The Magnificent 1000-R U 1?

In the not so far away distance, everyone wakes-up one morning and suddenly, things seem very amiss.  The dogs, the cats, the horses, and the cows and animals all over the world are acting about as peculiar as they can.  The dogs and cats don’s want to come go outside or the ones living outside are scratching like never before to get into the house.  Horses are tossing themselves around and cows are not eating but running around like the end of the world had just taken place.  It is a pitiful sight for sure.  But moreso, it is just plain freaky as all get out.

You open the door and before you do, you take obvious note of a peculiarity that is most puzzling.  The morning light on the other side of the curtains in the windows is darker than normal.  You think, is there a storm outside?  A thunderstorm, but you don’t hear any thunder booming along with the non-existent lightning.  But is it a fog?  What could it be?

Then you notice also that the TV reception is all out of whack.  It is yucky, yucky and no channels are coming in. Even your cell phone you also notice has an Emergency Warning light flashing but when you pick up the phone, there is no notification.  All communication systems are completely off-line except for hard-lines. There is also no signal for either your phone’s carrier or any Wi-Fi systems.  Everything is just odd and now, it is starting to puzzle the heck out of you.

You think to yourself, this ain’t right.

And when you then continue back to your original task to see what all the commotion is outside, you open the door.  And then, your 1st breath of air sends your throat and chest screaming-hey, this isn’t the normal air you’ve been breathing.  No, it is entirely a new mix of all sorts of chemicals now in the air.  And the sulfur smell and the grittiness of it really grabs at your throat and your mind.  And a touch of fear is now in the back of your mind or it could be racing to greet you depending on how you deal with shocking events.

Then the dog, the cat races between your legs to get inside.  And before you close the door, you notice all sorts of odd things.  Birds are flopping on the ground, some are sitting, others are just walking around with the most peculiar leaning in their strides and there are no cars moving anywhere.  No airplanes are in the air either.  No one is outside and there should already be a 1st round of morning activities of people going to work and such, but no, nothing like that is taking place at all.  Why?  Everyone is at home inside their homes trying to figure it all out just like you will be doing too.

And now, you shake your head and you now feel a real grittiness in your eyes and you go immediately to the nearest sink to wash your eyes out and then as you do, you notice how dirty the water is coming off your face as you wash.

Soon, the electricity will begin to start to go out all across America as soon, no one is going to work.  No, everyone is going to be at home or soon they will be heading home.  Every important figure and agency around the world is trying to figure something out, but there is nothing to figure out.  What is happening is simply the worst of it for sure.  And all of it came so gosh darn quickly. 

A few articles alerted everyone that something odd was taking place here in the 1st part of 2019 and there were others too much earlier.  But few noticed them or gave them any real thought.

Now, you are concerned.  Very concerned.  Heck, all of us are concerned and none of us are alone with this one for sure.  What is affecting you is also affecting the entire planet.  Now, you are more concerned than ever before in your entire life.  You are stuck like chuck and now any attempts to contact anyone fail in vain as nothing is now working.  But don’t sweat it, just go to your freezer and pick out whatever would make the your best Last Supper or last meal.  Yep, maybe now, you should invest in a last day sort of meal including liquor.  And then cook up your meal and if you have liquor or whatever, TAKE IT OR DRINK IT.  This is the worst horror story come to life and it sure isn’t being discussed just yet because everyone is waiting to see if they should or not or if anyone is ready to go out on a limb and be the laughing stock if nothing takes place.

But strangely, it is seriously being discussed right now behind closed doors.

Why?  Because the worst case scenario has now taken place and before Mother Earth corrects any of it, you and I will be dead as dead.  But the good part is that all of us will have a front row seat in it. Make no mistake, we will all be dead.  And make no mistake, you and I are not a member of The Magnificent 1000.  No, none of us made the cut and you ask who are what is The Magnificent 1000?

