Rockets and Global Warming-is there a connection?

Rockets and Global Warming-is there a connection?

“The issue of rocket emissions—which deliver gases and particles directly into the middle and upper atmosphere—will be included in a forthcoming United Nations 2018 Quadrennial Global Ozone Assessment that delves into the substances responsible for ozone depletion.”-exert from the following online article.  An article that a person really needs to read for sure.

Space, the final frontier?  And since Sputnik, how many rockets and missiles have been blasted into the lower and upper atmosphere?  Tons of them releasing millions upon millions of pounds of rocketry chemicals along with them. 

And when the Space Shuttle blew-up trying to come back to earth, my own vegetable garden looked like someone had come across it with a sprayer of Round-up.  And that was from the spent fuel that floated down upon the earth.  And all the while all of this has been going on, I have for several generations attempted to come-up with a layman’s guess of exactly how damaging all of these chemicals are to the earth and to all of us.  And to what extent has all of this been affecting Global Warming?

Well, seems that very question is now going to be finally addressed and this is one article that the World won’t want to miss.  Please read the following-

And do you want to see and read the PDF on this subject?  Well, here it is-

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