The Life of a Flower



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The Life of a Flower

      As I take pictures of flowers all across Texas and anywhere, and I do sincerely mean anywhere, I find one that seems to be calling, even luring me, to come and see and are they wishing to say just the slightest of thoughts-Hey, Pick Me!  I’ve been waiting a lifetime for someone to come over and finally take notice of me.  And today, it’s my day!  Thank you, Mister for noticing me as I am in all of my most precious grandeur.

     And am I pretty?

    And am I beautiful?

    And are you enjoying me as much as I am enjoying you?

    And as I take the picture, does the flower experience the very thing that makes them so very precious for all of us?

    I do, I do, I do love to take pictures of flowers and it is a calming to the very Soul knowing that at that very moment, God has given me the sight, the fortitude of seeing something so very small, yet so very special.  Flowers are what I think are the most kind and simplest of gifts God gives or sends to all of us.  And I know, the times today take away from our taking the moment to see all that is around us.

      But as I view flowers of every size, every color, and every place from a side road or trail to even the heaviest traveled roadside.  They are there.  Yes, they are right here and they are there and they are everywhere.  One is there for me, one is there for you, and there are those that are there for everyone.  And they are calling out or just whispering.

     I see those that have even traveled a great distance just for our viewing and the viewing is for all of us.

     And as I take the pictures, I know that someone is out there needing a pick-me-up with a picture that maybe I have taken and I share these without any mental reservations, without any hidden coded advertising image that will pop-up as you try to send them and share them.   

      I give their beauty to you as it was shared with me.  No charge and for any positive use that you or anyone reading this can think of using them.

     No, I do not copyright my pictures as I think God is more pleased with the picture being shared over and over again until it finally ends up in the hands or in front of the eyes of someone needing that picture more than I could ever imagine.  More than you could ever imagine.

     Friends, I know and sadly, some people will use a simple game type thing to excuse them for harming themselves or worse such as-if I can’t get ahold of this or that person, I’m gonna blow-up and do something stupid to myself.  And then, just by chance, maybe, maybe, maybe, they will view an image of a flower that you have sent to them.

       Talking tough, being tough, and acting tough has its own place and time.  And even the strongest can slowly drift down until they are in pain and just aren’t that strong anymore.  And that’s when a simple picture of a flower can provoke something in someone that brings back a wonderful moment in their lives, in your life, in our lives.  And hey, it’s totally cool to look at pictures of flowers.

      And what do you think would happen if one of the after-class punishments for all bullies were to view a mass viewing of flowers until they found their flower.  And then they were told to draw it and to color it.  And then when they finish that one, they do it over and over and over again until that something “pops” into their minds that will butter them up into being a kinder person and to drop the bully act.  A bully doing the after-class bully flower thing would take a toll for sure and if would be for the betterment of that person and for the ones that he or she bully.

       And flowers taken to that super person in your life.  And it can absolutely be you too.  Anyone can order flowers for themselves and put them somewhere in the house where they will remind that person or those visiting that “kindness of heart” does exist in this apartment, in this house, or wherever a person works.

       And how about all the flowers at the hospital or in assisted living homes?  Sometimes, I see patients and ones living all alone with no flower to view in their room.  All some people have is an emptiness of heart each and every day and that is a void that all of us can help fill.  It doesn’t take a great person to go visit a place where the needy are waiting to have someone come and bring them a flower.  Yes, just one flower.

      I think at times, too many flowers are wasted on the ones who have passed.  I remember going to my own father’s funeral and Lord, he was a loved man by a great many people.  And as I walked into the Church, the whole place looked like a Flower Parade on Display. 

      I mean flowers of just about every sort and kind were everywhere. I mean everywhere a person looked.  It was the most massive overflowing of kindness I had ever seen.  But Lord, I do wish all of those flowers had been sent to someone in a home or in a hospital room who needed something beautiful to see.  Just one flower to one person and by doing so, thousands of men and women and children could had been given an inspiration of thought that nothing else can invoke except a flower.

       And one place that always tends to surprise me with a moment to find a flower needing his or her picture taken is at a Grocery Store.  I mean some of these little ones are just bursting at the seams to be noticed.  And when, I mean when was the last time that you took the time to remind yourself that something is missing in your life, my life, or in our lives?  Something so small that it can’t reach out and yank on our pants or on a skirt.  And it’s not just the flower.  It is the very reason for taking a picture of something beautiful. 

      And it’s just not out there racing on the face of your cell phone, but it is inside all of us.  You know. That certain need.  That certain calling.  That certain something that makes each and every one of us human.

      Yes, being human and viewing a picture of a flower is just as cool as it gets.  Lord, it is something to share.  It really is.  And as you do, remember that all of us are in this thing together.  So, be COOL and enjoy that flower cause she or he won’t just stand there forever waiting for that certain special person to take notice of their lasting moment-unless you snap a pic or take this beauty home with you or send it to a friend.



God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, Author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.