The Magnificent 1000 are the 1000 individuals chosen by all the governments all over the World to be the luckiest or maybe the saddest group of learned individuals picked to remain alive here on Earth in underground bunkers, in submarines, and in the deepest caverns.  And who are these individuals?  You can bet for sure that it will include individuals in fantastic shape or reasonably good health, carry good genetics, or have a tremendous among of skills needing for surviving what has just taken place. But you can also bet that this group does not include you or I.  No, we won’t be making the cut.  And the list of Billionaires who didn’t make the cut will make a fat man blush.  Even World Leaders were passed over due mostly by age and health related issues.

And we both know what sort of skills would be needed if mankind was on the collision course with our own death.  All of us know or have seen all the end of the world movies, but the types of individuals in them might be alive at first, but they simply won’t have the above ground resources to survive for very long. 

Oh no, did I fail to mention that this holocaust of bad times has nothing to do with a Nuclear War.  No, nothing like that at all.  And now, let’s delve deep into what I am now revealing to you.  And before I go into all of it, there are some things that I must attempt to explain in the simplest of terms so that all of us are no the same page.  I know, I know, I know.  No one wants to read a Doom’s Day Report and I am the 1st one to say to you that I find no pleasure in writing about what very well be the most important event in World History taking place very shortly.  So, let’s get some things straight.

First off, we must take time to look at some things and I know Quantum Physics and Theoretical Physics and others are things that seem maybe cool in name, but strangely difficult to the average person.  So, I’ll start off very slowly and I’ll lead you by the hand into the World of Radiation and into activities no one ever thought possible of taking place.

First, the earth is round.  Okay, that’s simple or stupid to read no matter how you read it.

The earth’s center is some 1800 miles down below our feet. 

 Distance between North and South Pole. Distance between North and South Pole is 13832.88 km. This distance is equal to 8595.35 miles, and 7464.21 nautical miles. Take note or just read on.  That is 8600 miles okay.  I know, I just rounded it up.

And that number is very important as I will explain.  8600 miles.  Remember it.

Now I want you to take the time to read some stuff better explained than I could ever explain it and this EXERT is from-


What Is Magnetism? | Magnetic Fields & Magnetic Force

By Jim Lucas | July 28, 2015 09:22pm ET


Iron filings attracted to a horseshoe magnet show the magnetic field.

What Is Magnetism? | Magnetic Fields & Magnetic Force


Credit: Milan B | Shutterstock

Magnetism is one aspect of the combined electromagnetic force. It refers to physical phenomena arising from the force caused by magnets, objects that produce fields that attract or repel other objects.

A magnetic field exerts a force on particles in the field due to the Lorentz force, according to Georgia State University’s Hyper Physics website. The motion of electrically charged particles gives rise to magnetism. The force acting on an electrically charged particle in a magnetic field depends on the magnitude of the charge, the velocity of the particle, and the strength of the magnetic field.

Opposites attract

Magnetic fields are generated by rotating electric charges, according to Hyper Physics. Electrons all have a property of angular momentum, or spin. Most electrons tend to form pairs in which one of them is “spin up” and the other is “spin down,” in accordance with the Pauli Exclusion Principle, which states that two electrons cannot occupy the same energy state at the same time. In this case, their magnetic fields are in opposite directions, so they cancel each other.

Magnetic field sources are dipolar, having a north and south magnetic pole. Opposite poles (N and S) attract, and like poles (N and N, or S and S) repel, according to Joseph Becker of San Jose State University. This creates a toroidal, or doughnut-shaped field, as the direction of the field propagates outward from the north pole and enters through the south pole.

The Earth itself is a giant magnet. The planet gets its magnetic field from circulating electric currents within the molten metallic core, according to HyperPhysics. A compass points north because the small magnetic needle in it is suspended so that it can spin freely inside its casing to align itself with the planet’s magnetic field. Paradoxically, what we call the Magnetic North Pole is actually a south magnetic pole because it attracts the north magnetic poles of compass needles.


