souls. And then came even more tunes multiplying, electrifying emotions like rap.

And food chimed-out like the sidewalk 5 & Dime stores but with every form of fast food and when they pulled this rabbit out of its hole, no one grew small ever again only to be put on insulin.

And everyone learned to glue their minds to the TV as Death was being brought live for all to see. 


And we knew no better.  And finally TV the game still continues today with 300-plus channels and computers that race and race and race with even hints of where you need to go next.

Cars went from massive V8’s that had to propel a car from 70 mph to over 90-120 mph just to pass someone in front of you.  And then, they went from strong with well protections around a family to all sorts of plastic configurations of today.  And then finally came the electric car and so many other things talked about but way, way in the future.  And then, the future got here and I was old.  And the worry of the Terminator Robots is now on so many minds.

It’s not the time to excuse ourselves of our duties and our obligations to each other.  NO, it’s not.  Every time we gain a Right, by all means, all of must never let that RIGHT be taken away.

My best fishing buddy was 72 year-old Walter Carl and he always told me that no matter how old he got, his mind always saw him still as only 18 years-old.  But I don’t find thoughts like that as I know I am old and youthful youngster thoughts don’t enter my mind.

Year after year, always absorbing more knowledge.  And with it, does more understanding come too?  I don’t feel smarter.

Coke and Root Beer Floats got tossed for shakes and then slurrpies and slushes and then finally smoothies.  And what is next?

I’ve seen more folks who hold other folks’s attention with AWE always coming out with every form of money making idea yet saying that they are experts in many fields, but the truth is that they are jackals of all trades and masters of none.  And they only want your $$$ and most times, a ghost writer even wrote their self-glorified books, but they can tear-up with the best of them on TV where writers write words for them to read.  And some are good enough to not look like they are reading a monitor, but they are.  Why?  When they go off script and mess-up, it only jumps to a bigger mess-up.

Clothes have come way out and then they are returning to whoever looks best in them in a magazine or TV advertisement.  But they sure don’t make you look anywhere as good as that model that you viewed in them.  But people still buy the latest and hottest just so they can brag and this or that.

And old rotary dial phone on a hard-line in a house or apartment was replaced by every form of communication device possible.

And the ones who must have the latest and greatest cell phones no matter what they cost or how they must suffer just to keep paying for them.

And the days of having to have cash or savings on hand have been thrown to the side by credit cards that promise to Pay You Back by just using them.  Now, that is always a hoot.  Days of so many other Retirement Strategies have just come and gone.  And now, everyone is just trying to make the interest payments on all of their debt.  You know, it’s what the Gov. taught to all of us and does.

Lies, Lying, and LIARS are more prevalent today than ever as many think that they got game.  They will tell any lie to benefit themselves and they never expect to get caught, but when they do, they still play off their lies as factual.  A sad state of affairs.

Fears about almost every damn thing has been realized thru the Medias. 


And one of the most discerning negative Article after Article came out about one brotherhood after another with no proof given along with them.  And how can this be?  To say and then to be believed just because you said so.  Fearing this and that and no one stopping to consider if they really do fear something.  No, it is the Slow Death of Fear that slowly grabs with that skeleton hand on our shoulders after we have taken too much in.  But when that happens, just turn off the TV, the Radio, and all other sources of News and listen to good tunes.  You’ll get your mojo back in no time.

And I used to know about so many things, but ones I trusted have gone rogue as well playing only to the popularity Scale and their Ratings.

In all that we do and all that is confusing, either poke it to death or just let it go.  Letting it go is the best fix and you won’t have to explain yourself to your friends.  Remember, never let them see you sweat.  But all of us do and all of us do cry and get happy and sad and want good things in life.  But keep in the groove and keep trucking.  You’ll make it.

But if you just take a second and look back, lots and lots and lots has taken place in the last six generations.  And what’s coming in the next?   Don’t let it become a Demon Ride for you.

I can only hope that you get to this age and then, you might see this or that, but you still won’t have a fix on so many things that just up and go fizzle.  Fo Shizzle. Make a plan and stick to your plan. 

And when it’s all over, the only thing that is important is having a relationship with GOD.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

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