America’s Greatest Worries

Americans’s biggest Wooories and their changingNess…2015-Today

James Brown

James Brown-author of A Panther’s Father Book Series

Year by year by year, the Worry Nest keeps filling-up, dumps out, and then the Worry Nest once again fills up. A Worry Nest or a Concern List or the Newest Anxiety List, and what is your greatest worry right now? And where does your worries fit into which year? Or are your worries on every single List for the years 2015-2018?

But the real oddity or, should I say, the real question are these really new worries or is it just the same ole thing? And take a moment to reflect back to what was exactly in the News during these years? Are these worries our real worries or are they the Artificial Creations by a Media Source? By the Government? By a foreign Government? By a mass of College Professors? Or was it just a bunch of gremlins who got together and simply had too much to drink and then this drunken group agreed to put out the New Worry Nest List for all to become worried about? And do they follow the book or an already arranged Agenda?

But dang it and gosh darn it, I have come to one absolute observation and that is AMERICANS KNOW HOW TO WORRY THE HELL OUT ABOUT SOMETHING. And we sure do and that includes me too. And worry adds up to alcohol or drugs or just a good dose of unneeded anxiety. And if Adults are worrying all about this and that, the youngsters are too. And how are we getting to these worries?

I really don’t know and I do find it interesting to remember exactly what was going on during each year and then-KaPow! It’s in that year’s Worry Nest.

But hey, I’m not going to lead you into the rabbit hole without an escape and that escape is for you to take a moment to check on the hottest, the biggest news stories for each year too. So, I’ve included a link for each year so that you can see what everyone was thinking were the biggest News Stories of that year and you make the judge if any of them did in fact play a part in our National Worry List-

2015’s Worry Nest List-

Income and Wealth Distribution

Size and Power of the Federal Government

The Social Security System

Terrorists Attacks

The economy

The availability and affordability of Healthcare

Clinton’s Emails

The top 10 stories of 2016

  • Hillary Clinton’s emails and the FBI.
  • Violence and the police.
  • A vacancy on the Supreme Court.
  • The rise of fake news.
  • Massacre in Orlando.
  • Republicans hold the Senate.
  • Bernie empowers the left.
  • The war in Syria.

2016’s Worry Nest List-

Corrupt Government Officials

Terrorist Attack

Not having money for the future

Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition

Identity theft


Economic collapse

Becoming seriously ill


2017’s Worry Nest List-

Corrupt Government Officials

American Healthcare Act/TumpCare

Pollutions of Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes

Not having enough money for the future

High Healthcare Bills

US involved in another World War

Global Warming

Climate Change

Air Pollution

2018’s Worry Nest List-

Government and Poor Leadership




National Unity

The economy


Terrorism and North Korea

Paying the Bills and Gender Gap

Anxiety and Mental Health

Active/School Shooter

Enough money to pay the bills

Poor Leadership

Putin starting Nuclear War

2019’s Worry Nest List? And that is pretty obvious for everyone. Maybe The Wall? Or the Government Shutdown? Or the Next Government Shutdown? Or what is going to be said at the next Presidential State of the Union Address?

But let’s keep our heads up and keep those prayers going for sure. If you don’t think that you have anyone to pray about-then try this one-Pray for Our Armed Forces, Pray for the Parent-less Child, Pray for the Homeless, For the Starving, For the Poor, For America’s never ending Drug Addiction and its forever rising Death Toll Numbers, and for Our Government…God Bless

…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, Author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.