If the alignment of unpaired electrons persists without the application of an external magnetic field or electric current, it produces a permanent magnet. Permanent magnets are the result of ferromagnetism. The prefix “ferro” refers to iron because permanent magnetism was first observed in a form of natural iron ore called magnetite, Fe3O4. Pieces of magnetite can be found scattered on or near the surface of the earth, and occasionally, one will be magnetized. These naturally occurring magnets are called lodestones. “We still are not certain as to their origin, but most scientists believe that lodestone is magnetite that has been hit by lightning,” according to the University of Arizona.

People soon learned that they could magnetize an iron needle by stroking it with a lodestone, causing a majority of the unpaired electrons in the needle to line up in one direction. According to NASA, around A.D. 1000, the Chinese discovered that a magnet floating in a bowl of water always lined up in the north-south direction. The magnetic compass thus became a tremendous aid to navigation, particularly during the day and at night when the stars were hidden by clouds.

Other metals besides iron have been found to have ferromagnetic properties. These include nickel, cobalt, and some rare earth metals such as samarium or neodymium which are used to make super-strong permanent magnets.

Other forms of magnetism

Magnetism takes many other forms, but except for ferromagnetism, they are usually too weak to be observed except by sensitive laboratory instruments or at very low temperatures. Diamagnetism was first discovered in 1778 by Anton Brugnams, who was using permanent magnets in his search for materials containing iron. According to Gerald Küstler, a widely published independent German researcher and inventor, in his paper, “Diamagnetic Levitation — Historical Milestones,” published in the Romanian Journal of Technical Sciences, Brugnams observed, “Only the dark and almost violet-colored bismuth displayed a particular phenomenon in the study; for when I laid a piece of it upon a round sheet of paper floating atop water, it was repelled by both poles of the magnet.”

Bismuth has been determined to have the strongest diamagnetism of all elements, but as Michael Faraday discovered in 1845, it is a property of all matter to be repelled by a magnetic field.

Diamagnetism is caused by the orbital motion of electrons creating tiny current loops, which produce weak magnetic fields, according to Hyper Physics. When an external magnetic field is applied to a material, these current loops tend to align in such a way as to oppose the applied field. This causes all materials to be repelled by a permanent magnet; however, the resulting force is usually too weak to be noticeable. There are, however, some notable exceptions.

Pyrolytic carbon, a substance similar to graphite, shows even stronger diamagnetism than bismuth, albeit only along one axis, and can actually be levitated above a super-strong rare earth magnet. Certain superconducting materials show even stronger diamagnetism below their critical temperature and so rare-earth magnets can be levitated above them. (In theory, because of their mutual repulsion, one can be levitated above the other.)

Paramagnetism occurs when a material becomes magnetic temporarily when placed in a magnetic field and reverts to its nonmagnetic state as soon as the external field is removed. When a magnetic field is applied, some of the unpaired electron spins align themselves with the field and overwhelm the opposite force produced by diamagnetism. However, the effect is only noticeable at very low temperatures, according to Daniel Marsh, a professor of physics at Missouri Southern State University.

Other, more complex, forms include antiferromagnetism, in which the magnetic fields of atoms or molecules align next to each other; and spin glass behavior, which involve both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactions. Additionally, ferrimagnetism can be thought of as a combination of ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism due to many similarities shared among them, but it still has its own uniqueness, according to the University of California, Davis.


When a wire is moved in a magnetic field, the field induces a current in the wire. Conversely, a magnetic field is produced by an electric charge in motion. This is in accordance with Faraday’s Law of Induction, which is the basis for electromagnets, electric motors and generators. A charge moving in a straight line, as through a straight wire, generates a magnetic field that spirals around the wire. When that wire is formed into a loop, the field becomes a doughnut shape, or a torus. According to the Magnetic Recording Handbook (Springer, 1998) by Marvin Cameras, this magnetic field can be greatly enhanced by placing a ferromagnetic metal core inside the coil.

