MH370-the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times? Was MH370 Hijacked and ReSold?

Was MH370 Hijacked and ReSold?

Boeing 777 200ER

MARCH 4, 2014, the date when Malaysian Flight 370 took off and then up and totally disappeared.  And isn’t that just about the freakiest thing that you have ever heard in your life?  And it happened in all of our lifetimes.  But is there a deeper, darker secret yet to be uncovered?

IS there a BLACK MARKET where passenger planes are bought and sold?  You make your own determination and here’s just some food for thought-

Folks, stealing and reselling of Passenger Planes ain’t nothing new and is this what took place for MH370?  Even just for parts.

After five full years, a tremendous amount of information and evidence now exists about one of the strangest and almost ghostly disappearance of a Boeing 777. Malaysian Flight 370.  Can it be solved today? But what does the possible evidence tell us today?  What does it suggest?  Yes, indeed.  What does the latest evidence tell all of us?

As a once flying Pilot, I now am reviewing the weirdest of all these possibilities and you know, anything is possible today more than ever before.  I personally know of no Pilot who would even consider stealing and re-selling a Boeing 777.  I know of no Pilot who would deliberately hijack his own plane. It is mad to even consider it, but is it possible?  And how many would have had to help a Pilot in such a devious, sinister plan?  One more Pilot or certain passengers already Onboard?  Or a person connected with a laptop on the plane connected to the internal hardwire in the plane and he or she could have called the shots?

But the last item doesn’t work for me at all.

Is there no way to figure out the possible Greatest Theft in Modern History?  MH370-the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times?  You laugh and now, let me show you some odd things that have only now come out, come to light, and together with all the rest of these oddities, things seem more amuck now than ever before and now from the following site, I want to show you just one of the odd things that keeps chasing around in my mind and this oddity only adds to all of this-

One theory claims that because many relatives were able to hear a ringing tone for up to four days after the crash so the doomed jet could not have smashed into the Indian Ocean.

Hmm…Ringing on their cell phones?  An oddity for sure and very troubling to think about for sure.  Were these cell phones of the passengers actually still existing?  I’ve read this before and it still comes back to haunt my mind and I am sure it haunts the relatives who were able to receive these ringing tones four days later after MH370 disappeared.  I know it would freak me the hell out if I was still getting one four days after a flight disappeared and I had a family or friend Onboard.  And that plane had disappeared.  WTF? And if this is true, then the plane had to be NOT underwater?  NOT UNDERWATER?  And underwater is where the World was looking all the time?  And if the plane was not underwater, then were the passengers still alive? 


And if so, where were they taken?  A horrible thought to contemplate if you fly often on the Airlines all over the World.  To take-off and then land in a Country where you know you would be treated as an enemy?  An Enemy of the State?   Can you imagine all the planning it would take to pull off such a feat?  A feat that no non-pros could have or would have even attempted.  To Pirate a Boeing 777 in flight like it was a boat or ship in the Ocean?

Did MH370 possibly become part of an elaborate scheme to hijack and then resell this massive and expensive plane to pay-off what? A possible Gambling Debt or something even more sinister like a payback from an enemy Country to another? 

Don’t shake your head.  A massive Gambling Debt or money to allow a person to disappear from sight? Or a country so mad at another country that they wanted to make that country pay in some form of fantastic way?  Thru a pain of tremendous sorrow?  A sorrow that has swept across the World and put fear into the hearts of every passenger that now gets Onboard a plane flight?  

Today, anything is more possible than ever thought before because there are such incredible dark forces existing where the evilest of all evil can take part.  But why would or could this take place?

A gambling Debt which I find as the least possibility just doesn’t work for me?  Does it work for you?  I thought not.  An obscure Country needing a Boeing 777 and they were only willing to fork over just so much in monies?  Pennies on a Dollar.  I find this one also very odd, but very doable by some of the evil countries in this World who balk at even their assassinations of people anywhere in the World.

Or a Country needing a Boeing 777 to devour all of the amazing technological information of how this plane is put together so that they can make their own planes?  Or also a weak reason, but a possibility is giving another country some payback?  Or even to obtain the plane as a Parts Plane for other planes.  That’s right. Strip this plane in pieces for use on a fleet of other planes.  And the money saved is nothing to sneeze at.

And how much money does one of these massive planes costs? Pirating for money seems to be the most logical of all reasons.

The Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared on a scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is a 777-200ER from Boeing (BA) on March 4, 2014.

The list price for the 777-300ER is $320.2 million. 

 The first extended range model, the 777-200ER, was delivered to and put into service by British Airways in February 1997.

