Exclude Sonitus and Imaginari-two amazing pieces of artwork by mother and daughter


This absolutely beautiful artwork was done by a current freshman in High School.  She entitled it-


and its meaning is “to picture oneself”, depicting a girl, who is also a fishbowl, blowing bubbles with goldfish.


and here is-




Exclude Sonitus


Exclude Sonitus means “shut out the noise,” picturing a sinister Crow trying to distract a young woman from the righteous path, where she in turn is greeted by friendly plants and animals.


Do you have a dream of being or becoming a writer?  I hope so because all of us have something wonderful to say and the World is your audience. So, I wanted to now share this with you if you do.  I wanted to show the final pre-print approval that you will need to do just prior for your book to be printed.  IT is a real process and it is full of frustrations, but when it is completed, it is a good feeling.


And just for you reading this, I am sharing what I did today.

I approved two things.  I approved the Book Interior and below is the Final Approved Book Cover Design by Jessica Arbelaez for A Panther’s Father II.  This is the Pre-Publication Proof I approved and it is similar to what you will see just before your book goes into Print.

This is the actual Final Approved Book Cover Design.  As you can see, Exclude Sonitus is on the main cover or Front Cover.  Now, why are the things in this picture?

The Crow represents STANKS THE CROW.  And he is one of the most sinister characters you will ever read about in all of these books.  The woman is Victoria Roosevelt who marries the Panther or JeanPaul and she is better known as “Vicious” by her US Marines Special Operations Company.  And yes, she is every bit as bad ass as any of her fellow US Marines.

The animals in Exclude Sonitus are abundant in this picture and they represent the animals in the book.  Granny Z, the book’s ancient storyteller, tells her almost mystical tales to young children in a blind alleyway in New York City.  And these children like all children are searching for just a moment to take their minds away from the pitfalls and hurt in their young little lives.  And for many of these children,  their hardships are real and painful.  And when Granny Z learns of a serious Domestic or Child Abusive family environment, she calls Officer Oliver with the NYPD to come and help.  And he always does.

And take note of the Dolphins as Dolphins play a pivotal part in this book and you will smile as you read what they do for each reader. But how many can you find?

And yes, my own love of God is in these books as I hope that you too will engage in a loving relationship with God.  But I tell stories and I don’t preach to save your Soul type of stuff.  That’s what preachers are paid or called upon to do.  Not me.

Anyhow, now you have been allowed to see something totally unique from the author’s perspective.  And I hope that you will engage in some pennies loss and get these books as ebooks or as actual books in print.

God Bless!  the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series. 



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