But why say any of this?  Yes, why indeed?  Well, here’s more food for your mind for sure-

main article image

Okay, now you have a grasp of what magnetism is and that too is very important.  But let’s jump into Quantum Physics now-

The Schrödinger equation is a linear partial differential equation that describes the wave function or state function of a quantum-mechanical system.  It is a key result in quantum mechanics, and its discovery was a significant landmark in the development of the subject.

Image result for Quantum physics equations

Here’s Stephen Hawkings equations-

Image result for Quantum physics equations


Image result for Quantum physics equations

Related image


Image result for Quantum physics equations

The last calculation is for Energy Calculation for Rigid Rotor Molecules which is one of the most important of the above equations because it plays the biggest part in what may very well be coming for all of us.


But to help you make sense of all the above equations, take a moment and they are best explained from-


Now, let’s look at the very important polar magnetic flop-

Related image

Related image

You really need to see this one with this small exert from the link after the following-

Is it true that the Earth‘s magnetic field is about to flip?

Like football teams at half time, geophysicists think that the Earth’s magnetic poles could soon switch ends with the magnetic north pole becoming south, and the magnetic south pole becoming north.

“The Kiaman Reverse Superchron lasted from approximately the late Carboniferous to the late Permian, or for more than 50 million years, from around 312 to 262 million years ago. The magnetic field had reversed polarity”

And that last part-The magnetic field had reversed polarity-has been taught with great awe as relating to everything bad that would happen and the chief cause of the last Ice Age.  And that Ice Age is exactly what all the calculations point to if the flip does in fact take place.

 Okay, the magnetic field had reversed polarity?  Hmm…sounding like science now or Science-Fiction? Starting to see where all of this is going?  Sure, it’s going exactly where you figured it out to be going.  And that is a magnetic flip of the magnetic poles on earth and you too are now remembering the stuff that you were taught about the cause of the last Ice Age and now, I am only a simple old man reviving what all of us have already been told.  What I am saying is not new, it is over 45 years old in the Scientific Mainstream and has been taught to just about every child in America.  But Opps!  No one caught the last six words-the magnetic field had reversed polarity.

And some say that absolutely nothing will take placeld had reversed polarity. when it does.  Well, not exactly, the hands on a compass will be showing North as South and South as North.  Sure, you and I can both figure out that one, but look deeper into what is already taking place right now and that is The Magnificent 1000 have already been selected. And you and I were never ever told about that one at all, now were any of us?


But what if the few that are extremely intelligent are beginning to sound alarms which are being muffled say that something else is going to take place.  Something really bad is just a coming.  And that is a sudden expansive state of mind where brilliant minds know the whole molecular make-up of the inside of earth goes out of whack.  It flips too and before it is all over, most of us will flip too.  Or flip-out should I say?  In earth years speaking strictly in historical term or a timeline, the magnetic switch’s effects will be at the speed of sound and in some cases, faster than light itself.

Borehole samples are another item of great interest.  The best records are in the ice and not the ground earthen borehole samples-

Related image

Related image

Image result for borehole samples from 260 million years ago tells us what?

At the very beginning of this piece, the walking outside into darkness or a heavily darkened atmosphere with a grittiness in your throat and mouth is the sudden release of all the effects that no one wants to talk about and that is unbelievable volcanic activities such as explosions equivalent to a billion atomic bombs going off at the same time all over the world.  Gas exploding from deep within the earth.  And you just breathed in a heavy dose of volcanic ash and sulfur fumes not to mention other gases and other chemicals.

Super-heated venting channels will be releasing pressure and heat at a phenomenal rate.  And then suddenly and so very, very quickly, the clouds fill with charged particles and sudden and incredibly violent thunderstorms begin to rage as well raining down acid rain and these new heavy particles will begin to fall everywhere on earth.