Today, the 777-200ER would cost $261.5 million and would be the lowest priced model of the 777 family.  So, it’s like maybe the economy line of these massive Jets.  But that’s still a whole lot of money.  And could or would anyone even think to take and then resell the plane and if so, to who or whom?  Sadly, I am afraid that there are individuals who would jump at the chance to grab a plane if the price were right?  But just a few and not the entire lot.

Boeing 777 200ER

Yes, to who or whom?  To a rich, I mean filthy rich family, or rich Country with oodles and oodles and oodles of money to spend at will. 

Do you buy into the Suicide Talk about the Pilot?  You know, I don’t.  I really don’t. 

All the Pilots I personally know are all above reproach and I believe the other 99.9% of all of them are too.

Now, you may ask yourself, why is this person writing about this now?

Why?  Simple, I used to be a Pilot too. And I used to talk with other Pilots and I hung around Airports too.  So, the suicide thing or talk doesn’t play well with me as I just don’t believe that was the case at all.

Now, I openly admit that an Inflight structural damage might have taken place with the Boeing 777 and caused the plane’s Onboard information system to malfunction and then give off inaccurate information to the Pilots Onboard.  And that would explain the sudden U TURN the plane took and then eventually crashed into the Indian Ocean.  And then this information caused the Pilots to think that they were in one location when they were actually heading in an opposite direction.  And that direction was totally away from where they were trying to fly.  And even now, I want to believe that this is what took place with this plane.  But now, I am not so sure.  Odd things are coming out as usual with such events that are so ingrained now into the World’s History Books.

Even another plane now supposedly talked with MH370 as well.  And what does that mean?  Does it mean that a Pirate Onboard was now a very real possibility and that this plane was Pirated?

Man cut it out please with all the secrets, but somewhere the truth sits right in front all of us and it must be searched out.  

And a dark horse idea is that someone, yes, someone Onboard was of such a “high value” target, that the plane was redirected secretly to kidnap that person Onboard.  But I believe that this would be the absolute last case scenario and way, totally way out of the thought picture.  At least until this is proven to make it a real possibility.

But as I again and again review all the information that has just now become available, I still think the only real possibility is that MH370, if planned, was taken to the Adaman Islands Airport and landed.  Then it was refueled and with purpose of thought, MH370 landed and left this airport with a new Airplane Number and Flight Plan.  So, the newly numbered MH370 was re-directed, on purpose, and left this airport and then resold to another purchaser of this plane.  And if this is the case. this Boeing 777 might still be flying today. 

And could this have taken place? Hmm…the better part of me says ‘yes’ that this is a very real possibility, but many, many factors would have to be in place to make all of this work and it just baffles me to even contemplate all the events that would have happened for all of this to take place.  Even the sinister planning of such an event sends chills down my back.  Good Lord, could a person or persons pull off such a feat?  It is mind-boggling to me for sure.  And just plain GOOD LUCK would have to have been in the hands of the hijackers as well.  Lots and lots of luck. But was this done by a very professional group of individuals?

Okay, first off, this plane had to have conditions to make a landing which makes the only place available would have been a tricky landing, but still doable.

Landed, refueled and then taken-off again.  And just exactly how much room does an Boeing 777 need to land which is the 1st part of some elaborate hoax to steal away a plane of such tremendous size?  Well, here’s some of that information that I have just recently located as one responder wrote on the following site-

pilots saying they regularly land the B777 in about 6000′ or less. This might have been in another country or where regulation is lax. But they did not elaborate on the fuel load, wind and all other factors.


Now why is that important?  Simple. MH370 was last seen by military radar in flight over the Indian Ocean and then the only Airport nearest its last sighting is the Veer Savarkar International Airport also known as Port Blair Airport (IATA: IXZ, ICAO: VOPB), is a customs airport located 2 km (1.2 mi) south of Port Blair and is the main airport of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India. It is named after Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.


Is this the place where MH370 could have landed using a new and different Plane Number with an already registered or filed Flight Plan?  Using a new Flight Plan and using this different Plane Number?  Today, anything is possible?  Again, a tricky place to land, but still doable.  And in 2014, the whereabouts of all the planes in the sky was not known, but that is quickly changing as more and more satellites are being put up just to keep an eye in the sky on all the planes everywhere.  So, if another disappears, it might be found fairly quickly.


MH370-the Greatest Mystery in Modern Times?  I’m not saying that this is where MH370 did go here.  Things just suggest the possibility.  But as a Pilot, I have contemplated if this would be a place to land and refuel in such an elaborate hoax or theft of a Boeing 777?  It’s out of the way and not heavily congested with people.  The strangest and greatest mystery of all times.  After reviewing the flight path map, this is the only logical place where such a landing could have taken place.


