Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s picture in the Brazos Valley African American Museum in Bryan, Texas.   Dr. King was a man of tremendous vision during a turbulent time in American History. 

And no, things are still a long ways from where they need to be for black men and women and for so many more.  And that should concern every single one of us.  

From the BCS Eagle article about my slave ledger donation-“It may take another 400 years before we get this black and white issue solved,” Brown said as he toured the museum in Bryan on Friday afternoon. 

For the full article about that donation and the reasons I openly acknowledged for a Newspaper Reporter about why I have written and am still writing A Panther’s Father Book Serieshttps://www.theeagle.com/news/local/slave-ledger-donated-to-brazos-valley-african-american-museum/article_ae186377-2b46-5409-8939-733ce1a69ffe.html

Seems to me that each generation gains the positive and goodness of the generations prior to them, but each generation also inherits the baggage from the previous. 

Yep, we’ve inherited some mighty good history from others, but we also inherited some of their pure shit too.  

I shake my head at what “pure shit” we are passing along today to the future generations.  Everyone still says-It’s You!  It ain’t me.  

And the race tale goes on and on and on. Just like so many other things in life.  But if it don’t apply, then let it slide.  

To see other pictures of wonderful positiveness by black individuals, then try viewing other accomplishments at- https://jamesbrown.blog/2018/11/24/black-gallery-pictures-of-artwork-pictures-paintings-pottery-and-more-by-black-people/

~the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author

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