Traveling Light Years is Coming sooner than ever thought possible.


We Can’t Alter The Flow of Time But, According to Physics, We Can Bend It

Time Travel or being in your very own Enterprise Spacecraft to fly faster than light and into the very almost mind boggling faster into even light years is coming folks.  Is it a reality?  Folks, it’s coming faster than you ever thought possible-but there are just a few more items or hoops in the master plan that must be overcome first.  And will it come to pass?

Yes, I do believe Time Travel or actually I prefer to call it Shooting thru Space faster than a Bat Out of Hell or Hades if you so prefer.  Fast, I mean so GD fast that you won’t believe it.  Just like in the Star Trek TV SERIES and in that same similar way sort of way so to speak.  Yep, not exactly the same, but it’s coming and Physics has always been one of my favorite pass-times to review all of my life.  And I have been reviewing and studying for over fifty years.  You see, I got out of taking Physics in class by betting the Head of the Physics Department that I could pass the entire course by him giving me just one four hour test.  Well, I took it and I passed it and so, I got the grade and credit hours and I didn’t attend a single class.  But that didn’t mean I was ever un-devoted.  I have always loved it and kept up with it in every sense.

And I promise you that at CERN that they are gonna UNLOCK THE KEY TO TIME TRAVEL sooner than you ever thought possible.

And we, us humans, are going to explore other places all over the Galaxies sooner than you could ever imagine. Yes, it’s coming.  And this is no lie or made-up round of good sounding BS.

But you must get yourself ready so you too can have a shot or chance at a ride to some distant planet just like earth, but maybe a place more peaceful and not all cluttered as Earth has become.  Are you ready?  Will you be ready?


Making Time Travel A Reality

This concept of bending spacetime sprung from Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, which introduced the idea that wormholes could, in theory, act as a bridge between two points that would otherwise be very distant. Because of spacetime’s flexibility, a wormhole could link two different points in its fabric.

Recently, evidence for this theory has moved beyond the strictly theoretical.  A couple of years ago, scientists built what they described as a “wormhole.” Their model, however, created a portal for magnetic fields. As Smithsonian outlined, “if another magnetic field travels through the wormhole, it appears to leave space altogether, only showing up at either end.”


So it doesn’t exactly teleport particles (or people) across spacetime, but it does highlight the continual advances that are being made in our ability to manipulate the various fundamental forces in our universe, and ultimately, the manipulation of this force is an important step towards creating a simplified wormhole that would allow us to send electromagnetic waves through an invisible tunnel. Perhaps, one day, we will be able to manipulate spacetime in a similar manner.

So while wormholes remain theoretically possible and important steps are being made, wormholes in spacetime, specifically, have yet to be observed or created.

Part of the above exert came from-

God Bless…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.

We Can’t Alter The Flow of Time But, According to Physics, We Can Bend It



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