Okay, is this a possible place for such a landing?  Well, the airport here is that this has a single runway of 3,290 m (10,794 ft) in length and can accommodate most aircraft that includes Airbus A320, Airbus A321 and the Boeing 737.


But did you notice the missing Boeing 777 plane?  Now, it was already shown by one commentor  as I showed earlier and he stated that some Pilots say that they regularly land a Boeing 777 in about 6000’.  So, yes, here it is a possibility that this landing did indeed take place or is it not a possibility?  You decide.  As a Pilot, I have now reviewed all the possibilities and I still, like you, don’t have a clue what took place to this plane for sure.  But did someone or some folks Pirate this plane for the $$$?  Did the Pirate take it just as easily as a Repo man does when he comes to get your car, your boat, or your plane when you don’t pay for it?

And for how much if they did steal this plane?  How much would it have been available for on the Open Market or on the Black Market?  Yes, like the Dark Web, or the Dark Market ins this case which used to be called the Black Market and still is by some.

Now, let’s review another item.  How do you land and then refuel and then take-off again without being noticed?

Also here’s some of the most important missing pieces of the hijack, Repo, Stolen, Theft of MH370 theories to date.  One is that I do imagine that others had to be in place to make all of this take place or happen.  And where would you have your team players already in place?

  1.  On the Plane itself.
  2. Already at the Airport where Refueling would take place.

Okay,  so to add any degree of credibility to any of these possible scenarios, certain things, certain items, and certain people are needed to pull it off.  And some are these and the following would enable a learned person to come to some form of better conclusion if the following were provided-

  1. A Manifest of all Onboard MH370 and each person thoroughly checked-out.  And I am sure that this one has already taken place for sure.  At times, the Public can better investigate folks than the best Detectives in the World.
  2. Names of all incoming and outgoing human traffic into the Airport where the MH370 might have Refueled for the previous three weeks and the next two weeks after MH370 landed there.  Got to have your list of all possible bad guys already in place.  Right?
  3. And another list of everyone who left this Airport for the next four weeks.  Especially those involved in Aircraft care, maintenance, or related work.  Certainly those rated to work on a B777 in any form or fashion.
  4. A Time Log of all planes and names of the Companies owning, renting, or leasing those planes that came to the suspected Airport three weeks prior to this event and two weeks afterwards.  Little trails are sometimes hard to spot without all the pieces.
  5. Another list of all Pilots piloting all of these planes and certainly a second list of all Pilots with B777 Ratings entering and exiting this Airport for the previous four weeks and for two weeks after the event.
  6. And another Time Log of all Planes Refueled at this Airport on March 2-5, 2014.  Especially any unusual traffic like the Refueling of a Boeing 777 200ER  which would be the Golden Gun?  Anyone on the take and in charge of logging all planes receiving fuel could have easily doctored such records too.

So, all possibilities start and finish with Veer Savarkar International Airport also known as Port Blair Airport.

But a super, I mean super computer might need to be brought into all of this to find the analog trends to locate the possible locations of where MH370 might have gone if it was stolen and not just into thin air.

Okay for all of you who are not a Pilot.  Here is something to think about and something that must be done to get away with a theft of MH370.

Could they still be alive?

As a Pilot, you must already have registered a flight plan for a Boeing 777 200ER using a different flight designation coming and going and the stolen plane would receive or takeover the new Flight Plane Airplane Number once its entered into the Controlled Airspace at Veer Savarkar International Airport also known as Port Blair Airport.

But, you must land this plane in the wee hours of the night to avoid too many prying eyes watching or seeing you and your plane.  And the last sighting of MH370 was over the Indian Ocean was 1:30 am.  So, was the plane then directed to go to Veer Savarkar International Airport also known as Port Blair Airport.

So, before morning sunlight and visible to the main population, you must divert your flight plan, and then land, refuel, and then take-off at a place where you have already filed another Flight Plan and where they are expecting your arrival.  A Boeing 777 200ER at this airport would have been a very rare occurrence, but doable. And that is where the mystery really begins if this did take place?  And I think conspirators had to be engaged on the ground as well at the Airport to make all of this work.  I’m not a plane thief and I have no clue what all of the behind the scenes money making deals that might have taken place would have been.  I just know certain things as a Pilot and I am not criminally inclined.  Are you?

Boeing777cockpit pic

Again, to steal a plane with passengers is mindboggling to me and does not seem rational.  But there are those who would make James Bond look like a kitten in this World for sure.