At first, the earth will increase in temperature as we are baked like in an oven sort to speak but not cooking till our skin falls off.  No, nothing like that, but temperatures could reach 150-175 degrees for days or even weeks or months. But then, and then and then, it will begin what we don’t believe could or would ever take place.  The earth will rapidly begin to cool off and go into a Deep Freeze.  And to mention an Ice Age brings out pure Sci-Fi enthusiasts out of the woodwork.  But that is exactly what will be taking place.  A New Ice Age.

And who or whom would be selected to try and out survive this Ice Age?  You know, you got it.  The Magnificent 1000.

But now, when will this be taking place?  And that is the question.  Remember the 8600 miles mentioned at the beginning of this?  Sure, you do.

Well, just in the last mix of it all, the usual movement of the Magnetic North currently towards Serbia rapidly took a jolt and is now moving at 3 times what it was traveling.  And that was 55 miles.

55 miles.  Right.  Not anything to consider of any significance now is it?  But now let’s take a closer look at just that.  The numbers bounce around with each article, so the exact number of miles or km is still at odds of discussion.  But let’s just use 55 miles as the last triple rate increase.  And now, for the rest of the story-

55 by 3 is 165 miles.

165 times three is 495 miles.

495 miles tripled is 1485 miles.

1485 times three is 4485 miles.

4485 miles times three is 13,365 miles.

165 miles corresponds to 2019.

Okay, 495 miles is 2020.

1485 miles is 2021.

4485 miles is 2022.

Zap!  Here’s where the flip most likely will be taking place!

13,365 miles is 2023.

So, if the total flip takes place around 8600 miles, then the earth will begin its upheaval somewhere between the year 2022 and 2023.

To say nothing is going to happen is to totally ignore Quantum Physics and totally opposite of what has already been taught. With a flip, many other effects magnetism and Gyro Physics has on molecules all over the earth with go bing and bong.  And will this be taking place?  The very equilibrium of the planet is explained by Gyro Physics.  And when the Gyros are out of whack, then everything else will soon be thereafter.

But more importantly, who do you know has been already given the green light as a member of The Magnificent 1000? Or, are you already one of them and sworn to secrecy?

Note:  For generations now, a select group of people have already been pre-selected by whom do you think as the ones that will be put into safety 1st for the future of mankind?  The list already exists and it has for so very long. Names are added and deleted from every year.  The Survival List is something that no one is ready to release any information about.  No one will discuss it, but it does exist. Keeping the names of the individuals on it secret is probably best for all concerned. It might not be so cool if all of us knew who was considered one of the Keepers and all the rest are just going to try and ride it out on our own which won’t be for very long after it begins to take place. 

But for sure, you and I aren’t on it if you are reading this…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.  

And one final note.  Wellness comes in many forms and one of them is Spiritual Wellness.  Now, I’m not going to box with you on this and that about Spiritual stuff.  But for me, I do believe in God and his Greatness.  God has All Power, All Glory, All Love, and All Honor above all mankind.  If you don’t know God or his son, Jesus, then just begin talking to God as if God were sitting right there next to you.  God will hear you.  God will answer you. God loves you and me and everyone.  Just take a moment and revive your relationship with the Greatest of all-God. Thanks for reading this….bye 

NOTE:  Absolutely the most important thing that you should be completely aware of is the assumption that the rate of the shift of Magnetic North remaining a constant of three times what it was each previous year.  This could continue to take place or the rate could take a huge plunge towards a more faster flipping of the Polar Magnetism of this planet or reverse and slow down again.  But the latter is not likely once all of this begins to take place.  

But to say nothing is going to happen is hogwash because it is taking place.  And yes, God can make it happen at any time.  So, again, talk to God and get to know the one true God before the worst takes place. 

Also, the rate of shifting could take another huge glitch or kink and that is something no scientist will even discuss and that is the “Half-Flip” where the Magnetic North and Magnetic South becomes stuck at the equator.  And if that happens, the gyro effects would simply multiply and the possibilities are never ending for sure.  And is only 4-5 years from now even thinkable?  Could it really take place that quickly?  Well, we will see…

May peace be with you…