A PANTHER’S FATHER II-this book just went online today for sale in PRINT and in ebook format. I hope it will bless you and yours…the living breathing James Brown


img097 (2)


30 minutes ago, the 2nd book in A Panther’s Father Book Series went on sale to the World via Lulu.com.  The major book distributors will take 6-8 weeks for them to pick it up.

And here is the printed book’s front cover-


But right now, you can go to the below site and get the ebook for .99 cents.  The printed copy is $11.46 which is the lowest discounted price I am allowed on this publication.

The printed price is absolutely the lowest price you will ever get this book for except maybe one day on ebay as a used book.

The printed book is 438 pages long.

And in A Panther’s Father III, your eyes are gonna pop open and your face is gonna blush as it is a MATURE AUDIENCE book as the Panther and Vicious get down and embrace the hook-up.

I hope you get it and I hope that it will bless you and yours

Will your be the 1st person to read and rate this book?  Yes, will you own that honor?

…the living breathing James Brown




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