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A Panther's Father-Book One Cover from Christin Lee

For all of you reading A Panther’s Father Book Series, I am now taking the time to help aid you in your read.   Yes, I admit it as I have been accused of not writing to a 5th grade audience.  No, I wrote in such a way as to help you improve your own vocabulary as you read these books.  And I know, I know, I know.

The action seems to bounce around at times and that is now what I want very much to explain to you.  I realize that so many of Today’s Kindle Readers are lovers of super short chapters that are over in a flash.  And a book that is so very short that it confuses my mind as why some are even considered books.  Really?

Well, these books are not SHORT READS and they are written to take a reader on a mystical, magical journey of all sorts of things and when you finish, you have accomplished something that is truly noteworthy.  You did it.  While so many are wanting the cheap ride.  Try taking the long journey with me in my books and I think that you will find yourself taken into a world where your joys will be more intense than ever before and your fears will sweat thru the pores in your skin as you feel the fear that the characters are experiencing.  And then after you think that you are about to lose all control, the very beam of light called Hope will emerge and shine on you.

But now, here’s the scope to help you-

There are basically four tales, four dialogues, four stories, or four things going on along in each of these books and will continue in the 1st four books.

A.  Bahu, a tribal leader from Africa has an amazing journey to the underground world and he emerges with Worldly Knowledge.  He is transformed and he then goes and gets his medical Degree in England and then travels to America.  Then outside New Orleans, he sets-up his farm and his medical practice.  And he then engages in all forms of human rights issues of the slave days in which he lives.  This is in the hayday of the Slavery Days in America.  But come see him and how he conquers his fears and aids the many with all forms of underground activities.  But, the man has one big secret that is amazing-he talks to animals and they talk to him.  So, come and find out what takes place for Dr. Bahu and his family.

B.  Granny Z-Zella Roosevelt.  A wonderful old woman who is so full of love and caring that all of New York City knows of her.  And why?  For over 90 something years, the woman has been repeating tales from her childhood and from her family lineage which goes all the way back to Africa.  And who does she tell her tales to?  To young boys and girls in a blind alleyway almost every single day when weather permits.  And she has an encyclopedia of the most enriching family history tales any 105-year-old woman could ever tale to anyone.  So yes, come along and find out the many joys and tragedies that her family has embarked upon.  And yes, she is the one telling the Dr. Bahu tales.

C.  LAPD SUPERVISORS-Richard, Rick or Ricky Roosevelt and Buster Brocks are the two Vietnam Veterans who survive a brutal jungle ambush during the Vietnam War and come back to America on a Medi-Vac Flight.  Then Buster gets the Medal of Honor and then both men attend UCLA.  And so does Taneeka Roosevelt who is Rick’s wife.  Then Buster and Rick join the LAPD during a period of time in America’s History of tremendous Racial Stiff and Super Unrest.  And this was my time.  This is my life spread out for all the view including the LA RIOT which you never ever heard nothing about.  No, not this one and you never will until now.

D.  The Panther-JeanPaul Roosevelt who is Granny Z’s grandson and the son of Rick and Taneeka Roosevelt.  And JeanPaul comes to love and view Buster Brocks as his adopted second father as the family live together in the same house in Los Angelos.  At least until a divorce takes them apart and Taneeka returns to NYC.

Other characters abound in the books as well and here are some for you to find-

Dr. Billy Weaver-a world renown criminologist who is called upon by the LAPD to help them in solving one horrific criminal investigation in each of the books.

Terry Bradhearst-the richest man on Earth and he lives in Los Angelos, but unlike so many other sons of rich parents, Terry must endure on the streets for so long all on his own with no financial support from his parents.  And he does.  And how he does you will find as he knows the beat of the street and the real daily hardships of street walkers and the men and women who live everywhere as the unwanted homeless.  So, come along and see how his time on the streets changed this man who makes decisions that affect entire Nations all the time.  But the man is a virgin and after the divorce that Rick and Taneeka went thru, Terry and Taneeka come together and find a new love of their own.  Come see how this love comes about and where it leads.

General Reynolds and Colonel Bradley are two of the United States Marine Corps best.  General Reynolds is the Commandant of Camp Pendleton and Colonel Bradley works directly with the President of the United States to do every form of Cold War activity that was going on in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  And in LA, the whole city heats up as a bad evil has entered and is alive and moving on the streets.  And when the street people get angry, you have one angry city to deal with.

Hercules Two and Hercules Three-these are just two of the lovable characters that come alive in the children tales that Granny Z tells her youngsters.  Youngsters that parents in NYC willingly allow them to go and listen to her as many of them did too as a child.  But Hercules Two is a black Stallion and Hercules Three is his son and they will take you on all sorts of adventures as where Dr. Bahu goes, one or both come along as well.

King Frog-

another children’s tale of an evil frog who is master over the domain of one pond.  And he is sinister and he eats young frogs who are unaware when he comes close to them.

Stanks-who is on the 2nd book’s Cover

img097 (2)

is the metaphor of all the evils that have befallen black men, women, and children.  There are shortcuts laid out from the reader.  A vicious Child Molester Overseers over Slaves is caught and dealt with in the same evil manner that he brought forth on the lives of young boys and girls.  And his death is not a pretty sight by any means.  But Stanks is all of what you will read and he is more. But the Jim Crow Laws that a reader may or may have not come in contact with are softly hidden in the stories and Stanks is all that a Black Person Will Ever Come to Hate and Stanks hates all Black Peoples back with the same burning hatreds.  He is pure evil.  Pure sinister.  Pure hatred. But to learn how  he comes to create his evil upon black individuals, the reader must take a ride into something that is purely evil beyond anything that correlates with Today’s Violent Hatreds still vibrating all across America. Come see how softly and how violently hatred rears its ugly head in A Panther’s Father Book Series.

Now, it is my most or greatest desire from all of these books is to help the reader get beyond our own form of chains of learned hate and so much more.  To free all of us of our self or taught Life Chains that keep all of us back from achieving what each of us were meant to achieve in life.  To fulfill our lives with LIFE.  With Love.  With Knowledge.  With Hope.  And so much more.

Life-Just Live It!

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.


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