Virtual Reality-Veer VR


When I first saw Microsoft Windows,  it spun circles around the labor intensive DOS format and I knew folks were going to go the easiest route for sure, I knew that the Future was here and it could have made anyone a millionaire by investing.  Holy Crap!  I can see a ton of money being made at Christmas Time in 2019 on these devices for sure.

Now, I see it again.  And I know what I am talking about.  Virtual Reality is going to grow faster than lightning.  You just wait and see.  I promise you that investing in the correct Company with Worldwide Developers producing Virtual Reality Videos, Movies, and Pictures is going to be the next huge consumer MUST HAVE in 2019.

I just got a top of the Line LG phone-LG V40 thinq.  And it does the VR thing.  And after two days of off and on viewing all the formats available, I can honesty say that this is going to be the platform of the future.  It’s going to be hotter than cell phones ever thought about being.

So, for grins and giggles, I bought the VeeR VR you are viewing in this photo taken by me.  And let me say, I see so many applications that this fun time gizmo has to offer.  In education, at work, at play, via telephone calls and so on.  The stereo sound is beyond what you could ever imagine and the movement come to life.

I really enjoyed the underwater scuba diving VR video all the way right up to where the hammerhead shark attacked my face.  That I DID NOT like and it will wake a person up for sure.

So, go ahead and take the plunge.  The Operating Systems and Devices are only going to get better.  And whoever has the best, most clear, and crisp visual imaging VR Headset is sure to gain the Driver’s Seat on this one.

But this is absolutely going to become a Worldwide Phenom moreso than it is already.  Do your research and I’d invest in the most popular ones for sure.  But, like always, invest at your own risk.

Also, for the easiest on the Budget, GOOGLE offers the Cardbox App. at the Play Store. And the Cardboard Box VR Device can be yours for only $7.99 on Amazon.

The Veer VR seen in the picture cost me about $45.99 on Amazon.

And the Best Rated is only $39.99 called BNEXT on Amazon-


It has a Remote and individual eye focus for  each eye and middle eye relief just like a professional pair of binoculars for all of you Sports Fans.  It’s soft-padded for the face and has good head support for ease of wearing it.

Now these are just two of the formats that a person will see on their cell phone prior to placing the phone into the front viewing port and then snapping it closed.  Then once you put the headset on, you have a remote and a handy bottom button to mess with the playing of your video or move on to another and another and another.



NOTE:  None of the above VR Devices discussed included tax and shipping and handling charges.

…the living breathing James Brown, US Army Veteran, Author of A Panther’s Father Book Series.