A Panther’s Father II and A Panther’s Father III

A Panther’s Father II and A Panther’s Father III in “A Panther’s Father Book Series” will now be published in 2019. The Publishing Contracts were signed by all parties via that instant signing stuff yesterday. I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys them. God Bless…the living breathing James Brown And quite frankly, I do most earnestly apologize for A Panther’s Father, the 1st book, for being so very long with so many pages. A number of people have told me that the chapters are just too long. But I have never used a Kindle so I wasn’t expecting to hear that. But they all agreed that the 1st book, A Panther’s Father, is a fun time read and a read the reader will contemplate for a very long time for sure. And I believe the next two will be fun reads too.