Take-off to where? And how about the passengers?  If you told the passengers some believable sounding Pilot rhetoric and then the passengers believed you, they would just be along for the ride. And after you landed and refueled, the passengers would have just been happy to get back on track on their original destination.  The Pilot might have used an engine problem that needed to be checked-out and the reason for the detour.  And then at the Airport, the Pilot reports that the problem checked-out just fine and off the plane goes once again. Finally in the air once again the passengers would be thinking that they would be going to  their original destination, but the Pilot again lied to them. And how horrific not knowing that their new and final destination was in fact to a different Country?  A Country so foul and evil that no one would believe anyone capable of even this level of evilness.

But where would or might that have been?  Can you think of one?  Or two?  Or three?  Or more?

Boeing 777 200ER

Folks, I have no clue and I really don’t know like the entire World what really took place with MH370, but the latest information does point out to the very real possibility that this plane was stolen and then resold.  No solid evidence of an Ocean Crash Site has been provided and that leaves this possibility.  And if so, to who or to whom would this plane finally landed?

Is there a Country that would pay pennies on a dollar for such a theft of a Boeing 777 to a Pirate Pilot or to a Repo Pilot or Company?  A Repo Pilot or Company that believed that they were possibly participating in a real Repo?  But with passengers make no real sense, now does it?  But again, today, too much is way too possible.

And if so, a learned person can quickly figure-out the possibilities of those that had to be involved in such a conspiracy to make this happen. And if so, are the passengers actually alive? And if so, where are the passengers alive?


Such an incredible and most horrible thought.  To take a flight and in 24 hours, you find yourself alive and not at your Destination? And in now a Prison or are these passengers now working in Labor Camps?

Now to get cruel as all get out and to rid the plane of extra weight and passengers, I imagine that the plane would drop airspeed and after cutting off the cabin oxygen to incapacitate each of them, the plane would have started circling while each of the passengers were being tossed out.  The Pilot must have dropped to well below 10,000′ so his cohorts of evil doing the dirtiest of all possibilities of tossing out passengers could breath without oxygen. Then the plane would drop to a lowest altitude to avoid radar and head on to their final action of landing, refueling, and then going on to wherever their final destination might have been.  Dropping below Radar would have allowed for a new direction to be taken.

Look at this Boeing 777 diagram and see the EXIT doors.  To throw that many people out of this plane, there would have been accomplices-maybe as many as 8-10 others if this evil deed did take place.


I know, I know, I know, this is a most scary and most horrible thought to even consider, but the evil of this World is just so incredibly powerful to have made such an evil thing take place.  And to even write this only adds to the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times, but I have often times thought and re-thought about this very possibility of Piloting, Stealing, and then Re-Selling the Pirated Plane?  To pull off such a feat is just hard to grasp.  But yes, it is doable with enough planning and the right group of folks to pull it off.  Sad to even contemplate such an evil activity for sure.


Again, I say what to do with those NOT part of the scheme to take the plane?  Vent out the Cabin Air, slow down the airspeed of the plane, have the pilot make circles in the sky, Open an EXIT DOOR, and then toss the passengers out the plane out and into the Ocean one by one?


But if you are stealing the plane, it only makes sense that you are selling the passengers like livestock as well. But what if you were not the Pilot? Yes, it wasn’t the Pilot or Co-Pilot doing this.  Was another Pilot among with your group in taking over the Plane  and Pirated it away for the $$$?


I truly and absolutely do not know what happened to MH370 like the whole world.  All of us want the mystery to be solved.

The possibilities are very real and they head into a void of emptiness with no returning answer coming back like-yes, you are correct, find us, find the plane, find the ones who did this.

And as soon as this plane lands in some Countries, that Country considers the plane to then BE THEIRS!  FOR KEEPS!  And that is so horrible to even think about, but again, the evil today is just that evil…

And I do wholeheartedly pray for all the families of all of the ones who lost family members on this flight MH370 and I do pray that what I reviewed just now and if it did happen as what I contemplated, then may God grant the immediate release of your relatives and that your loved ones be returned alive.  Now that would be something to see for sure.  But again, this event remains one of the Greatest Mysteries of Modern History.

Folks, I am not saying nothing for sure.  But, I know that there are still too many questions with still no answers. 

Hopefully in our lifetime or in yours, this mystery will finally be unraveled for all the World to see.  And then we will know for sure.

But one last note I want to review with you.  On the following site, a person can purchase a 2011 Boeing 777 300ER for $85,000,000.00  And there is a Boeing 777 200ER for sale as well.  So, when you see this plane going for way below the current price of buying a new one, it spoils or tears-up, in my opinion, the possibility that MH370 was dealt with in a bad or foul way by human hands.  I must conclude that the plane did go down into the Ocean as everyone suspects unless real evidence can be brought forth to repute that.  And we may never ever really find out what did in fact happen to MH370 for all times.

~the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.



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