Hiring of Slaves dated 1851 or “into our feelings” once more?

Hiring of Slaves dated 1851 or “Into Our Feelings” once more…

James Brown

James Brown-author of A Panther’sFather Book Series

Hiring of Slaves dated 1851 or “Into Our Feelings” once more…

What comes to your mind when you hear “slave”?

Instantly, a person either turns to listen, cringes, or turns away. Which is it for you?

Where do you and your feelings fit into this one?

I’m not hear to tell you something other than what I have to say and nothing more. And maybe by my talking to you, this will help you look at things in a better way.

Race? And is this a talk about it? No, not really. But before you finish, you will know what I am thinking about and that is something else that is affecting all of us.

I want you to know that I hope that you are one of the persons who will turn and listen to the one speaking on the issue of race and all the differences all of us experience and that all of us bring to the table of life. It might even be something more positive than you would ever imagine if you just be quiet, listen, learn, and then it will be your turn to talk too. So, let’s now quit play pretending that all of us like each other or love each other cause we don’t. That’s just such an absolutely total lie that it’s not even funny.

I want you to know that I work with a lot of black men and women and I trust them with my life. Can you make such a bold statement? If not, then why not? Trust is not an automatic, it is a mutually demonstrated trait from one person to another. And once a person demonstrates their trustworthiness, all else is settled, all else is mute.

I can tell you quite honestly this-a person will learn to like someone by their interactions with that person.  

A person will learn to love someone by his or her interactions with that person.

Liking and Loving a person has never been and never will be instantaneous.

It just doesn’t work that way. And if you want to be liked or loved, you have to keep at it, you have to work at it, not worry about it, and give another person a reason to like or love you by your own positiveness.  Positiveness feeds our minds and our Souls and you will become known by it. 

Even your like or love for a Sports Figure in Baseball, Soccer, Football, and Basketball did not get to your liking them until they showed you a level of positiveness that made you to like or even envy them. Same for Movie Stars. 

You may think that you hate all Texans. That you hate this person or that person. But you don’t even know what you are saying when you make such a remark because you don’t even know your subject matter well enough to make a “I can Determine my Own Hates or Likes” just by what I see and before you even know a person.

And how many times does a person get a second chance at being loved or liked? Would you believe-not hardly ever, not most of the time unless you’re family. Right?

I don’t know how so many of us have gotten into their feelings today and more quickly than ever before.

Why employees immediately jump into their feelings over almost nothing at all? And that is what all of this is about. All of us getting into our feelings today more than ever before. But why is that?

Have we all come to a point where our brains or our minds are absorbing so much today that we just can’t handle it? And I now think that may be the very case. Okay, don’t jump to this is bs judgement just yet. Okay?

Let me give you a QUICK QUIZ-get a pencil or pen and write the answers down cause it might confuse your mind if you don’t. Go on, do it. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait on you.




Okay, you got your pen or pencil and paper?



Okay, write down eleven lines and put them in an top to bottom order so you can add your answer up. No, let’s begin-

How long do you spend each day on the following devices per day? Write down your answers to each question.

  1.  On a Cell Phone?
  2. On a company phone?
  3.  On a Laptop Computer?
  4. On a Desktop Computer?
  5.  Watching TV or gaming?
  6. Listening to any Music in any form?
  7. Writing anyone or anything including writing your bills or grocery list?
  8. Reading a book, magazine, or newspaper?
  9. On a hobby?
  10. On household chores?
  11. On sleeping?

Now, add all that up? How many hours did you get? And which one was at the top of your most hours?

I bet it was your cell phone, next gaming, and now let me ask you this?

But in all of that, how much of what your mind viewed was positive and productive? And how much of it was for “shock and awe” affect that you saw. It’s okay, admit it now. It was a ton of “shock and awe” wasn’t it? And where was it from? Most likely an image or story from over a thousand miles or more away from you and you who are now sitting on your behind. Right? But you saw it and then, your brain has to digest it.

Hey, I’m not pointing a finger here. News is all about the Sale and Shocking News and Images bring out more Viewers than just the simpleness of Jane and Dick stories-right?

It’s the way it’s always been? 

