“Thank You” a poem by Christin Lee-Arbelaez

Friends, this is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read aloud and it was written by a beautiful person from Brenham High School in Brenham, Texas.

The young girl  with her head lowered, well, she was there with her poem in her hand, and then she whispered-“I can’t read it.  Will someone please read it for me?”

  “I asked her if I could.”  And she said-“yes.”

And so, I walked over and she handed me her poem.  I then looked around the room and saw everyone was now very attentive. I then began reading the poem aloud.  But soon into it, I realized this poem wasn’t just a regular poem.  This poem blossomed with amazing heart-felt “Thanks”.

And as I read it, I noticed a stirring in the room as adults began to shuffle in their seats.  And I continued reading.  The words echoed in the room and into every ear. I then saw it-all the adults, every single one of them, were visibly moved by the words that were exiting from my mouth.  And as I read and glanced around the room, I saw hands going up to faces to wipe away the tears that were starting to flow down each person’s face.

I don’t ever remember performing a single Poem Recital like those back in College where what I was reading had such an incredible affect on the audience.  A single poem doing this?

And when I finished it, not a single eye was dry.  I didn’t cry, but I was choked-up. I then asked the young girl if she would like me to Post it for the world to read?

“Yes, but will they really read it?  Will they really like it?”

I told her-“Yes, they are gonna read it and they gonna like it.”

  If you love your mother, father, or grandparents, or great-grandparents please take the time to read, “Thanks”, aloud to them.

This young 15-year old poet and avid writer is very talented and she hopes that you will like and share it, and I promise you,

this young girl has already seen Hard Times.  Harder Times than most adults will ever see in their entire lives and that’s part of the reason it broke the hearts of everyone in the room knowing all the things that this youngster had been thru.  Everyone there felt the love that now flowed in the room.  It was beyond amazing.

But actually, it broke my heart with love too.  I pray God will inspire her to continue writing from her heart her entire life.

Way to go, 15-year old Christin, you brought the house down to their knees.  God Bless…

the living breathing James Brown

“Thank You”

( a poem by Christin Lee-Arbelaez)

Chistin Lee-Arbelaez


Thank you,


For the people

I love that

Surround me

And those that aren’t


Thank you,



Holding us all here

Under your roof


Thank you,


For filling

Our bodies and

Nourishing our hearts.

Thank you


For being a kind

And strong soul.

Thank you for being

The rock

That we can all

Seek comfort

And stories from.

Thank you for being

There for

Everyone, and

Giving guidance to

Those that don’t

Always know they need it.

Thank you,


For being a loving

And absolutely

Wonderful person.

Thank you for



And Happiness

That you

Give to all the

People that come

Across you.

Thank you for

The hugs and kisses

You give,

For I cherish every

Single one of them.

Thank you,


For the affection

You give out,

And the

Laughs you

Bring wherever you go.

Thank you for the

Talks you give,

And the merriment

That you


In the people

Around you.

Thank you for

The love that you give

To others

And to me.

Thank you,

Mom and Dad,

For raising me.

Thank you for

Being there

To listen

To my


And complaints.

Thank you for building my


And helping me

Treasure myself

As a person.

Thank you for being

Some of the


Yet dorkiest

People I know.

Thank you,




And Alyssa,

For being by my side,

And helping me

Love and

Respect the

Moments I have

With each

And every single

One of you.

Thank you for

Inspiring my

Heart with

Joy and Hope.

Thank you.

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