TOP SECRET-is there a Government Classification Level beyond TOP SECRET? Yes, there actually is and this is it… 

Yes, there is and what you are viewing is not trick photograph.  You may sit there in total awe at what your eyes are viewing. You may gasp when your insides digest what your brain is actually seeing. You might find yourself slightly holding your breath. It is real.  So very, very real.  And it will OMG! some people and it will make some shake their heads.  But!  It is not anything but what you may or you may not ever see again in your entire life.  It is exactly what you think it is and it is exactly what you may fear it to be…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.


NOTE:  The big circle is the Sun.  It’s not the Sun that your mind is now perplexed about.  It is the “wtf?” your mind is attempting to rationalize in that little circle that comes in and around the big circle.  Either this will make you amazingly happy or it will open the door to real fear when you realize exactly what it is…because it is real and not fake or faked.  And it is not man-made.  And it goes against certain aspects in Physics today.  Time Travel?  Light-plus speed?  Quantum Leap?  Another Dimension?  What is your mind saying it is to you?  And no, it is not from this World or of this World but it is here in these photos taken rapidly in sequence.  The scientific questions have already been answered but you and I will never see the results.  No, the camera lens did not have a flaw or dust or anything of that in this or on it.  Again, it is not fake or faked.


Now, for the rest of the story and before you allow this tomfoolery to go any further-

I believe what happened was the glare from the sun created that effect when captured by the iris of my camera. Typically, this will sometimes happen when a person takes a “straight on” shot like this of the Sun. 

Have a great day or night…bye