And that’s where that Lie begins cause it ain’t always been that-a-way.

Used to be just, in my days, in the Newspapers and everyone saw only one or two TV channels. But today, our poor little minds in an hour absorb more “shock and awe” than ever before, not to mention all the Viral “Shock and Awe” Feeds your cell phone blows -up with all day long and some even into the night.

And how many get up out of bed in the middle of the night just to see the latest text that your phone buzzed you about? Admit it, lots of you reading this do. And how many hours of sleep do you lose on this?

How much of your viewing includes any positive news from any News Feed on any device?

And your answer is mostly none. Right? Maybe a tinder care moment story added at the end of a news broadcast to keep your head on straight cause you just watched a ton of shit images, listened to a lot of how the world is coming to an end stories, and now, your poor head is trying to get all bent out of shape and you don’t even know it. Your mind just got fed its daily prescription dose of Fear to give you something else to subconsciously ponder if not consciously ponder.

And that’s maybe why all of us are so quick to get into our feelings. Into our feelings at the drop of a hat. Really?

You bet we are. I admit it. I go into my feelings more quickly now than ever before and so do you. But why are we doing that?

Yeah, it’s that way and getting worse. I’ve seen a person on the cell phone ready to drop the phone and go to fighting another person just because they got interrupted while they were on their cell phone.

But I am not a professional head shrink of any sorts, nothing like that at all-I’m just a writer and I try to write productive and positive stuff for all of my readers and about things I do ponder and this is just one of the many odd things I see happening around me. And I do wonder about these sorts of things as you and I observe them. You see this stuff, don’t you?

Now, why are we now acting so very different today than what we were just 20 years ago? And the answer to me is this-we’re just taking into our brains more information than our poor minds can categorize into the different logical areas in our brains. Just taking in too much.

Our technology has advanced tenfold just in the last ten years, but our minds haven’t. Our minds and the way we sort information is still going on pretty much the same way it was intended to go but maybe not as fast as it’s being fed. Right? Am I getting even close to something here? You tell me. I don’t now for sure.

If our minds or our brains were computers, we’d be “freezing-up” all the time. And I think that is what is actually happening-our brains are “freezing-up” and putting us immediately into our feelings mode or a protection mode while our minds are REBOOTING our control center. And when our brains freeze-up, look out. Who’s gonna get a tongue lashing for no good reason or is your mind going to go into a dark area?

So, all I wanted to say about all of this is remember to have family time, you time, me time, and drop all of the things that are making that brain strain in your life. Put positiveness into your daily routine for everyone that you meet. If you do, I promise, you won’t spend time wasting your mind or body on booze or drugs. Try eliminating fear images and stories for just 24 hours and see how much better you will feel?

Do you think for a minute all 15,000-plus followers of mine on Lindedin



follow me because I write words of hatred or negativity? No, I have to and I want to and I enjoy putting smiles on everyone’s face and giving anyone anywhere some food for their Soul or their minds to ponder and then sprinkle on some positiveness. Think about it, how are you thinking right now?

Has something positive now opened back-up in your mind? Maybe a positive explanation of why all of us are jumping into our feelings more today than ever before. I hope so. But there sure is an answer for it if this isn’t close to the real reason. Isn’t there? And for me, I do this simple thing and it works when I know I am getting close to heading into my feelings.

I take the time to go into a room, shut the door, and turn off the light and sit down or kneel down or lay down and cut out all distractions and then I talk to God. I mean really talk to Him and lay it all out to Him. Don’t hold nothing back. God will hear you, God will listen to you. He hears me all the time and He’s probably tired of me asking Him why the heck some things are going on right now like the floods, the hurricanes we had, and the fires. And God, hey, what’s next?

I know in our busy lives, sometimes someone ,like me, has to take the time to remind all of us of a deeper need in all of our lives. Even in my own life. And I promise you, I am a long, long, so very long way away from being just 1% perfect. Okay? But if I can try to get all of this right, so can you. Okay?

God’s Office is OPEN 24/7. NO RESERVATIONS NEEDED! Put God back into your life. And if more folks would do just this one thing, even just once a week, I do believe, a lot of things would be a whole lot better for all of us here in America…the living breathing James Brown