Cold, Alone, and Afraid

Are you reading this?  I mean are you really reading this?

Time to get your head on straight cause we gonna take a little trip into the most God AwlFul Subjects of All and U reading this may know someone or may be its NEXT VICTIM.

Well, if you are reading this, then I just don’t think anymore,

I NOW KNOW it’s way past time

that this ugly egg which has been kept hidden or you know, maybe, just maybe, this is one of those subjects that is just too gosh darn sort of things that it is just that difficult to get it OUT YO MOUTH.  To talk about?  To read about?  To share? Too dang hard to think about?  And afraid if you even read or think or talk about it, then U WILL BE THE NEXT VICTIM?

But before I continue, I want to share some items that might give a parent just the tiniest piece of sanity by placing one of the following with your child.  No, they’re not a fix to this problem, but it might help you locate your child if they are taken.  And they are-

Child Tracking Devices on Amazon-

And there are child watch phones that use GPS tracking as well.

It’s really sad that we’ve come to a point in time where some form of GPS tracking device needs to be placed with a child to help a parent feel more secure about where their child is has finally come of age.

Well, I think it’s time to really consider getting something and there are ones for older individuals who have a wandering grandparent or parent or child that they cannot keep an eye on all the time.

And I think that the school systems should partner with one of these tracking companies and include one GPS tracker per child in their budget.  I know, I know, I know, there are PARENTS OR GUARDIANS who don’t want their kiddos tracked.  Well, I do agree, it is a decision by the family or guardian to decide.  But more can be done for sure.

If kidnapped, a child being able to alert family and the Police is paramount and these child wrist phones do appeal to me.  But their reviews are average to very good.  So, I don’t know, but most American Parents already live in a constricted monetary budget already which might prevent their purchase and use.

Well, let’s take that March For Life for All Victims of Human Trafficking-

hu·man traf·fick·ing

  1. the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or sexual exploitation.

But hey, if we don’t get this subject out of all the closets all across Texas, then all of us are cursing MORE AND MORE to become VICTIMS.  Well, aren’t we?  Of course, that is not the intentions of 95% of us and the other 4% don’t care and the last 1% are the Pleephers doing it.   I know, I know, I know, I know.  A new word-“Ploophers”-which you have never seen before and seldom used.



  1.  individuals engaged in obtaining any other person without their consent or permission for any activity that the individual does not want to do.  These individuals are known to engage in human trafficking for the Sex Trade and/or multiple forms of slavery, whether privately or involving commercial industry. 

And if u are doing everything that u can do to help stop or prevent an human trafficking, then God Bless you.  But as you read the next lines.  They are highlighted and meant to be read very slowly and they are from the minds of a young kidnapped youths.  And which sentence would be your most used line if you were kidnapped?  Human Trafficking is KIDNAPPING!


images (28)




images (29)

Mommie where are you?

images (30)

Why can’t u come and find me?

images (31)

wHy cAn’T U sEe me?

wHy cAn’T U sEe me?

wHy cAn’T U sEe me?

And do you live in one of these following cities where the most abductions are taking place?  U need to know.  Information is a powerful weapon and the reason for being Super Cautious in all your activities because


And some of these watchers don’t have good thoughts going thru their minds.  Some just don’t want to take a picture of any of us and POST it like it was a game.  No, some want to steal us and MAKE US MODERN DAY SLAVES for $$$.  Hey, most of it is for illegal access to $$$ by any criminal means.  And these people don’t care who they hurt at all.  To them, it’s just the normal thing that they do without any feelings of how their latest victim feels.  See.  To them, feelings have long since been eradicated in their minds.

But, if any of us are stolen, our feelings are going to go thru every emotional roller-coaster that our minds will put us in.

100 Most Populous Cities Reporting Human Trafficing

What are the 1st things that you would ask yourself if you were stolen?

  1.  Why me?
  2.   Who’s done this to me?
  3.   What do they want?
  4.   Where are they taking me?
  5.   Will they KILL ME?
  6.   Will they RAPE ME?
  7.   Will I ever get out of this mess?
  8.   Will I ever see my family again?

And if you are taken, here’s some stuff that just might help you-


Go to the following Site and READ IT.

IT’s the best one I’ve seen and only one of many floating all over the Internet.  But, always remember to TRUST YOUR SOURCE by KNOWING YOUR SOURCE!

Dang, now wasn’t that a mindful?

images (30)

But remember little her or little him?

And do you have a little one who has entered the most sought after age group?

12 -14 year-olds



to that pleepher.

Simply money to the man or woman who will steal away your child in a heartbeat and not give their actions a second thought about what they just did or what is going on inside your child.  And you know, they are FREAKING OUT!  Their minds abuzz with all sorts of horribleness.  Cold, Alone, and Afraid.

And u no about the following one too-

images (31)

She’s angry.  Remember the argument and she said she was leaving and you just thought this or that and then SHE OR HE LEAVES!  And she or he leaves home and is so very quickly all alone.  All alone and ready for the worse to take place on the streets.  Her walls of protection have just been erased.  Erased and it was just over something stupid, but where is she or he now?

And she’s being watched by Pleephers every step of the way.

Being watched by a Pleepher and they have

PLEEPHER CONNECTIONS ALL ACROSS THE UNITED STATES and even World Connections who are always buying/trading among the sickening world of PLEEPHERS.

And one of the pleephers gonna grab her or him every time.

Or worse.  Right?  Yeah, it’s gonna happen more than most think.

So, what are you going to tell them to help protect them?

Yes, oh yeah, take a moment to “click” on one of the following and READ THEM.


Messy statistics always give me a headache and not my sort of thing I want to dwell on for sure.

But, let me tell you instead of putting them all up for your headache.

Houston, I mean Houston has GOT A PROBLEM.

Remember in the Astronaut Movie where one of them radios back to Earth


Well, now let’s rephrase that for human trafficking in Texas-






Houston’s got a great big problem.

Okay, how about a picture with some data on it?

One to help-









AND  a Pleephers’s Gold Mine for Sales-



And the only place for any individual participating in human trafficking, for any pleepher is-


And now, time to put on your big boy pants or big girl pants and read the next line and don’t instantly go-Oh Crap, Not Another oNe!  But in all reality, can u?


Your sharing just might help stop or prevent someone that you don’t even know from being a victim.

please do.

only by alerting others to this ever messy situation can we help prevent the victimization of a loved one, a friend, or even ourselves.

And friends, none of this, I mean NONE OF THIS IS GOING AWAY ALL BY ITSELF.

Thank you!



To anyone and everyone involving in STOPPING HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  God Bless you.

And if u r reading this and think the world don’t care about u.  Quit it! Get those thoughts out of your head.  I love u.  We luv U.  And U R NoT FoRgOtTen!  Don’t give-up if you right now are a victim being held against your will. Always keep your head right and keep ESCAPING you NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, after surviving your ordeal.

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.


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